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2020: My year in outfits

31st December, 2020

What a year it has been. From going into lockdown and all of a sudden finding myself in WFH outfit mode every day of the week, to figuring out how to dress for COVID life – one that entailed a lot more time spent at home, but as restriction gradually eased, attending events again. Big events that are usually pillars of my calendar including Fashion Week, and attending the Melbourne Cup Carnival didn’t happen, the former not at all while the latter looked slightly different when spending it in Sydney rather than Melbourne

The one constant has been finding ways to experiment and have fun with my wardrobe, regardless of whether it was being in my home office and juggling home schooling, or whether it was tentatively attending events again, including key race days. While this year has certainly been unexpected, and not entirely what I’d imagined, it was nice to still be able to embrace my love of fashion, something familiar when everything else seemed anything but.

2020 has also allowed me to hone in on my style, to find out what I actually do turn to and find comfort in, and what ultimately I gravitate towards that makes me feel happy, confident and uplifted. I learned what works and what doesn’t, and now more than ever, the pieces that I genuinely love versus those which weren’t so important after all.

I can only imagine what is in store for 2021. Hopefully we’re all going to be gifted with a better year. But for now, here’s my own little way of reflection and remembering the year that was, one outfit at a time.

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