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Pregnancy fashion: how to stay true to your style

23rd May, 2021


I’ll be honest, dressing up for Fashion Week while pregnant was a bit of a struggle. As most of you ladies with a burgeoning bump can attest trying to maintain you regular style as your wardrobe slowly diminishes is an exercise in creative thinking. Throw in a week-long event with some of the best-dressed women in the country and it certainly makes the process even trickier. Having gone through this process twice now here are some things I have learned about dressing throughout pregnancy and still feeling and looking like yourself:


Try to remain faithful to your style

Your body changes so dramatically during pregnancy that it can be hard to maintain your regular style let alone remember what it was to begin with. However I’ve tried really hard to do this as that’s when I feel most comfortable. A shift dress or a billowy blouse are things that I’d normally wear so I’ve tried to incorporate more of them in my everyday wardrobe as they’re generally bump-friendly. If you’re usually all about colour or wear top to toe prints then maintain that as your fashion ethos and try to find pieces that will still allow you to dress as your usual self.

Photo 19-05-2016, 12 50 53 PM

Anything stretchy is your friend

I wore the above elasticised leather pants even before I was pregnant and because they’re stretchy they’ve been able to accommodate my belly yet still provide an anchor to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I’ve also adopted the same principle to my jeans by adding an expander which I wear as much as possible until it doesn’t work anymore!

Photo 18-05-2016, 3 00 01 AM

Go bigger

You don’t have to forgo your fave designers, just go up a size! If you’ve go something special on and you’d like to buy a nice dress or great skirt then simply hit up your regular go-to brands and buy a bigger size. If you find that you want to wear it after giving birth look into having it professionally altered.


Adopt an interesting jacket

Things like jackets and coats are ideal for use in pregnancy as they’re generally quite loose and will accommodate a growing frame. It’s a nice silhouette with a bump and will smarten up any look.


Use the same accessories

I’ve also been wearing the same shoes I usually wear and adding my favourite accessories to add some interest to the outfit. Accessorising is one of the best ways to mix up a look— even if you’ve been wearing it for weeks on end.

And generally…Don’t buy a lot

I tell all my friends to save their money and not buy too many pregnancy specific clothing as they will realistically only wear it for a short amount of time. I found stores like ASOS and Jeanswest had a great range for pregnancy essentials. Limit yourself to a few key pieces and just rotate them. I found things like a stretchy knee length cotton skirt, loose tops and knits and leggings were all fantastic in the latter stages of pregnancy.

And most importantly…Be comfortable

Rest assured my regular life does not involve me running around in stilettos and designer dresses! There are moments where I just want to be comfy and those are the days that I’ll definitely be in my Nike trainers and gym pants. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you feel comfortable in and that should be your paramount concern.

Photography: Sophia Athas

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What I Wore: Jump to it

27th May, 2020

Aussie brand Aje has become a firm favourite because of their interesting silhouettes, playful details and all round statement-making pieces. I love this pink jumpsuit for all those reasons. How fun is it? It’s a great utilitarian style while the soft pink shade softens it and gives it a really feminine feel. The gathered puff sleeves, a signature style of the brand’s, adds a striking feature. Jumpsuits are also one of the comfiest things you’ll wear, so it’s the a great option for days when you want to feel dressed up but don’t want to compromise on style.

I wanted to keep a similar thread going through this look and work in accessories that have a little extra personality and these shoes by Bottega Veneta are just that. The mesh style and square toe offer a strong style point of view. The structured white Bottega Veneta bag offers a sleek element with its serpent clasp and crisp white colour.

While we’re still navigating our way through this new normal, I’m bookmarking this look for future events—it’s one look I definitely can’t wait to wear out and about.

Credits: Jumpsuit, Aje; Shoes, Bottega Veneta; Bag, Bulgari

Photography: Ashleigh Larden


All the looks that didn’t make it to Fashion Week…

21st May, 2020

Fashion Week is usually one of my fave weeks of the year because it’s great to catch up with so many friends within the industry, and also to support my favourite Australian brands. It’s also the most fun to dress up for, and this year, I really missed the whole process of being able to work through different looks.

I usually collaborate with stylist Jess Pecoraro for events such as Fashion Week and race days as it helps make the process of going through what’s available out there a whole lot easier, as Jess is able to help me pull pieces from my fave labels, and in turn workshop them to create a final look. We missed out on doing this this year, but that didn’t stop us from getting together recently to go through the looks that could have been… and talk through a few of our current fave trends and past Fashion Week moments.

Check out our chat below, and also all the outfits that didn’t quite make it to Fashion Week…

Video: Ashleigh Larden

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A breakdown of all my Fashion Week beauty looks

5th June, 2019

One of the best parts of going to Fashion Week every year is handing my hair and makeup over to a professional to look after. Not only is it nice to just sit back and have someone make me up, it’s also a great opportunity to pick up some ideas for new beauty looks. Since my haircut, I’ve been looking for fresh ways to style my hair and working with makeup artist extraordinaire Michael Brown not only provided me plenty of new hairstyles, but he also gave me lots of tips and tricks for doing daytime and event makeup too. If you liked one of my looks, here’s a breakdown of what Michael used and how he did it.

Day 1

“Using colour on the eye can be scary, but when applied as concentrated pops of colour, it is modern and not overpowering. This look was made fresh with pops of pink, mainly inspired by this outfit by Aje.

When using colour on the eye, it’s best to use your go-to base eyeshadow shades as a starter, then add colour on the mobile eyelid as a pop and brightener to your usual daily shadow shades.

I used the Fenty Beauty metallic eye & lip crayon in shade Parka Princess at the inner and centre upper lash line and buffed up into the eyelid to add a rose gold base, then I added a Marc Jacobs Beauty blush in shade Lush & Libido over the top for extra pink hue to pop the eye. Teamed with a Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored gloss in shade Rio, the look came together perfectly. 

With a 25mm VS Sassoon ceramic curler through the hair, it made the look fun and playful. We normally always curl away from the front of the face, but for short hair, I curled into the face on the short length part side, so the overall look of hair wasn’t too wide.”

Day 2

“This beauty look was a bit of daytime elegance, inspired by Kate’s black dress. Always think about where and what you are attending, before going overkill on the beauty.

With hair simply pulled back into a low messy bun and lots of Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to create a lived in feel, the beauty needed to be simple yet chic.

To do this, it’s about a polished brow and a little shadow wing on the eye to lift and elevate the outer eye. My two go-to base eyeshadow shades are from Marc Jacobs Beauty, O!Mega Shadow in shades The Big O! and Perfect-O! One a shade tone and one a highlight. I use them as a base on pretty much on every makeup I do.

I then added a touch of metallic light in the inner corner and then using a darker shadow, O!Mega Daddi-O!, with a pin point brush, I applied this on the lower outer lash line and slightly wing it with the brush to create a day time winged liner. It’s lifting the outer eye, but not as dramatic as an actual liquid liner.

Using Kat Von D Signature brow pencil in medium brown to create a fuller brow and then put in place all day with Benefit Cosmetics 24hr Brow Set, the look is done.”

Day 3

“I loved this look! We were working with very neutral tones outfit-wise and starting with khaki, so I wanted the beauty to have a touch of modern colour to lift the look. We had a bit of fun!

For this look I used a copper shade of the Fenty Beauty metallic eye and lip crayon in Pretty Penny, all over the inner and mobile eye lid—these are very long lasting for long days, such as Fashion Week.

For more impact, I used a Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega shadow in shade O!MG over the top to brighten and to set.

Velvet Noir Mascara from Marc Jacobs Beauty is my go-to Mascara for all my makeup looks, I love how thick it makes lashes, but no clumps! I used this in a few layers, to really contrast from black lashes to copper lids and finished the look with a Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored gloss in shade Rah Rah.

A new look for hair is a modern take on the beach wave. We used a straightener to curl the hair, using the tool in a vertical manner, so it creates almost a barrel curl.

But, with the VS Sassoon Straight to Curl brilliance, you can still do this, but also create a new look ‘flat wave’ effect, by using the tool in a horizontal manner, creating up and downward bend movements through the hair, so hair is more mermaid-like and flatter to the head, rather than round curls.”

Day 4

“This look has some edge to it, mainly inspired by the outfit itself.

I wanted hair away from the face, but not totally slicked back flat, it needs some height to appear more effortless. With the VS Sassoon Digital Hot Air Styler and 3D ceramic paddle brush attachment, I brushed and smoothed hair, all back, into position.

I then sectioned a small part of the top front to mid of hair and clipped, while I then styled the sides back into a slick style using the Moroccanoil Thickening Lotion first. Then I added some styling gel to hold and have a ‘wet’ look appearance, tucked behind the ears.

The top clipped section was then very slightly back combed on the underside, then I added Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to the roots and lightly through the hair. With this piece I wanted more of a dry appearance—it was placed back over the head, and finger combed through the rest of the hair to form a blend.

Because the hair was edgy, I wanted a stronger cheekbone, so I used the Kora Organics Clear Quartz Luminizer, dabbed into the upper cheekbone and then the Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer in Tan Tastic! Under the cheekbone to create this effect.”

Day 5

“As it was the last day of #MBFWA, we wanted a slightly more casual vibe, but still something fun and different to finish off the week on a high note. So why not crimp!! 

After convincing Kate that I wouldn’t crimp the whole hair—we hate overkill—it was a subtle effect that turned out to be a talking point. And later that day, Kate pulled her hair back for the closing show with the crimp still seen, but creating a different vibe again.

I used for this the VS Sassoon Total Crimp tool and adding a light crimp to sections of the hair, in line, or at random, is a modern way to crimp for fun and texture.

I then added another Fenty Beauty metallic eye & lip crayon, (they seriously last so long) in the shade Sunfrost across the eyelids and paired lips to the eye look by using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored gloss in Sugar Sugar over a nude lip liner. I am loving a slightly lighter gloss just in the centre of the mouth at the moment, it creates a fuller mouth! 

Then I brushed up the brows and we were done!” 


What I Wore: Dinner with Dion Lee

4th June, 2019

As part of Fashion Week last month I was lucky enough to attend a beautiful dinner hosted by Dion Lee. I’ve been friends with Dion for years so it was nice to be able to celebrate with him at a dinner at Barangaroo House in Sydney and it was a lovely way to punctuate the hectic week that was MBFWA.

Of course I wanted to wear one of Dion’s creations so opted for a navy dress with cutout details from his new collection. Not only did it have an interesting silhouette, I was also a fan of the complementary blue tones and also the contrasting texture of the top and skirt. Evening dresses can sometimes all start to look very similar but I know I can always count on Dion to do something that’s a cut above.

When it came to my accessories, I turned to Christian Louboutin. The silver clutch provided a touch of nighttime glam to my look, whilst the pointed toe Mary Janes helped ground the look and added a classic accent. Understated earrings by Sarah and Sebastian was the final touch to pull together the entire ensemble.

Credits: Dress (similar), Dion Lee; Clutch, Christian Louboutin; Earrings, Sarah and Sebastian; Shoes, Christian Louboutin.

Photography by Danielle Castano
Photography by Danielle Castano
Photography by Liv Repaci
Photography by Liv Repaci
Photography by Liv Repaci


7 outfit ideas I’m stealing from Fashion Week

30th May, 2019

One of the great things about attending Fashion Week every year is the neverending fashion inspiration. From the shows to all the insanely stylish people everywhere you look, there’s always someone or something to inspire a look or two.

I was so lucky to be invited to attend the shows of a few of my favourite designers so I was really spoilt for outfit ideas this year. From Dion Lee to Bec & Bridge and Carla Zampatti, I walked away from every show having sparked an idea for an ensemble or a beauty look. The great thing about seeing all the brands I love show their collections is that they’ve all got such different aesthetics so I find there’s always something to suit a particular event or occasion. From relaxed beachwear to glamorous event dresses and sharp tailoring for the office, I found that for every aspect of my wardrobe I had something new that I wanted to try. For someone who is time poor, I was also thrilled that I could find all the looks I wanted at David Jones, so I can jump aboard these trends with a single shopping trip.

Post-Fashion Week I’ve got a plethora of new outfits I want to do based on everything I saw, but these five in particular stuck out for me. Steal them for yourself, I guarantee your wardrobe will thank you for it.

Neutral colour blocking

I saw this look come down the runway at Aje and immediately bookmarked how elegant and strong an outfit was. Working beige and cream in the one ensemble could be boring but in this instance I think the colours work beautifully together. Offset by elevated details, I think this is a new way to work neutrals in a really striking way.

Aje’s neutral on neutral look
High waisted with a cropped top

Alice McCall’s show was full of fun looks but I particularly loved the one below. I was really into the high waisted pants worked back with a cropped statement top, which is such a good look for a party or event. You could easily take this outfit combination and wear it numerous ways by incorporating other cropped and high waisted pieces from your wardrobe.

Alice McCall’s show sparked plenty of ideas
Bold pants

Bec and Bridge’s 70s inspired collection (complete with shag pile runway!) was so much fun and I immediately gravitated towards these floral bell bottoms. I think paired with a great blouse, it looks sleek and contemporary but most of all has a playful touch that I really love. Also, I love the print on print—a definite way to add a bit of energy to a look.

These pants? So much fun!
Cropped jackets

Hansen and Gretel’s show was filled lots of relaxed, feminine pieces and the one thing it really inspired me to do is to embrace the cropped jacket. Whether worn on its own or as a layering piece, I think it’s an easy way to add a fresh update to an existing look.

Glam tailoring

Blazers are a go-to of mine and I wear them to events all the time. However this made me desperately want to own a sequinned jacket. It’s such a showstopper piece and will instantly elevate any after dark look.

This Carla Zampatti jacket is made for party season
Matching pairs

I’m not normally one for matching my entire outfit from head to toe but I spotted this look at the Thurley show and loved how it was a subtle take on a matchy look. The print on the dress was the same as the ankle ties and visually and sartorially it made a great pairing. I’m going to bookmark this ensemble as I think it’s a great way to play with accessories and have a cohesive theme flowing throughout. If you can’t find the exact same match head to toe you can always just incorporate the colours into your shoes to complete this look. 

The Thurley show featured this gorgeous pairing between the outfit and accessories
Playful prints

I am all about a print but after seeing this oversized polka dot look at the Lee Mathews show I am making a point of incorporating it into more of my outfits. I also love the sheer blouse. Both paired together makes for a sophisticated look with a fun vibe.

Lee Mathews’ show incorporated plenty of fun, vibrant prints

Photography by: Sophia Athas, Hatrik

This post was produced in collaboration with David Jones


My week on Instagram

19th May, 2019

Fashion Week is over for another year and what a week it was. It’s always such a whirlwind few days, from the excitement of the very first show featuring Aje to doing Date with Kates with a few designers and catching up with friends and colleagues, it’s been such a busy time. But as always I’ve had fun and I’m looking forward to doing it all again next year.

Also the upside of attending Fashion Week is seeing the upcoming trends and pinpointing what I will be adding to my wardrobe come spring/summer. From interesting silhouettes to beautiful bold prints, there’s definitely plenty to love. Take a peek into what I got up to celebrating all things Australian fashion.

My fave trends from Fashion Week

17th May, 2019
The Matteau show was all about clean lines

I’ve watched several shows this week and one of my favourite things about seeing all the collections is that I can get a sneak peek at upcoming trends—and pinpoint the ones I really like ahead of time. There were a few different looks that I saw come down the runway that I definitely mentally bookmarked and a lot of trends that I saw that I know will certainly be popular come spring/summer time. I think resort collections are always really great to watch as they’re a great reminder of balmy days enjoying the sunshine. And when these collections drop in the coming months, expect to see…

Voluminous sleeves

I spotted voluminous sleeves come down the runway for Lee Mathews and Aje and I think that we’re definitely going to be seeing them everywhere. There’s just something about a beautiful, bold sleeve that can really make a look stand out in a crowd.

Oversized silhouettes

It’s all about a relaxed fit judging by what came down the runway at a few suchs. I saw a few relaxed silhouettes, particularly oversized shirts at Bec and Bridge so I think we’ll definitely be welcoming them into our wardrobes.


Do florals every really go away? I loved the soft feminine florals at the Thurley show and floral flares at the Bec and Bridge show expect them to be a staple trend during spring/summer.

Sleek and simple lines

At the opposite end of the spectrum, expect clean lines to be everywhere which is ideal for the minimalist fans out there. Bondi Born showcased swimsuits with simple lines and shapes whilst the Matteau show was about restrained elegance. Everything from the crop tops to the maxi skirts sent down the runway were sleek and uncomplicated.

Lee Mathews show

A little excess

The Alice McCALL show was a celebration of all things just that little bit extra. It was all about feathers, sparkles and everything glamorous. It’s just made for the party season that personifies spring/summer in Australia.

Soft lines at Thurley

Photography by: Sophia Athas, Hatrik


Shop my looks from Fashion Week 2019

17th May, 2019

It’s always a huge week in my wardrobe whenever Fashion Week rolls around. Five days of outfits means a ton of searching and fittings and lucky I’ve got the help of stylist extraordinaire Jess Pecoraro to get me through it. Also this year I was lucky enough to work with David Jones for all my outfits throughout the week so having major Australian and international designer brands at my fingertips was not only exciting but it also made things easier too! So if you feel in love with a particular look throughout the week, here they are again, with shopping links to anything available to purchase online now.

Day 1

Credits: Dress, Aje; Bag, Bulgari; Boots, Isabel Marant; Earrings, Reliquie

Day 2

Credits: Dress, Bec and Bridge; Bag, Yuzefi; Coat, My own; Earrings, Vintage Hoops; Shoes, Christian Louboutin

Day 3

Credits: Jacket, Camilla and Marc; Skirt, Camilla and Marc; Shoes, Tony Bianco; Bag, Dior; Sunglasses, Prada

Day 4

Credits: Dress, Lee Mathews; Shoes, Jimmy Choo; Bag, Dior; Sunglasses, Miu Miu

Day 5

Credits: Jacket, Hansen and Gretel; Jeans, Camilla and Marc; Shoes, Senso; Bag, San Beast; Sunglasses, Miu Miu

Credits: Top (similar), Dion Lee; Skirt, Christopher Esber; Bag, Dior; Heels, Tony Bianco

Photography by: Sophia Athas, Hatrik


Australian Fashion Week Wrap Up: Day 5

17th May, 2019

What I wore: Hansen and Gretel and Camilla and Marc during the day and Dion Lee and Christopher Esber at night.

What inspired my look today: For the last day of Fashion Week I wanted a more relaxed look so I opted for a denim look with Camilla and Marc jeans and a Hansen and Gretel blazer. Then for the last show and closing night party, I wanted to up the glamour so opted for a sheer Dion Lee top and a Christopher Esber skirt.

Where I went: Bondi Icebergs for 10 Pieces. Lunch at Frenchies in Mosman. Then the Carla Zampatti closing show at Carriageworks and back to Icebergs for the closing party.

Favourite show: Carla Zampatti – a very theatrical runway featuring a live orchestra. A great atmosphere and a beautiful way to end the week.

Favourite trend: Sequinned mini dresses and beautiful gowns. It’s so nice to see evening dresses on the runway with midnight navy and exaggerated bows a starring feature. On the other end of the spectrum I loved the minimalist vibes at 10 Pieces with a monochrome colour palette.

Pretty as a picture: The beautiful lace on the Esber skirt. Captured so well by my Huawei P30 which has the most insane zoom function. See below for proof!

Zooming in on the details with my Huawei P30
The Ten Pieces Show in the Iconic Bondi Icebergs

Everyone was wearing: Tailored pants and cropped tops plus oversized blazers. I also saw a lot of thin strapped heels and cropped turtle necks. At the Carla show it was all about sequins, statement earrings and high necklines.

The Ten Pieces Show in the Iconic Bondi Icebergs

What I ate: To keep my energy up I had salad, baguettes and quiche.

The Ten Pieces Show in the Iconic Bondi Icebergs
Lunch in between shows

Highlight of the day: The Fashion Week closing party presented by Huawei. What better way to finish the week than with an amazing party.

Makeup station with Michael Brown
At the Huawei Fashion Week Closing Party back at Bondi Icebergs.

This post was produced in collaboration with Huawei