9 spring racing trends to embrace in 2023

11th October, 2023

Spring racing is one of my fave times on the racing calendar as there’s always plenty of room to have fun with fashion. Whether it’s a colourful Melbourne Cup day look or something feminine and classic for Oaks Day, there’s scope to level up your ensemble with everything from your colour choice to accessories and most importantly your outfit. Luckily there are so many spring racing fashion trends that will resonate with any style or budget.

Adhering to the dress code is obviously top priority but if you want your look to be up-to-the-minute there are definitely some big trends you should have on your radar. From the colours to embrace to the silhouettes that will be huge and the finishes and details that will take centre stage, every fashion lover will definitely want to jump into all the big looks for spring racing this year. They’re all winners!


Maxi skirts

If you’re not really a dress person or you just want to change your look up a little, the maxi skirt is a great option for the races. A skirt with a longer hemline looks ultra elegant and put together making it easy to adhere to any race day dress code. Also, there are so many gorgeous iterations of the maxi skirt available now, with everything from prints to ruffles and embellishments all levelling up the look.



Suiting is here to stay. It’s such a sleek look for the races and it’s ultra comfortable too. Also, there’s a plethora of options and styles available right now, from pastel hues to origami folds or just a classic double breasted style, you can’t go wrong with a suit.


Fancy flats

If you’re tired of the agony of being in heels for the entire duration of a race day, this spring racing fashion trend is for you. The humble flat has had itself a bit of a makeover and it’s now ready to make a statement. Look for bold embellishment or interesting textures to turn flats into something that can not only anchor a look but turn it into something glam.




Look for lace to be a big trend trackside this season. Don’t be deterred however it wearing top-to-toe lace in one garment such as a dress isn’t your thing. You can embrace pieces with lace as an accent piece whether it’s a lace collar an insert detail or sleeve.



It’s not for the faint hearted, but red is most definitely one colour that is going to be everywhere when it comes to racewear. It’s big, it’s bold, it has extra personality and it’s the kind of hue that will take any spring racing look and make it one that will most definitely turn heads.



Art prints on dresses

I wore a piece like this earlier in the year (see above) and it’s a spring racing fashion trend that’s definitely going to be huge this season. What’s not to love about a dress that’s a walking piece of art? Artistic flourishes whether it’s a watercolour print or splashes of paint, will turn any outfit into a standout piece.



Off the shoulder dresses and tops

There’s always something ultra flattering about an off the shoulder dress or top. Show off your decolletage at the races this season, whether it’s an elegant midi dress or a flirty mini style. It’s definitely one to bookmark for some of the big race days in the calendar.




If look-at-me red isn’t really your thing the other colour palette that’s going to be huge is all things pastel. The soft hues are perfect for spring racing events, and look great in any iteration whether it’s a dress, skirt or even a suit.




Details are everything in a winning race day look and this season, you can embrace all things with a bow on it. Whether it’s bow finishes on a dress or bow headwear or playful bows on your shoes, this sweetest of trends will be everywhere.

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