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What I Wore: Orange Is The New Black

9th November, 2021

Ballet flats are a forever staple in my shoe wardrobe, so it’s no surprise that I wear them quite regularly. I’ll often use them when I’m travelling or when I’m out and about and want to be comfortable but also look polished. A classic black ballet flat is something I’ve always had in my wardrobe, and tend to come back to time and again. I love this particular style from Bloch as it’s got the ideal shaped toe at the front, a sweet bow and I like that it looks like an authentic dancer’s shoe. It’s also one of the easiest pieces to pair back with so many different styles and hues, it can go from neutral territory one minute to a riot of colour the next—as I did with this look!

I was in the mood to wear something bright and bold and what better hue than a vibrant orange? This set by Sir The Label has such an energetic vibe to it that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. It ticks all the boxes as I adore matching sets, and I like the fact there’s a serious saturation of colour which makes the entire outfit pop. How could you not have fun in a look like this? There’s an option to wear the shirt buttoned up but I opted to wear it open and over a white bodysuit instead. I have become very into bodysuits of late as they help achieve a nice clean line and I don’t have to worry about tucking my shirt in and out all day. They’re also easily paired with a number of different items in my wardrobe, and for a variety of different occasions so I consider them a must-have basic.

To cap off this look I wanted to add some statement jewellery so I decided to go for a layered effect. I often layer my necklaces because it adds an element of interest to a look. I wear my medallion almost every day and as it’s a simple streamlined silhouette, I opted for a chunky gold necklace by Amber Sceats to pair with it. I think working the two together achieves a bold effect but they also counter each other so offer some balance. My fave Prada bucket bag added a casual cool finishing touch, and also worked well with the colour of my sunglasses and ballet flats.

Credits: Shorts and shirt, Sir The Label; Bodysuit, Meshki; Shoes, Bloch; Necklace, Amber Sceats; Medallion, Custom; Bag, Prada

Photography: Ashleigh Larden

This post was produced in collaboration with Bloch

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