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How to be a great gift giver

11th December, 2018

This time of year can be quite challenging in that coming up with present ideas for friends and family all at the same time can be quite an arduous task. Thinking of the ideal gift for one person is tough let alone a lengthy list of loved ones. We all want to select a present that the recipient will actually really love and enjoy but it will involve being a little strategic. So how can you become great at choosing gifts for others? Here are some tips to remember.

Don’t shop at the last minute

Tempting as it may be to leave everything to Christmas Eve it’s probably not going to result in finding great presents for everyone. It could also end up quite an expensive retail excursion as you start to panic that time is running out and just end up buying whatever gift you think will do. The best thing to do is start as early as you can.

Consider what they buy for themselves

What someone chooses to spend their own money on is a great indication of what they’re into and thus a great insight into what kind of gift they’d appreciate. Pay attention to the things they’re passionate about and that should point you in the right direction.

Check out their social media channels

Generally people post on their social channels the things that they’re into so it’s often a great clue provider for the ideal gift. Whether they’re constantly posting about books they’ve read, or pictures of dishes they’ve cooked or restaurants they’ve eaten at, what people reveal about themselves online is often a good insight into the things they love.

Ask around

Usually people will reveal to those closet to them what they’ve been wanting or needing so if you can, hit that inner circle up for some clues. A quick enquiry will often yield plenty of ideas and will avoid you doubling up on something they’ve already got.

Gift an experience

Often experiences are a lovely choice for a Christmas gift. Think of what the person likes doing in their spare time and try and gift them an experience that ties into it. If for example your bestie’s been going through a crazy home renovation, consider giving them a massage to ease stress. If your dad loves to cook, why not give him a voucher to a cooking class of a type of cuisine he really likes.

Pay attention

Take a moment to really think about the person you’re buying a gift for. Do they always chat about their fave bands? Have they spoken about how much they’d really like to learn to garden? These are little clues that can often provide great insight into what will make for the perfect gift for them.


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