All the looks that didn’t make it to Fashion Week…

21st May, 2020

Fashion Week is usually one of my fave weeks of the year because it’s great to catch up with so many friends within the industry, and also to support my favourite Australian brands. It’s also the most fun to dress up for, and this year, I really missed the whole process of being able to work through different looks.

I usually collaborate with stylist Jess Pecoraro for events such as Fashion Week and race days as it helps make the process of going through what’s available out there a whole lot easier, as Jess is able to help me pull pieces from my fave labels, and in turn workshop them to create a final look. We missed out on doing this this year, but that didn’t stop us from getting together recently to go through the looks that could have been… and talk through a few of our current fave trends and past Fashion Week moments.

Check out our chat below, and also all the outfits that didn’t quite make it to Fashion Week…

Video: Ashleigh Larden

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