Simple shortcuts for elevating your Zoom look

8th September, 2021

Image: Christin Hume via Unsplash

Along with trying to figure out if my AirPods are properly connected or if my background is suitably tidy and presentable, what I’m wearing on Zoom (or Teams or Google Meet) is really important. I know it may seem like an after thought considering you’re not actually in the same room as everybody and being seen from the waist up in a tiny box, but being polished and presentable is always important. Of course I take a slightly different approach if I’m on a call with friends or family versus something for work but overall I don’t think there’s any harm in making an effort. The great thing is that “making an effort” doesn’t actually require that much effort at all. I’ve got a few shortcuts I employ whenever I need to look video call ready and they utilise things that are probably already sitting in most closets, and can be done in just a few minutes. Here’s how to look good on Zoom.

Jewellery and a vibrant hue never goes astray

Just add jewellery

I’ve always been a firm believer that jewellery can solve almost all fashion problems. Given that with most video call platforms involve being seen from the waist up, accessorising is definitely an effective way of elevating your look. I’m a fan of popping on a pair of statement earrings (although be careful in going too outlandish as you don’t want people to be distracted) or a necklace (I tend to go for a gold pendant on a long chain or a style in a chunky gold).

Experiment with accessories

You can do a lot with key accessories. Popping on a headband can often work wonders at disguising “I haven’t touched my hair in days” locks and a simple silk scarf can elevate even a run of the mill white tee. I like having these things on hand in case I need to jump on a call quickly and need to look presentable and don’t have time to fuss around.

A chic black blazer is always a must

Pop on a jacket

Keep a blazer on hand or other jacket at the ready. Popping on a smart blazer is one of the easiest ways to turn casual gear in to meeting appropriate attire. Stick to classic black for a look that’s guaranteed to work with myriad pieces or opt for something a little punchier such as a check or a crisp white to make more of a statement. If the meeting is a little more casual (ie not a job interview or huge client presentation), a denim jacket can work wonders for a t-shirt or a simple dress.

Have fun with colours or prints

Liven up your next video call by embracing colour or prints. Embracing a vibrant hue or a playful print can be impactful— even if you’re wearing trackies down the bottom! I’ve found wearing something with a bit more personality also gets me in the right frame of mind for a video meeting, instantly lifting my mood and helping me feel energised.

What are some of your fave video call tips?

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