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How to spring clean your wardrobe

12th September, 2016


Spring is officially here so what better time than now do a complete wardrobe overhaul. I’ve always found there’s something quite cathartic about cleaning your closet as it allows you to take stock of what you own and be reminded of pieces you may have forgotten about and pinpoint what might be missing from your wardrobe. So, are you ready to clean?

Take out everything
In order to thoroughly do a stocktake make sure you take out everything in your wardrobe so you can inspect every single garment. This process will obviously take quite awhile so be sure to set aside enough time to do it (I promise you’ll feel better afterwards!).

Be ruthless
My husband is notorious for hanging onto things like t-shirts that he never wears with a million holes through it and I’m always the one who says it has to go! I don’t have a very big house so space is a big commodity and I know the importance of a good edit as far as my wardrobe goes.

For me, I have one basic rule: if I haven’t worn something in over a year then it has got to go. I think that’s a really good indication of how crucial it is to your wardrobe; if you’ve made it through all four seasons you haven’t once taken it out once then there’s usually a 100 per cent likelihood that you won’t wear it again.

Also if something is damaged and beyond repair or is looking really tatty it’s probably time to say goodbye to it. You want your wardrobe to be filled with pieces that you love and are functional.

Divide and conquer
As you’re decluttering separate your clothes into piles: one to keep, one to donate to charity and one to alter or fix. Take the time to try on everything and be brutally honest about its place in your wardrobe. Don’t rush this part as this is often how you will end up hoarding things rather than parting with garments that aren’t getting used as you’re not thoroughly going through your closet.

Organise and categorise
I will pair like with like so skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses, t-shirts with t-shirts and so forth. I also have a small section in my wardrobe specifically for the clothes that I wear all the time so things like my jeans, favourite leather pants and go-to tees. This is so I don’t have to rifle through everything else each time I’m looking for something and mess my wardrobe up.

See what needs fixing
Now is also the time to check out your shoes to see if they need resoling or fixing. Along with your shoes gather all the garments that need to be altered or fixed and do it all in ONE go. If there’s a pair of pants that you feel you would wear a lot more if it was taken up then it’s worth the effort purely for the fact you won’t have something sitting in your wardrobe going unused.

What are some of your tips for doing a wardrobe spring clean?

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