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How to buy a winter coat that will last for seasons

8th July, 2020
A statement coat can help to elevate a look

Winter coats are the kind of thing that you’ll end up wearing every season so it pays to choose the right kind for longevity. The range of coats available every season is virtually endless so it can be hard to narrow down just the right type. Do you want a statement piece? Are you after classic trench or a cute double breasted pea coat? There are definitely plenty of things to consider to ensure you make the right kind of purchase. Here are my tips on how to buy a winter coat that will last.

How much to spend

Coats can vary in price, according to the brand, what fabric it’s made from and even the kind of style it is. I think the best way to choose is to buy the best quality you can afford, particularly if it’s something that’s going to be worn quite regularly. It’s often worth spending a bit more to ensure that your coat is something that can be pulled into rotation every year and can withstand the constant wear.

Look for a style to suit your shape

There are so many different silhouettes to choose from when it comes to coats. You can get everything from a roomy cocoon coat to a belted style to a trench so it really does pay to try on a few different styles to determine what works for your height and shape. The way coats are cut can really vary so do a little IRL reconnaissance mission to check out what silhouette could work for you.

You can’t get more classic than a Burberry trench

Think of the rest of your wardrobe

As always versatility is key, especially with a pricey purchase such as a coat. Look at the rest of your wardrobe and see what outfits you’re likely going to need to pair the coat with. If you tend to favour really simple pieces, perhaps a coat with a print or pattern could work to lift your existing outfits? If you’re all about sharp tailoring then maybe a trench would be the ideal fit for your look? Remember it’s all about cohesion so do take into account what other things your coat will need to play with.

Choose quality fabrics

From a practical perspective choosing a fabric such as wool will not only look great, but it’s also great at keeping you warm when required and ultra breathable so you won’t feel like you’re overheating. Try and go for natural fibres as they tend to sit and look better over a period of time.

Opt for a wearable colour

Colour choice is critical when it comes to outerwear and once again this is all about what’s currently sitting in your wardrobe as much as it is about personal style. You can never go wrong with colours such as black, grey, navy, tan and cream as they’re ultra versatile. However you could also go for a brighter, more vibrant shade if you’re looking to make your coat a statement piece.

What’s your go-to coat style?

Photography: Sophia Athas

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