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How to look good on Zoom

7th August, 2021


If you’ve suddenly found your days filled with multiple Zoom calls you’re not alone. Lockdown has meant we’re working from home or unable to catch up with all our friends so video calling is our lifeline. Whether it’s a work meeting, virtual drinks with the girls or home schooling, being on Zoom (or FaceTime or House Party or any number of video call platforms) has become a regular part of our routines. And while it may only be a tiny box on a screen, there are still some simple tweaks I’ve found to make how you appear on a video call a little more flattering. I’m sharing a few of my tried and tested tips here — try them during your next chat.

Have great lighting

This applies to photographs and it definitely applies to video calls: natural lighting is key. Give the fluorescent lighting a miss if you can as this can make you appear washed out. Instead find a spot with great natural light and let it face towards you, lighting your face.

Elevate your screen

You don’t want the image on screen to be streaming from an angle that is facing up as this can make for a rather unflattering viewpoint. It’s easily fixed by propping your computer up on a stack of books to elevate it which makes for a much more flattering angle.

Pop on a blazer

You can throw a blazer on over jeans and a tee and it automatically elevates your look. This is a great staple to have on hand for those times when you need to quickly look dressed up but don’t have much time up your sleeve. Accessories such as earrings and necklaces do the same — the chunkier the better as it can really lift an outfit.

Declutter your background

Declutter behind you or do your call in front of a wall. You don’t want people seeing all your personal belongings behind you, particularly if it’s a work call.

Add some colour with lipstick

If you don’t have time to for any of the above pop on some lipstick. A flush of colour instantly makes you look a little more glam and put together.

Credits: Suit, Manning Cartell; T-shirt, Cotton On, Pearl and chain link necklace and earrings, AJE; Custom vintage gold medallion necklace

This post was produced in collaboration with Lexus