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What I Wore: Seeing Red

25th January, 2018

Luke and I attended a friend’s wedding over the weekend and it was a great excuse to take this top and skirt combination by Rebecca Vallance on an outing. I’m really loving wearing bright, bold colours for weddings as they’re always such fun, happy occasions that it seems fitting to have the accompanying colour palette to match!

This top and skirt worn together looks almost dress-like but I love the fact that I can wear them separately, in a more casual way, beyond this occasion which unfortunately is one of the downsides of having a dress specifically for an event–it’s often difficult to take them out again unless you’ve got another big function to go to.

With such a striking colour, I had to be careful with the complementary colours I chose otherwise I risked the entire outfit looking too overwhelming, so opted for gold. Metallic colours are often great paired with poppy shades as they contrast without competing and in this instance my favourite gold Gucci made for the perfect pairing. I kept my accessories in the same colour family and stuck to my favourite gold medallion, watch and bangle.

Credits: Top, Rebecca Vallance; Skirt, Rebecca Vallance, Shoes, Gucci

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