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Date with Kate: Kyly Clarke

28th June, 2015
High tea with Kyly Clarke at the Intercontinental. Photo: Jessica Hromas

High tea with Kyly Clarke at the Intercontinental. Photo: Jessica Hromas


Kyly Clarke is an Australian model, presenter and interior designer. I caught up with the 33-year-old to chat about being in the media spotlight, the biggest misconception about her and what she loves most about her husband, Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke.

What are you up to at the moment?

On June 30, I’m launching my Lyfestyled by Kyly Clarke candle and diffuser range. They are 100 per cent soy-scented candles. They’re handcrafted in Australia. It is very exciting: there comes a time in your life when you want to create something for yourself and create a job that you know has longevity. Also, it’s an opportunity for people to experience what I’ve had the opportunity to experience, and the places that I’ve been so grateful to be able to see travelling the world. I thought the power of scent was an amazing way to bring back a piece of Positano or bring back a piece of Paris and allow other people to enjoy that.

Do you have plans for expansion? Will you go into other products?

I’d eventually love to have some kind of a homewares range, even if that’s collaboration because my main focus is the candles. But, with anything in life, you need to crawl before you walk. You don’t take big bites and then not be able to deliver.

You seem to have always shied away from the media. Now that you’ve got your own brand you’ve got to promote, how do you feel about stepping into the spotlight?

I think it’s different. I feel [now I’m] more of a businesswoman I feel like there’s a reason for me to actually speak about something. That’s maybe the reason why I have shied away; I feel like people would probably [have thought], “She is just a wife or a girlfriend of a person”. To me, that’s exactly who I am as well, [but] I think the term “celebrity” never really made sense to me. When I was younger I didn’t look up to celebrities. I think you should look up to people who inspire you, people who are hard workers, who have great values and aspirations. I guess that’s the role that I would prefer to take. I want to be a strong independent woman, someone who can do things on her own, a woman who has a business, who wants to be an entrepreneur and continue to be successful in this industry for a very long time. If I want to be seen as anybody, I would like to be seen as my own person.

You married one of the most famous people in Australia. Was it hard to deal with the media attention at first?

It was really weird to see [photos of] yourself [in the media] going to get ice at the petrol station. So it was quite awkward because you start to think, “Oh, wow. They’re picking on what I’m wearing or who I am or what I’m doing.” I think the one thing I’ve always tried to be is just a strong person … you have feelings and you do wonder what people are saying or what they might be thinking. But, I think at the end of the day, you need to stay true to yourself.

What’s the funniest thing you have ever read about yourself?

I don’t really read the paper … So, for me, it would probably be something that someone has said. And I’m like, “Oh, really? Did I?” But, I do know that I would have never thought my wedding photo would be the front cover of the [paper]. That was mind-boggling!

People are definitely intrigued by you and Michael. What do you think is the biggest misconception that people have about you?

I think what people see with me is the hair and make-up always done. I absolutely love doing hair and make-up. I did beauty therapy when I was younger. I’m a perfectionist; I love doing things as perfect as possible. So that’s why I’m very particular about how I look … but I’m a big jokester. I don’t reckon anyone gets the chance to see that yet. You don’t know the Kyly Boldy, the one that my brothers and sisters grew up with, the one that sort of clowns around a lot, the one that probably would be in tracksuit pants all the time at home. I always send stupid videos to my sister or my cousins. I’m always doing dumb stuff, to the point where you go, “She is so quirky”. I think that’s probably what people wouldn’t see or know. You only see the part that they take a photo and put it in the paper. But I’m a little loopier than that! (Laughs).

You are super fit. How do you stay in shape?

I train every day, for about an hour. I run for at least half an hour and then I do a little weight session for about 25 minutes or so. I just try to change out the weights each day so it’s targeting different areas.

Do you and Michael train together?   

Yes. I really enjoy that because it does egg me on because he is such a professional athlete. I do sneakily watch what he does and I’m like, “I’m going to do that for my hamstrings next time”. And then we’ve got basketball hoops so we play ball together too.

What do you love most about Michael?

I love how supportive he is. I love how caring he is and I love how much he loves us as a family. Him and I are a family, just us two, and I love that he puts that higher than anything … he looks after me like gold. I know that he’d give me whatever he possibly could in the world to make me happy. He’s one of a kind.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Hopefully, with a successful business and a beautiful family.

So is starting a family on the cards?   

Michael and I love kids. We look forward to starting a family in good time.



WE WENT TO InterContinental Hotel, Double Bay.

WE ATE high tea with scones, jam and cream.

WE DRANK English breakfast tea.

KYLY WORE a Ginger & Smart top, Josh Goot skirt and Tom Ford shoes.

I WORE a Max Mara dress.

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