10th April, 2014

Dion Lee-10

Dion Lee II was another highlight on the MBFWA calendar. This is the first time that Line II, which retains many of the main lines’ signatures but at a lower price point, got a formal runway airing at fashion week and the collection didn’t disappoint. The relaxed and totally wearable collection consisted of loose tailoring, hints of denim and minimalist designs.


Dion Lee-11Dion Lee-7Dion Lee-9  Dion Lee-17Dion Lee-13Dion Lee-14Dion Lee-16Dion Lee-18Dion Lee-19Dion Lee-20Dion Lee-21Dion Lee-22Dion Lee-23Dion Lee-27Dion Lee-25Dion Lee-26 Dion Lee-30Dion Lee-32Dion Lee-34

Dion Lee-35


Photography: Adam Nalapraya

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