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How to make it easier to pull together an outfit in a rush

13th June, 2021
Photography by: Sophia Athas, Hatrik

If you’re running late and need to get out the door fast it can be stressful being faced with a wardrobe dilemma. Looking into your closet and not having any idea what to wear can make an already rushed morning feel even more so. To avoid this happening to you, it’s time to put in a bit of effort now and prep your way out of it. Having the right measures in place can make all the difference between walking out of the house feeling and looking pulled together to not having any idea what you’re wearing and feeling less than your best self the entire day.

Clean your closet

It all starts with the state of your closet. If you’ve got clothes strewn everywhere, shoes piled on top of each other and bags all over the place then you’re going to make it very hard to find anything let alone style an outfit. So commit to a big wardrobe cull and ensure that everything is in plain sight. If you can easily see everything then you’re more likely to have a little more styling inspiration, which means locking in an outfit quicker, which can mean you’re able to walk out the door faster.

Ensure your essentials are always nearby

We all have our fave pieces in our closet so it’s important that these things are readily at our fingertips should a wardrobe dilemma faced with a time crunch arise. If you can fall on a standby go-to outfit without then realising that the shirt you want isn’t ironed or the jeans you’re after is still in the washing basket, you have a much better chance of getting dressed faster. At a minimum, always make a point of having the key staples in your wardrobe at the ready.

Have failsafe outfit combinations

It’s great to experiment and broaden your fashion repertoire but it’s also key to have at least five outfits that you know work memorised. These are good to fall back on should you be faced with a sartorial mental blank and can’t really think of what to wear. To make it even easier, have an outfit planned to suit different occasions, think: casual, work, evening, party and going out. This way whatever you’re faced with there’s always an ensemble waiting to happen in a matter of minutes.

Have style inspo as a back up

Style inspiration can help kickstart an outfit idea or two so make sure you have a few on your phone that you can draw upon when you need to. By simply having a few looks that you love saved, you can make it easier to then get an ensemble together when you’re having one of those days where you feel that you really have nothing to wear.


How to look polished without even trying (much)

22nd May, 2021

If there’s a box that I always try to ensure my look encapsulates it’s polished. Whether it’s a casual outfit I’m wearing to run errands with the girls or a work meeting or a big fashion launch it’s one of the overarching criteria that I try to maintain. And it doesn’t have to be hard. If there’s one thing I need all my outfits to be it’s easy so I’ve found some ways to ensure that looking polished is pretty straightforward to achieve. Here’s how I do it.

Ensure everything fits well

Whether I’m in jeans and a t-shirt or a suit, the one thing I always make certain of is that everything is tailored to fit. That means things like hems are cut appropriately for my height and I’m not wearing a jacket that swamps me. Taking the time to ensure that everything is tailored beforehand ensures that anything I wear by default, looks polished.

Keep it simple

My look is very classic and I’ve found this is a great way to ensure I look polished. Whilst everyone has their own aesthetic, the one thing you can take away from this is that keeping your look simple often means it presents in a very put together way. This means choosing one statement piece and then keeping everything else simple. Whether it’s a pair of great shoes or knockout earrings, have one focal element and then pare back the rest.

Always ensure your bag and shoes are in good shape
Pay attention to your bag and shoes

I’ve always been a bag and shoes girl and I’ve found they’re often the two key accessories that can make or break and outfit. So I always make sure that whatever bag or shoes I’m wearing looks neat and tidy. They don’t have to be expensive. but they do have to look presentable which means no scuff marks or stains. This is why I always ensure I use fabric protector on all my bags and shoes before I wear them.

Don’t forget about your beauty look

I need to get out the door in a matter of minutes most days so I’m all for beauty routines that are quick and easy. If I need to get out the door fast but don’t have time to do my hair I’ll pull it back in a low bun (which takes seconds) and I’ve got myself a sleek hairstyle for the day. I’ve also streamlined my makeup routine to a few simple essentials (see my full routine here) and that ensures I look presentable when I walk out the door but I haven’t had to spend a silly amount of time in front of the mirror.

Get a steamer

I don’t like ironing and I’m sure a lot of you feel the same. That said, I also can’t walk out the door with wrinkled clothes so a great shortcut is to invest in a handheld steamer like this. If I find something needs a press, I give it a quick steam and then I’m out the door. Most garments are steamed on photo shoots and it’s a trick that I’ve adopted into my own wardrobe.

What are some of your shortcuts for a polished look?


Easy ways to elevate your personal style

3rd April, 2021

The key to elevating your style doesn’t involve an astronomical amount of money or a constant stream of designer purchases. In fact, a lot of it comes not from what you own but what you do. Whenever I look at the people who always present themselves impeccably, I always notice that they have a few things in common. Here’s where you can start if you want to elevate your look.

Know your style

People who have amazing style are always confident in their look. They know what works and what doesn’t and essentially what makes their look their own. If you’re still a little unsure of your style, pay attention to things that you always gravitate towards. Pinpoint the pieces that make you feel and look amazing. You’ll soon be able to distill what it is that defines your aesthetic.

Make sure you have the basics

It’s important to make sure you’ve got the basics covered before you can evolve your style to the next-level. This means everything from having a go-to dress to having the right underwear for various silhouettes and casual staples like t-shirts and jeans. Having reliable pieces already sitting in your closet will allow you to concentrate on how you can give those things your own unique spin.

Have a tailor that you trust

There’s something quite special about having a wardrobe filled with pieces that are perfectly fitted to your body— clothes just sit better when they’re tailored. This is why it’s important to find a tailor that you trust. Try asking around in your social circle to see if anyone has someone good they can recommend or look up online reviews of various tailors in town. Another option is doing your own research by getting something altered and seeing what the result is.

Invest in quality items

There are workhorses in every wardrobe and they need to be the best quality that you can afford. Don’t scrimp on things that you’re likely to use all the time like a work bag, or shoes that you’ll wear constantly on the weekend. Identify these key items and splurge on them. Quality items generally withstand wear and tear a little better. You can then be a little more economical with other things in your wardrobe that won’t get used quite as often.

Invest in quality items
Make an effort to look after your clothes

To ensure that your clothes always look pristine follow instructions on how to launder them, hang and fold garments rather than just dumping them on the nearest available space, and it seems obvious but always iron or steam garments before you walk out the door. Also store items like shoes and bags properly by keeping them in their dust bags and not piling them on top of each other so they lose their shape.

Avoid jumping on board every single trend

To elevate your style involves looking like you’re confident in what you’re wearing. That means being able to pinpoint knowingly what works and what doesn’t for you and that involves being selective in the trends that you adopt. Experimenting with looks is great, but so is knowing what your style is and not feeling like you have to jump on every single trend to look good.


How to style statement jewellery

24th March, 2021

Jewellery is one of the simplest and most effective ways to dress up any outfit, particularly when it comes to wearing statement pieces. I love experimenting with bold jewellery, whether it’s a statement necklace or a cluster of rings, it’s fun being able to play with different accessories and working them in unexpected ways. Learning how to style statement jewellery is a key styling skill to have up your sleeve, and it’s not hard at all.

There’s also never been a better time to fall in love with bold jewellery, particularly now when there are just so many fab pieces available. You can embrace pricier investment jewellery, or cheap and cheerful chain store finds, or mix and match and achieve such a striking effect either way. But before you do, here are a few tips on styling statement jewellery and striking just the right balance.

Choose a focal piece

The thing with bold jewellery is that while it’s fun, you can also have too much of a good thing. I’ve found the best thing to do is to choose a focal point and keep the rest of your accessories pared back. This could be wearing a big statement necklace, or a knockout pair of chandelier earrings but either way, ensuring that you choose one piece to have as the focal point ensures your look is balanced.

Consider your outfit holistically

You want to ensure that your jewellery complements your look rather than takes over it so look at your outfit as whole. Learning how to style statement jewellery means having to consider colour, cut, style, and think about what kind of piece will work with the various elements of your look. For example jeans and a tee might work well with a statement necklace, while a simple dress might be worth elevating with bold earrings. Once again, it’s about balance.

Think about layering

Sometimes bold jewellery doesn’t always have to mean a single piece, it can mean making a statement by working multiple pieces together. It could be stacking different necklace sizes or styles, going from delicate to something bolder, or wearing various bangles of varying shapes, textures and styles, or simple wearing different rings all together. This works great if you don’t really ‘do’ bold jewellery but want to achieve a similar effect.

Make sure your jewellery is actually noticed

Wearing bold jewellery generally means that you want those pieces to stand out and be noticed. Why not when you’re wearing something amazing, right? For this reason you need to factor in things such as necklines, sleeve lengths, even how you’re wearing your hair. For example if you’re planning on wearing statement earrings, will you actually be able to see it or is it being hidden entirely by your hair? If you’ve got your heart set on wearing an beautiful bangle, is it going to be hidden by your jacket sleeve? These are easily fixed with a few style tweaks, but you want to bear them in mind before you walk out the door.

Play with proportions

Keep your jewellery in proportion to the rest of your look. This might mean that an oversize necklace might not be the right choice with a voluminous top, whilst a slimline dress might work beautifully with a great pair of shoulder-grazing drop earrings. Keep these elements in mind to ensure that you’re wearing your jewellery not that it’s wearing you.


How to define your signature style

17th March, 2021

Let me preface this by saying that defining your look is something that happens over time. It doesn’t just immediately happen because learning how to define your signature style is a lengthy process of discovery. As you identify what makes you feel great, what’s flattering and what’s not and what’s simply feels “you”, you’ll soon be able to pinpoint your look. The thing with discovering your signature style is that once you know it, it frees you from the constant back and forth between what to wear and what to buy because you’ll immediately know if an item of clothing or a particular shoe fits into your style ethos. And that’s when things get exciting. By doing this, you’ve given yourself the ability to sidestep a lot of wardrobe dilemmas by simply being able to articulate you in clothing form.

But it does take a little effort on your part. I think I slowly discovered my signature style by paying attention to how I felt in particular styles, how certain things looked on me and slowly pinpointing what made me feel confident. Also, I had a range of women whose style I admired, and I started to really look at what it was about what they were wearing that appealed to me. And it really helped to shape my style. If you want learn how to define your signature style, here are a few key things you need to do.

Look at what you double up on

A lot of us subconsciously start a healthy collection of items of clothing that make us feel great, and just feel like us. So look at your closet and see what those things are. Is it light denim? Is it midi dresses? Stripey tops? Once you start to see those things, you’ll know that those items will make up the bulk of your signature look.

Moodboard your style icons

As I mentioned, I do have a few women whose style that I just love and I started to look at them collectively to see what it was about their wardrobe that clicked with me. Was it the colour palette they worked with? The silhouettes they chose? The accessories they used? You can try doing this yourself by collating a range of outfits from your style icons and pinpointing the commonality between them all. Once you’ve identified them, then you can use them to work on your own signature style.

Describe what you see

Sometimes it just helps to label things. So look at what you wear, and think of words to describe it. Would you describe your look as classic? All about bohemian? Edgy and cool? You’d be surprised to know that often once you label your look, it makes it much easier to really spot the things that are you.

Think of what gets you compliments

What are you often wearing when people tend to send compliments your way? You may find a connection amongst them. So if you find that whenever you wear a printed blouse that you earn yourself major style praise then that could be something that underpins your signature look, as it’s something that obviously works for you. This is one of the most helpful things you can do to when learning how to define your signature style.

Find your ‘thing’

Most people have something that is instantly identifiable as being them. It could be the fact that you’re always rocking a flowy dress, or that you love pairing sneakers with absolutely everything, but whatever it is, own it. Because it’s intrinsically you. And if you look back over history’s most revered fashion icons, you’ll find that there was always something about their look that was their calling card, their signature ‘thing’.

Trust your instinct

You’ll often know when things just feel off when you’re wearing something. It could be a particular silhouette that just doesn’t immediately feel like you, or it could be the fact you keep trying to wear particular items of clothing but always end up changing out of them. More often than not, your gut will tell you which styles are winners and which ones aren’t, so it pays to listen to it. It won’t steer you wrong.


How investment dressing can save you money

24th February, 2021

I’m a huge advocate for investment dressing. Buying quality over quantity is not only going to contribute to a better wardrobe, but it also saves you money. How? Well despite the fact that you may have to outlay a little more at the beginning, pieces that are well made, will usually pass the longevity test. I usually prefer to save up for pricier pieces, particularly when they’re staples like a great blazer, or a bag I’m going to use almost daily, as it means that they’re much more likely to withstand the wear and tear of constant use. So, in case you needed anymore convincing, here’s my case for why buying investment pieces will usually result in spending much less in the long run.

Your clothes last longer

This is without a doubt the biggest drawcard of buying well made, quality items. I have investment pieces that have been in my closet for years, YEARS!, and they’re still going strong. The thing with buying quality is that the craftsmanship is usually better, and the same goes for the choice of fabrication and finishes used. If you do the maths, it’s usually a case that spending a bit more upfront will result in less spent further down the line.

You don’t have to buy clothes as often

Quality goes hand in hand with less frequency in having to replace certain garments. I usually prefer to just spend more at the beginning if it means that I’m not having to replace a jacket or pants the following season because it’s looking tired or it’s falling apart. Being able to go into each new season not having to replace key items means that I’m spending less in the long run.

Whenever I’m considering investment pieces the brief is always classic
You can easily rework pieces over and over again

The one thing about investment pieces is that because they’re pricier, I naturally gravitate towards classic styles. When it comes to trend items, I’d rather not spend a fortune as I know they’ll only be around for a season. Also if you opt for classic, it naturally lends itself to being much more versatile. They can be worked back with multiple garments and can be restyled in various ways making them great value in the cost per wear department.

Your purchases are more considered

When you’re paying a significant amount of money for something, I think it naturally makes you pause and think about the purchase because you’re not doing it as often. You’ll look at the garment in a much more careful way, you’ll ask yourself just how many times you’ll be able to wear it and what it works with. This is a great thing and how we should really be approaching every single purchase. Ultimately by thinking fashion buys through a lot more, you’ll find yourself with a closet comprising of pieces that you love, and not items that were purchased on a whim. And really, it’s the impulse buys that can really add up.

You’ll respect your fashion budget a lot more

Most of us have some idea about what we are able to spend on clothes. Some of us may be good at sticking to it, others not so much. When you’re buying cheaper pieces, like a $20 shirt here or a $40 pair of pants there, it feels like you can actually spend a lot more, because a cheap top is much less noticeable finance-wise. Spending a lot more money on something can often inspire you to be more mindful of your budget, simply because there’s a bigger financial outlay to deal with that doesn’t seem so inconsequential. For example, if you’re investing in a four-figure designer bag, it requires a little more consideration and thought than a $10 bag. And guess which option you’re likely to have years from now?

What are your thoughts on investment dressing—is it something that you do?


How to minimise wardrobe dilemmas this year

28th January, 2021
Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

Wardrobe dilemmas are the worst and can often strike at the most inopportune of times — like when you’re already incredibly late and was supposed to have walked out the door ten minutes ago. And while sometimes the unexpected occurs (coffee down your top, a split seam, for example), most of the time, they can be avoided with some pre-planning and organisation.

Think of it this way, if you had to perform a task every single day of your life, wouldn’t you try and employ a few strategies to make it quicker and easier? So, if you’re interested in making a less stressful year on the fashion front, try these techniques—you’ll banish style dramas in no time.

Get organised

Organisation really is key when it comes to avoiding wardrobe dramas. If your closet is in constant disarray therein lies the problem—finding what you want, when you want is made all the more difficult when you actually have no idea where anything is.

You want to see everything, and I mean everything. You should be able to see what you own at a glance, so you can take in an entire outfit in one go without having to sift through piles of clothes or shoes. If storage is an issue, you could consider doing a seasonal swap where you put your current season clothes on display, while everything else hibernates for a few months under your bed or in another cupboard somewhere (this is where vacuum storage bags come in handy). Your aim should be that you can neatly put everything away. If this is definitely a problem, then keep reading.

Keep it streamlined

While it’s nice to have clothes, it’s even nicer if they have the chance to be worn and don’t just sit in your closet gathering dust. Having a tight edit of clothes means you’re more likely to wear what you own. Less options = more in rotation.

This means regular wardrobe culls should be on the cards. I know it can sometimes be hard to let go of certain items of clothing, but it’s time to summon up some courage and let go of those things that you know you haven’t worn in years. You know what I’m talking about, it’s the dress you’re hanging onto in case you “can wear it in future” or that jumper you wore on year 12 camp.

If it doesn’t add to your wardrobe but is simply there gathering dust, it’s time to bit it adieu.

Plan ahead

Here’s where organisation comes in again. By planning your looks ahead of time you can free yourself from regular morning wardrobe dramas. Take some time before the start of a new week and go through your schedule, and what your outfit requirements are for the week. By doing this you can set aside what you’re wearing ahead of time. This also allows you to do things in advance like iron or fix anything that may need repairing.

Also, by planning ahead you’re also encouraged to play around with what’s in your wardrobe a little more. If you’ve got time on your hands you can work on creating different looks a little more freely without the pressure of time constraints.

Have a back-up outfit list

This is a must. There will come a time when you’ve got to get out the door fast and if your other outfit options fall through it’s a good idea to have a few others up your sleeve that you know have been tried and tested. Document a few looks in your phone that can be your ‘crack open in case of emergency’ contingency plan. This helps mitigate the stress when you’re faced with an ensemble that just isn’t working.


The pieces you can wear to work and on the weekend

5th December, 2020

Versatility is one of the key criteria that I have for my wardrobe and that means I need to be able to wear pretty much everything to work and on the weekend. Obviously there are going to be some omissions because hey, a black tie dress might be a bit hard to deal with when at the photocopier or grabbing coffee, but most things should be able to be transformed from nine-to-five to relaxation mode by simple switching up what you pair it with. I’ve identified a few key pieces that I know are made for both office wear and off duty style.

Dressy flats

A pair of simple, classic flats a la the pair I have on below are a cinch to go from the office to the weekend. A slingback, a ballet flat or pointed style are all great options.

On Duty: Wear it with cropped trousers, a skirt or a midi dress.

Off Duty: Pair it with jeans or a skirt worked back with a tee.

A white tee

It’s a rare few places or occasions that can’t be worked back with a white tee. A handy staple for any wardrobe, it can be appropriate from nine-to-five to a relaxing Saturday by switching up what you pair it with.

On Duty: Wear it with a blazer on top, underneath a dress, or with a midi skirt.

Off Duty: Pop it on under a slip dress, with your favourite jeans or a wrap skirt or shorts.

A blazer

I’ve often spoken of my love of a great blazer and consider it one of my can’t-live-without items. And it’s primarily because I can wear a blazer to a work function one minute to a casual lunch on the weekend the next and it still works. Keep it classic with black, grey, navy or white or if you’re feeling adventurous embrace something bold and bright.

On Duty: What can’t it work with? Everything from tailored pants, to a wrap dress and a skirt and cami can be paired with a blazer.

Off Duty: Wear it with jeans and a white tee for a classic, always on-trend look.

A roomy bag

If you’re prone to carrying half your office/life around with you then a great, roomy bag is a must. I often like to get a bag that’s got a bit of structure, in a classic colour such as tan or black for work as I know that I can always extend its wear to the weekend.

On Duty: Get a size that can fit your laptop and essentials.

Off Duty: A great carryall can be used to get you through a busy day of running errands where you might need to carry a million things with you.

A wrap dress

This eternal classic is always a good idea especially for a day at the office or a relaxing morning coffee with friends. Your only issue will be trying to stop at just one.

On Duty: Wear a wrap dress with heels and a blazer for an effortless take on corporate dressing.

Off Duty: Paired with sneakers or sandals and a simple crossbody bag make an ideal look for relaxing.


Wide leg pants aren’t as scary to wear as they sometimes might seem (check out my tips for how to style them here) and are so easy to change up according to what day of the week it is.

On Duty: A blouse with heels and you’re set.

Off Duty: Wear it with a tee or a cami and pair with great sandals.

A black skirt

Consider a black skirt a close cousin of the little black dress — it can be styled in myriad ways with so many different pieces. It’s wearable and versatile which makes it the ideal transition piece to take you from the office to the weekend.

On Duty: Wear it with a button down shirt and a cami for a professional look that’s ultra chic.

Off Duty: When paired with sneakers and a tee this look is polished yet made for an easy breezy day.


How to get more wear from your event wardrobe

4th November, 2020

While event wear is a lot of fun to wear, it’s also usually the kind of thing that can end up collecting dust in the back of the wardrobe as you wait for the next event to roll around. And it’s such a waste. Event wear is usually extra beautiful because it’s designed to be worn for special occasions, and it can be expensive as a result. The problem with this is that the cost per wear plummets if it’s just going to sit in your closet until a wedding invitation arrives or the next milestone birthday rolls around.

So, it’s time to let them come out and play on a more regular basis. The key is what to pair it with so you don’t feel ridiculously overdressed. I’ve managed to collect a lot of dressy pieces because of the races and other events so, I’ve had to learn how to re-use and recycle. If you’re not entirely sure where to begin, below are my tried and tested methods for turning event wear into day wear.

Mix with casual items

If you’ve got a closet full of dressy pieces such as cocktail dresses and suits, never fear, you can definitely still wear them in your weekly rotation but you just need to temper their dressiness with casual pieces. So for example you could take a pair of suit pants and wear it with a tee and sneakers for a smart casual look. The same goes for a glitzy top which can be worn back with denim, or a dress which can be paired with sneakers or slides.

Layer with other pieces

Layering is a really valuable styling tool because it can instantly transform a look. Wear a denim jacket over a cocktail dress and it tames its event vibes. The same goes for wearing a suit blazer with a denim. Or popping on a white shirt over a dress and knotting it, to achieve an effortless, yet polished look.

A basket bag like this is a great way to dress down event wear
Add natural textures

By incorporating more relaxed textures into a dressy ensemble you dial down its glam factor. So if you want to take your fave LBD out for a spin during the day, pair it with a wicker basket to give it a more casual spin. While pairing a linen shirt with dress pants can make it slightly less dressy and far more everyday wear.

Dress it down with flats or sneakers

Your choice of footwear is everything, so if you want to tame an event look, ditch the heels and pair it with flats or sneakers. The beauty of this is that shoes like slides, sneakers and sandals are so commonplace now that you can get away with wearing them in virtually any setting. A midi dress usually designated for fancy dinners can all of a sudden be work appropriate by pairing it with a pair of leather slides and a lightweight jacket. While a skirt you’d reserve for a night out can be dressed down with a plain tee.

Tell me—how do you recycle your event wear?


The 7 fashion sins I always avoid

11th October, 2020

I’m all for experimenting and taking a style risk here and there but there are some things I always make sure to avoid. These fashion sins can often subdue the impact of an outfit by taking away its polish–which is often the last thing you want when you walk out the door!

The below is a short, easy to follow list of simple things that you can do to ensure that you always look great every single day. I definitely swear by them and follow them when it comes to my wardrobe. And I’m always open to new additions to the list so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments below.

Accentuating too many things

If you’re going to accentuate a particular part of the body, whether it be your legs or your décolletage I’ve always believed it’s important to make sure to only pick one to maintain the balance of your look. I’m all for flaunting whatever features you wish but it can sometimes throw your look off if there’s no counterpoint. For example if I’m going to wear a plunging neckline I usually opt for a slightly more conservative hemline or bottoms to balance it. The same goes for a a mini skirt, where I’ll usually go for a a button up shirt or a shirt with a high neckline to ensure I’ve chosen one focal point and to avoid my outfit look too overwhelming. I make sure to adopt this approach with every single outfit.

Ill-fitting garments

Even if you’ve spent a fortune on a standout designer garment if it doesn’t fit well then you’ve essentially taken away its wow factor. I think tailoring can really make or break an outfit. If something doesn’t fit properly make sure to get it altered whether it be getting sleeves taken up on a shirt so they are the perfect length or taking a jacket in because it’s a little too baggy on the shoulders. These small things will ensure that you always look sharp.

Not paying attention to detail

They may seem relatively innocuous—a stray thread here, a loose button there but the overall effect is that your outfit will look just that little bit unkempt. To combat this, the moment you notice something is awry with your outfit attend to it as soon as possible so you don’t forget about it. Snip loose threads, fix missing or loose buttons and always ensure that you remove lint and fabric pill.

Consider every aspect of your look from your shoes to you accessories

Scruffy looking shoes

Shoes are often one of the first things people notice about your outfit so make sure that they always look pristine. If the soles of your shoes are a bit threadbare make sure to have them resoled. If the heel cover on a pair of stilettos has worn down then make sure to have it replaced so you’re not teetering along on an exposed nail. Also always spray suede or leather shoes with a protectant spray to keep them protected during inclement weather. There’s nothing that will take away from an outfit more than stained shoes.

Wrinkled clothes

If you can’t be bothered ironing then avoid buying garments that will most definitely require pressing constantly like silk and linen. If you’re a fun of luxe fabrics, then be prepared to invest a little time in ensuring that everything is perfectly pressed.

Wearing clothes you don’t feel comfortable in

It’s abundantly clear when you’re wearing something that’s not quite right. Whether it’s hobbling around in shoes that are painful to walk in or a top that doesn’t sit right, if it’s something that will have you fussing around repeatedly then it’s best to pull something else out of your closet.

Wearing one designer from top-to-bottom

The beauty of fashion is to be able to mix and match to curate a look that’s entirely your own. This is why it’s better to wear a look that’s injected with your personality as opposed to just copying whatever the mannequin in the window is wearing. Fashion is all about doing your own thing, not just doing what you think is in style.