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How to make fashion purchases you’ll always love

19th January, 2020

When it comes to shopping it’s easy to get caught up in the process and end up with something that you may only be interested in for a short period of time. It’s these purchases that often end up gathering dust in your wardrobe and ultimately wind up on a ‘to throw away’ pile in the not too distant future. These purchases often add up and once you’ve done a final tally you’ll often realise (much to your dismay) that you could have bought a big ticket item that you truly love. Not to mention the fact that it’s important to try and minimise wastage and shop a little more consciously, rather than buying things all the time that inevitably get thrown away. 

So how can you go about making sure you end up buying things that you won’t fall out of love with in a week? Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Do some research

Shop around and check out what’s available out there. Whether it’s shoes or a dress you might find that you had one particular style in mind but once you’ve looked further you may find another style that you love even more.

Give yourself a cooling off period

Regretful purchases notoriously happen when you’ve seen something and immediately snap it up without giving it much further thought. Sometimes these purchases work out but more often than not you could end up something that you’ll lose interest in.

This is why it’s important to give yourself a cooling off period. If something catches your eye, sleep on it and reassess in the morning. If you’re still thinking about it then buy it. You’ll know it’s true love when you can’t get it out of your head.

Do the wardrobe test

Ask yourself if what you’re about to buy will realistically work with the rest of your wardrobe. Think about where you could wear it to, what you can wear it with and how many outfits you could pull together now if it were sitting in your wardrobe. If your answer to any of those questions is a bit sketchy then it might be worth reconsidering.

Consider cost per wear

Bear in mind that something is not cheap (even if it’s on sale and been reduced drastically) if you only end up wearing it once. That’s why I always factor in cost per wear whenever I’m buying anything.

Sometimes it can be easy to opt for something that may be slightly cheaper but not what you truly want however if you find that it hardly gets used then you’re not getting value for money. The same goes for buying something super expensive but then finding you barely wear it.

It makes much more sense to hang out for something you truly love. If something works out to be expensive but then you end up wearing it to death and the cost per wear ultimately ends up being $2 a day then you’re definitely onto a winner.

Assess the quality

The shine can quickly fade from something if it starts to look a little shabby and worse for wear after only a few uses. This is why I always recommend looking at the quality of something before purchasing it. Wherever possible, go for the best quality you can which includes materials, finishes and construction. 


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What’s on my shopping wish list

17th January, 2020

The first month of the year always has me wanting to get into wardrobe assessment mode to see what updates I need to make, if any, and also what things are looking tired and need replacing. There’s something quite cathartic about starting with a solid, well-edited closet at the start of each year to help me get back into work mode and ready to start tackling big projects. So, here’s my current wish list. What’s on yours?

Printed Wool-Blend Felt Headband, Fendi

Headbands are one of my go-to forms of headwear because they can work back with so many different looks. Also, it doesn’t require much effort to make it happen unlike other hair accessories which may require a bit more finessing.

Layered Ribbed-Knit Camisole, Dion Lee

This is a great cami because it’s a good layering piece due to its colour, cut and style but it’s also easily able to hold its own when worked back with everything from a skirt to shorts and jeans.

Baye Thong Heel, Tony Bianco

Everything 90s is cool again including the heeled thong. I like the neutral tone of these as I know I’ll be able to wear them with so many different pieces in my wardrobe.

The Pouch Small Gathered Leather Clutch, Bottega Veneta

Everything Bottega Veneta is doing right now is perfection. I love the slouchy look of this clutch which gives it a relaxed feel and the buttery soft leather is a dream.

Flocked Woven Mini Skirt, Fendi

Logomania is still alive and kicking and this skirt by Fendi is a great statement piece, yet the colours make it really wearable and versatile.

Heure H 17.2mm very small gold-plated and textured-leather watch, Hermes

I am always on board when it comes to a beautiful timepiece and this elegant leather watch by Hermes is the kind of thing I can see myself wearing years from now as it’s such a classic design.

Shadow Cropped Ribbed-Knit Top, Dion Lee

Another beautiful layering piece. I also like the fact that I could wear this now but take it into autumn/winter by pairing it with warmer pieces.

Colibri Leather-Trimmed Logo-Print Mesh Slippers, Fendi

There’s something about a soft pink that makes the perfect accent piece for many a look. These slippers are great worn back with pants cropped at the ankle but could easily be worn with a dress.

Presley Ring, Amber Sceats

I tend to favour very simple jewellery and this ring definitely fits the brief. This can be paired with other accessories quite easily making it a great accessory to have in my collection.

Daria, Yuzefi

The unique design of this bag will make it the ideal statement piece to finish off an outfit. The colour and the oversized clasp and chain strap give it a really unique vibe.


How to snooze in style this year

11th January, 2020

I think great sleep wear is always a nice little introduction to your sleep routine. Beautiful pyjamas are such a great way to ease yourself into relaxation mode plus they make just sitting around the house that little more luxe! Also there’s nothing quite like sleeping while wearing gorgeous fabrics like silk or linen to ensure that you truly get a good night’s sleep.

Everyone has their preference when it comes to what type of sleep wear they like to wear to bed. So whether you’re all about a comfy pyjama two-piece set or like to sleep in a nightie, there’s definitely a way to elevate those options. And even if you don’t wear luxe pjs all the time, there’s something nice about having that one pair on hand, particularly if you’re going away on holiday or spoiling yourself with a weekend away, that will up the glam factor at bed time.

One thing that I absolutely love about sleep wear these days is that there’s such a variety to choose from. You can opt for a lounge wear vibe of tapered track pants and a jumper, a playsuit for a modern take on pjs or a truly elegant slip. Whatever your style, there’s definitely bed wear to suit.

Scroll down for the most stylish sleep of your life…

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Work bags that will make heading into the office a little more chic

10th January, 2020

Most people have a work bag of some description. Whether it’s a small shoulder bag that carries just the essentials or a sturdy tote that holds your entire life, there’s something to be said for having a trusty carryall at your disposal.

If your current bag is looking a little battered from constant use, now may be the time to consider investing in a replacement. Given how much wear and tear they experience, I’m all for choosing a bag that’s well made and built to last for years, not to mention withstand everything from the daily commute to carting all your things around.

So, what makes a great work bag? Look for a design that’s simple and practical—make sure that it’s big enough to hold everything you need and versatile enough that it can be worn with myriad outfits quite easily. A classic shape in a neutral colour with minimal embellishment will ensure that it can be worn for years and looks professional too.

Scroll down for some great work bag options to consider this year.


10 beach bag essentials this summer

30th December, 2019

Summer’s always a favourite time of year for me as I’m always at the beach with the girls. We’re close to the water so we like to take advantage of it by going in the morning to avoid the crowds. When it comes to packing for a day at the beach, I think it always pays to have a few key essentials with you to make the day not only enjoyable but sun safe too. So what should be in every beach bag this summer? Well, here are a few key things…

Image: The Iconic

Mini cooler bag

Long hot days on the sand require cool beverages and this little cooler bag is compact, cool and will keep everything icy cold.

Portable speakers

If you’re heading down to the beach with a big group and want to get some music happening then a portable speaker is a must. This cute unicorn style speaker is loads of fun but is quite powerful too.

Beach chair

Perfect for lazy days at the beach, this chic beach chair is lightweight, easily portable and is made for sitting and relaxing.

Beach umbrella

We all know sun protection is crucial at the beach so definitely invest in a great beach umbrella. This print will stand out on the sand and it’s stylish to boot.

A chic beach bag

You’ll want a great carryall to tote all your beach gear around and this straw bag with it’s expandable feature will ensure that you’ll be able to fit everything without compromising on the style front.

Beach towel

A beach towel needs to be large enough to lay out on and looks gorgeous on the sand. This Matteau monochromatic number ticks both those boxes.

Mobile phone charger

You don’t want to be caught out with a dead battery when there’s plenty of just laying back and relaxing ahead of you. This portable charger will ensure you’ve got enough power for a lengthy Insta scroll!

After sun spray

This soothing after sun spray by cult brand Ouai will provide a welcome cooling spritz at the end of a long day enjoying the sun.

Insulated water bottle

Stay hydrated but make it chic! This Frank Green insulated bottle will keep beverages cool for hours but the poppy shades make it a playful addition to any beach bag.

Organic sunscreen mist

If you want a convenient way to apply sunscreen then consider a spray. This delivers a fine mist that’s ideal for constant application throughout the day.

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How to shop more consciously during sale time

26th December, 2019

The after Christmas sales can be a great time to pick up a bargain or two. That said it’s also easy to get caught up in the frenzy of markdowns and discounts that you end up buying something that you don’t particularly need or want simply because the allure of a sale item is too hard to resist.

The movement towards more conscious shopping is getting bigger and with good reason—we all want to consume less and make more considered choices and embrace less of a disposable mentality. And what better time to start than at a time when we’re encouraged to buy up big. Here are a few things to ask yourself before making a fashion purchase…

Do you own anything else like it?

We all tend to have things that we gravitate towards whenever we’re shopping so instead of buying just a different variation of something you already own stop and think about whether you really will improve or fill a gap in your wardrobe by buying that particular item. Because you don’t want to find that you’ve just stockpiled 10 different white t-shirts and only end up wearing two of them.

Is this going to last in the long term?

A bargain isn’t a bargain if it’s something that’s going to fall apart after a few wears. Instead focus on buying well made, quality items that will be with you years down the track. It may be something that you’ll have to pay a little more for, but it’s better than buying lots of cheaper things that you’ll need to replace constantly.

If this were more expensive would you still want to buy it?

We sometimes fall under the spell of a discounted price and forget if we actually really like something or just like how much it costs. So the next time you are considering making a sale purchase, ask yourself if it’s something that you’d still figure out a way to buy if it was more expensive. If you’d baulk at buying it at its original price then maybe think twice.

Can you afford it?

Another thing about shopping more consciously is that it’s healthier for our bank balances. It’s about phasing out impulse purchases that ultimately aren’t worth the cost and thinking about potential buys a lot more deeply. The most practical consideration of any sale item is the price tag. Be honest with yourself and ask if you can actually afford to buy it. If not, well it might be worth leaving it on the shelf. Shop slowly and thoughtfully.

Is it really going to make your wardrobe better?

This question has the potential to weed out a lot of unnecessary purchases. Whenever you find something that you think you want to buy on sale, ask yourself if it’s really going to improve your wardrobe for the better—this means that it’s something that it’s going to elevate things you already own and also make getting dressed every day easier. If you can’t honestly say ‘yes’ then direct your hard earned shopping budget to something a little more worthwhile.

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New Year’s Eve outfits that will help you welcome 2020 in style

20th December, 2019

New Year’s Eve is always the perfect time to break out a new outfit and really get into the spirit of the occasion. It’s a great excuse to embrace all things glam from sequins to embellishments and bold colours and prints. But even if you’re planning to do something low key, you can still go for elevated pieces including easy breezy summer dresses and strong separates worked back with striking accessories.

The beauty with searching for a New Year’s Eve look right now is that you’re seriously going to be overwhelmed with amazing options. There are some gorgeous dresses incorporating statement sleeves and playful prints and ultra fun frocks with sequins and sexy cut-outs. Be sure to go all out with your accoutrements. Now is the time to turn up the boldness with bright bags and even bolder earrings. Go ahead and welcome 2020 with seriously fun and seriously on point style.

Scroll down to find your perfect New Year’s Eve look.

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10 things worth checking out from… Matches Fashion

18th December, 2019

Is there any better activity than a night with a glass of wine in hand, scrolling through a fashion site with beautiful things aplenty? Matches Fashion is one such site, with a healthy roster of designer brands and so many great pieces to fall in love with.

Whether you’re after an outfit for a Christmas gathering or something to ring in the New Year or even a ‘just because’ present to yourself you’ll definitely want to settle in for a session perusing everything on offer. I recently did and these are the things that I think are definitely worth adding to cart.

Whitefield Rippled-plissé One-shoulder Top, Roland Mouret

Bookmark this top for an event. It’s the perfect combination of elevated details (that fold!), a sophisticated peplum and an on trend one shoulder neckline. You can also easily pair it with pants or a skirt and have yourself a sophisticated look that’s effortless.

Double-breasted Striped Wool Jacket, Hillier Bartley

A double breasted jacket is a forever wardrobe addition, and in white it’s versatile but just a little bit different to the failsafe black blazer. This is perfect for popping on over a summer look and instantly looking polished.

High-rise Textured Metallic Mini Skirt, Dolce & Gabbana

If you’re looking for a piece that’s guaranteed to be the focal point to a look this is it. Ultra feminine and luxe, this is the kind of outfit element that will take your look from good to outstanding.

Maria One-shoulder Crepe Swimsuit, Haight

I’m a huge fan of understated, classic swimsuits and I don’t think you can get much better than a simple one shoulder silhouette. You could wear this for a day at the beach and pop on pair of dressy shorts or a statement skirt and wear it straight to drinks.

Cotton-blend Sangallo-lace Maxi Dress, Luisa Beccaria

A lightweight, airy maxi dress is ideal for summer and this one just evokes the spirit of the season. Pair it with your fave summer sandals and you’ve got effortless dressing nailed.

Embroidered Pleated-sleeve Crepe Blouse, Loewe

I love the classic silhouette of this blouse but the interesting features — from the pleated sheer sleeves to the cuffs give it a knockout effect that will transform even the most sedate of pieces.

Galativi 85 Mesh-panelled Suede Pumps, Christian Louboutin

A great pair of pumps is always a wardrobe necessity but this style gives it a modern touch. The mesh panels inject a little edge into the look while maintaining the beautiful versatility that defines black heels.

BB-logo Leather Belt, Balenciaga

Logo belts are still huge right now. White is easily able to be worked back with many a look but the double BB feature adds a bold touch.

Devotion Floral-jacquard Cross-body Bag, Dolce & Gabbana

When it comes to mini bags this one has a distinctly regal vibe that allows it to stand out from its diminutive counterparts. Wear it with a chain as a crossbody bag or tuck it in to turn it into a clutch. Win-win!

GG lion Door-knocker Earrings, Gucci

It’s always fun to embrace a statement earring and this pair are striking enough to enhance any look but also simple enough to give it some versatility.

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What’s on my Christmas Wish List

13th December, 2019

How’s your Christmas wish list coming along? Mine’s a constant work in progress as there are just so many gorgeous things around right now. I’m trying to stick to pieces that I know will update my wardrobe and are going to add something new and fresh to my look. It’s so easy to gravitate towards what you know and love (you obviously know and love them for a reason!) but I think it’s good to push your sartorial boundaries. So without further ado, here’s what I’m hoping Santa brings me this year.

Dolores Mini Knotted Leather Tote, Yuzefi

I’m really into bags that are a unique shape or have some interesting detail on it and this bag fits the bill. I love the knotted handle and the half moon shape. Also, that colour will work back with absolutely everything in my closet making it a worthwhile addition to my wardrobe

Cropped Buckled Wool-Blend Halterneck Top, Proenza Shoulder

Halter tops are so on trend right now and this particular style will work back with so many things I already own. Love the great buckle neckline and simple origami style fold — subtle details can really elevate anything.

Gold-tone Hoop Earrings, Bottega Veneta

Simple hoop earrings never go astray in any accessories line-up, particularly when it’s by Bottega Veneta. These are a great party accessory and are a serious candidate to make a New Year’s Eve appearance.

Logo-print Shearling Slides, Fendi

These are so fun. I think you’re either into texture such as this or not, and I am most definitely in the former camp. Love the logo action too. They’re certainly a talking point and will add some playfulness to any summer look.

Mon Tresor Mini Printed PVC and Leather Bucket Bag, Fendi

Bucket bags have been a longtime favourite of mine and this style is modern and fun. I love the logo detail and also the mini size—perfect for carrying my essentials but also light enough for when I’m on the go and don’t want to be weighed down.

Leather Sandals, Bottega Veneta

These square toe sandals are the shoe of the season. A black sandal is also always a worthwhile piece to have as they’ll work back with so many different outfits.

Claire Off-the-shoulder Linen Top, Cult Gaia

Pastels are always perfect at this time of year and this light blue top would add a lovely pop of colour to any look. The puffy sleeves and the off the shoulder style are so on point.

Pussy-bow Silk-satin Twill Mini Dress, The Vampire’s Wife

This is a gorgeous event dress. I can see this working for everything from the races to a function and the punchy red colour is designed to make a statement. I love the classic finishes including the pussy bow and balloon sleeves.

Satin-trimmed Double-breasted Pleated Embellished Cady Mini Dress, Versace

As you know, I’m a huge fan of suiting so this take on it in the form of a double breasted blazer dress is such a great way to do it. This elevated black dress will be a great one to have on hand for work occasions to functions and parties.

Brook 70 Patent-trimmed Mesh and Leather Pumps, Malone Souliers

Nude pumps are always a great staple to have in your closet but I like this edgier take on it, featuring the mesh panelling. It’s a great accent piece because of the modern design, but the neutral shade make it a style chameleon.

Cropped Button-embellished Ribbed Stretch-knit Top, Balmain

I can see this top having many an outing! It’s a great go-to black top that’s dressy enough to lift everything from a skirt to pants and jeans and elevate it into something special.

Doris Leather Tote, Yuzefi

I love how this bag has soft lines but still feels strong and modern at the same time. The chain link strap is also the perfect finishing touch and gives the bag a point of difference. I’d be very happy indeed to see this under the tree!

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Gift ideas that will impress on Christmas Day

7th December, 2019

The Christmas buying rush is well and truly upon us and it can start to become just a little bit stressful when you’re faced with a lengthy to-buy list and seemingly not enough time to get through it all.

So what’s the best course of action for a stress-free shopping experience? First read this guide on how to be a great gift giver, and also this on finding presents for the little ones in your life. Now that you’re prepped, it’s time to start perusing what’s out there.

To help you get started I’ve rounded up some amazing Christmas gift ideas for under $300. There’s a variety of different price points so whether you’re looking for something that will impress your other half or the perfect gift for your bestie, you’ve come to the right place.