How to get more wear out of a party dress

12th December, 2020

It’s that time of year when there are parties aplenty and there’s a temptation to go all out for each occasion and buy an entirely new outfit. However who really wants to deal with the financial hangover of having purchased multiple party outfits that may only see the light of day once a year? Unless you’re Kate Middleton then I’m betting that having a closet full of occasion clothes isn’t all that practical and you’d rather spend your hard earned fashion dollars on outfits that you’ll have on high rotation. That said it’s understandable that you may want to splurge on a special dress to wear. If you do, the key is ensuring that you’ll be able to extend its wear beyond a single event. Here’s how to do it…

Keep it minimalist

If you want to guarantee that your party dress can be worn on more than one occasion it’s a good idea to keep it as simple as possible. This allows you the freedom to be able to style it in different ways. This means minimal embellishments and clean lines. It’s a lot easier to rework a sleek LBD than it is to try and turn a bright pink dress with feather embellishment into a several new looks!

Opt for a neutral hue

Bold hues are great if you are wanting a statement piece however it’s more straightforward to work with shades such as black, white and navy if you want to get plenty of wear out of a party dress. Opting for classic colours will enable you to wear it to various events whether it be a Christmas party, a wedding or your best friend’s birthday and have it look different each time.

Switch up your accessories

Accessories really are the easiest way to transform a dress. By just swapping your shoes, bag and jewellery around you can instantly create an entirely new look, thus extending the wear of a single dress. This is also why it pays to keep it simple when it comes to choosing a frock as the addition of a different accoutrements can dress it up and instantly make it look party- ready plus give it a new feel each time.

Rework your beauty look

An easy way to revamp a party dress is by changing up your beauty look. Wearing your hair down one time, then pulling it up the next can easily make an outfit look different. The same goes for your makeup. Switching between lip shades or doing a dramatic smoky eye can easily transform the vibe of an ensemble and make a dress feel distinctly new.

Dress it down

Of course a party dress is made for event dressing but think outside the box and experiment with wearing it in a more casual way. Could you wear it with flats and a blazer for day? How about pairing it with sneakers for an off duty weekend look? This is an easy way to extend the wear of a party dress in your closet and avoid it just gathering dust until the next event happens to pop up.

Do you tend to wear your party dresses over and over again or do they end up gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe?

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