The staples that help me create my best outfits

7th July, 2021

My wardrobe would cease to function without denim — I can’t live without a great pair of jeans.

While my wardrobe incorporates clothing for myriad occasions, when I drill down there’s definitely a roll call of key staples that help me create my best outfits. While getting frocked up to host an event or reporting trackside at the races is a great excuse to wear some beautiful pieces, day-to-day it’s all about comfort for me. The majority of the time I’m in mum mode which means I like my wardrobe to be pretty unfussy but without compromising on style. This is why I tend to lean quite heavily on a few key items in my closet that help form the bulk of my looks. And here they are, in no particular order, but equally as important…

The muscle tee

I have this style in black and white and wear them both as often. I’m all about a white shirt most days but what I like about this particular style is that it’s on trend, but so comfortable and versatile. I have paired these shirts with jeans, shorts and skirts and they work for a casual day out or something a little dressier. I’m a firm believe that once you find something that works, get it in other colours!


I am a denim girl through and through. I tend to have a collection of jeans in constant rotation, most of them high waisted, cropped and in various washes but either way I don’t think I can go a week without wearing a pair. They’re easily the most used item in my closet and are so easy to dress up or down. I can wear a pair doing the school run, while dressing up another pair for Fashion Week. Either way, they’re my go-to.


I’ve recently discovered the beauty of bodysuits (even wearing swimsuits as bodysuits) and I don’t think I can ever go back. They’re the perfect thing to wear tucked into jeans because you don’t have to worry about anything becoming untucked, and they achieve a really clean line. I wear them all the time and have found they can go with denim to a pair of smart black trousers equally as well.

A black blazer

If I want to do a smart casual look, this is probably what I’d pull out of my closet, in particular the black blazer. Having a great blazer that I can throw on to dress up a look is such a great shortcut on those days when I need to look put together but I have zero time to fuss around with an outfit. A style such as this, which is slightly longer in length allows me to pair it with everything from jeans to a dress, achieving maximum versatility status.

Patterned coat

In winter, I can’t go past a great patterned coat. While there’s definitely a time and a place for classic hues such as black, grey, navy and camel in a coat repertoire, I do love the energy a coat such as the above adds to a look. I often pair it with jeans, throwing it over an outfit that requires a little injection of personality.

Cosy knits

A cosy knit is my usual go-to during winter. I can’t live without them. I like knits that have a slightly more slouchy, relaxed fit as I love snuggling into them, plus they go really well with a more streamlined silhouette such as jeans or pants. I think every wardrobe needs a jumper in a neutral hue such as the above, along with black, grey, navy, khaki and camel. If you tick those boxes you’ll be able to create so many different outfits.

What are the fashion staples you can’t live without?

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