Style masterclass: 70s styling

2nd March, 2016

Stylesnooperdan Kate Waterhouse Jeans 11

The 70s trend will undoubtedly be huge this season so it pays to know how to wear it without looking like and extra from Saturday Night Fever. Here are some of my key tips for rocking 70s styling with a modern touch.

Balance it out

The key to dressing inspired by a particular era is to make sure you strike the right balance. You don’t want to dress in head to toe 70s inspired pieces as this is how you will end up venturing into Saturday Night Fever territory. Instead, opt for a key piece and keep the rest quite modern. So you could go for a flared sleeve like I did here but team it with a pair of slimline pants to keep it contemporary.

Use volume sparingly

If you’re going to go for a voluminous silhouette such as a pair of flares don’t then team it with a billowy blouse as you still want to accentuate one part of your body to flatter your shape. As a general rule if I was wearing a loose top I’d then team it with fitted bottoms such as skinny jeans or even a fitted skirt. If I was doing a pair of flares I’d team it with a close-fitting top and a blazer. Also if you’re going to wear flares height is key so it’s better to team it with a pair of heels rather than flats to give the right slimline silhouette.

Just add accessories

If you’re not really into 70s inspired clothing you could easily add elements of this trend to your look with accessories. I love all the fringed bags at the moment and also round frame sunglasses. It’s a great way to update your look without investing too much into the trend.

Photography: Danielle Castano

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