Breastfeeding-friendly clothes to help make feeds stylish and easy

14th February, 2020
Finding clothes that looked great but weren’t too fussy was important to me when I was breastfeeding the girls

Anyone who has ever gone through the newborn stage and had to deal with endless feeds throughout the day knows that finding clothes that are really easy to breastfeed in is crucial. You don’t want to be dealing with complicated snaps or multiple straps when you’ve got a crying baby in your arms. And no matter how long you choose to breastfeed for, it all adds up to a lot of times spent trying to get yourself in and out of clothing.

For me, I lived in Bonds when the girls were babies as I found their feeding singlets to be really comfortable. While comfort and simplicity is key, I also know that it’s nice to look and feel great in what you’re wearing, particularly as you start easing out of the pregnancy phase and begin finding your way back to the land of post-partum wear.

When it comes to feeding clothes anything that can be undone with buttons, pulled aside or has ties that can be unravelled easily are all perfect. Luckily there are now plenty of brands who are servicing the needs of breastfeeding mums everywhere by producing clothes that not look great but are practical too. So whether you’re expecting, in the throes of having a newborn or have been feeding for awhile but just want to invest in a few new pieces, here’s a great place to start.

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