The 2000s trend items you need in your wardrobe

6th July, 2022

In case you missed the memo, Y2K fashion is back. If you were there the first time around, you may find it amusing to know that some old faves including the handkerchief top and the Fendi baguette bag made famous by SJP in Sex and the City are well and truly having a moment. It was only a matter of time, right? The 90s made a resurgence (long live the slip dress!), so it only made sense that the aughts would have their time in the sun too. So what 2000s fashion trend items do you need?

The 2000s was certainly an interesting time for fashion. A smorgasbord of trends, it included everything from low rise jeans worn by everyone from Britney Spears to Paris Hilton to Destiny’s Child style bra and corset tops to Kate Moss and her love of vests. There was A LOT going on and that’s the beauty in it – the aughts was definitely about more is more is more.

While you don’t have to break out the butterfly clips (yet), there are a few fun pieces that will certainly update your new season wardrobe while still looking very 2022. Here are a few key staples to consider…

The baguette bag

While we’ve been embracing mini bags for awhile now, the baguette is a nod to this but done in a far more practical way. Sometimes a girl needs to be able to carry more than a lipstick, no? While still small in size, the baguette is big enough to carry most of your essentials but diminutive enough to look ultra polished. Look for a small-ish handle that you can carry on your shoulder or in the crook of your arm or by the strap.


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The bucket hat

Sun smart and ticking trends! The bucket hat has been given the designer treatment with everyone from Gucci to Burberry and Celine doing their own versions. If you don’t want to splurge that much, you can still find some really cute affordable options that will keep you looking in vogue, but also keep your skin looking in tip top shape.


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The strappy sandal

Think a simple minimalist sandal, most often a mule style. The beauty in this type of shoe is that it goes with virtually everything and more often than not, it’s also a sensible height making it perfect for walking around. Bookmark it for your next night out.


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The handkerchief top

Jennifer Aniston wore this top to the SAG Awards and it’s what instantly pops to mind when I see this style. The other popular iteration of this style was in a bandana print which has also made its way in store and online. Wear this with a great pair of tailored pants or jeans and a strappy minimalist heel for the ultimate modern take on y2K.


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The simple tank

While there were a lot of very out there options in the 2000s, the simple tank definitely got a workout too. Worn on its own or often layered under another tank, it’s definitely one way to dip your toe into the fashion of this era without going OTT.


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