How to get more wear out of your wardrobe

7th December, 2015


Have you ever bought something only to find that you wear it once and it ends up collecting dust in your wardrobe? If you want to avoid buying something that’s a one hit wonder it pays to keep a few things in mind…

Buy separates

I think separates are always a really good option because you can mix and match them. It’s much easier to wear something like a quality silk blouse or a great skirt in various ways as you can just switch out the top or bottom when you want to change up your look.

Stick to neutral tones

I always try to keep items like dresses and staples like coats in neutral tones. With dresses I’ll always opt for a little black dress, a white dress, denim or khaki. And with a staple like a blazer or coat I always opt for black because it’s a colour that’s really versatile. I’ll always try to find my basics, my everyday wear such as t-shirts and jumpers in easy to wear neutrals. Also if you want to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe it’s easier to work back with a simple muted colour palette than try to work with multiple bold hues.

Keep statement pieces on top

If you find something that’s a bit of a showstopper, find something that sits on top such as a jacket or coat, which you can throw on over an outfit. Everyone remembers if you wear a really bold dress but if you wear a really bold jacket you could mix and match it and nobody would really even notice if you wear it multiple times.

Don’t be a slave to trends

There are multiple trends each season and while it’s fun to try them you don’t always have to wear a trend from head to toe. You can incorporate a trend into your look with a really great jacket or small accessories. For example if you want to get into the 70s, but one trend piece such as a pair of flared jeans. It doesn’t mean your whole look has to be 70s!

Avoid too much embellishment

If you want certain pieces to last season after season avoid having too much embellishment on it as it makes it more difficult to work back with other items in your wardrobe. Also it makes it easily identifiable so it’s harder to have it be a chameleon piece that can be worn for multiple occasions.

What are some ways you get more wear out of pieces in your wardrobe?

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