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Comfy work from home looks that will still make you feel productive

4th February, 2023

With many of us getting used to working from home for all or part of our week, if you’re like me you’ve tried to find the happy compromise between feeling comfortable and not too over dressed, to wearing something that makes you *feel* like you’re in work mode because it’s not say, your fave trackies and t-shirt.

After some experimentation I have found a few combinations that work for me, that I thought I’d share in case you’re stuck for inspo on the WFH outfit front. These work from home looks are just the thing to get you into the right mindset for the day. They all strike the right balance between looking polished, but also comfy enough that I could happily sit at my laptop for a few hours in said outfit. Also, I always like to make sure that everything looks video call ready. If I need to jump on a call, I want to make sure that I don’t have to fuss around trying to get changed in a hurry. And I guarantee all these looks will do just that.

A matching set

This is a stretchy top and skirt from Manning Cartell and it’s high on the comfort spectrum, but the greatest thing about co-ord sets is that they just look so polished when you wear them. I think the key here is to get something that you want to spend the entire day in, so look for a breathable fabric like cotton, linen or wool, with plenty of stretch.

Top and tapered pant

I wear this combination quite a bit because it’s one of my shortcuts for days when I just need to look put together but I don’t want to fuss around too much with having to style an outfit. You could easily pair a tapered trouser with a tee, a shirt, a blouse… the list is endless. These pants are also ultra comfortable which is always a must when it comes to any WFH look.

A black dress

The LBD works during the day too! A simple cotton dress like this looks like you made an effort in the style stakes but wearing it for the duration of your working day is also totally fine, because it’s ultra comfy.

A tee and midi skirt

My criteria for WFH looks is always if I can spend a few hours in it without fussing around in my outfit, and if it’s video call ready should it be required. This combination is a yes on both fronts. Black on black will always look like you made an effort, but if you want to embrace more colour, this particular outfit equation still works.

Jeans and a turtleneck (or sweater)

Go ahead and grab your most favourite pair of jeans and wear them working from home. The key to making them feel less weekend is the choice of top. I’ve always found turtleneck styles or even just a cosy knit is the perfect way to do denim, but elevated, so it feels work appropriate and not that you’re about to just hang around the house. You could also throw on a white shirt and it would work beautifully.

Wide leg pants and a ribbed top

Okay so you don’t have to wear the heels if you’re at home, but I wanted to share this look as an example of something that’s really easy to put together but looks very on trend, and so chic. A pair of wide leg pants (white denim is my fave at the moment) and a ribbed top looks ultra stylish and is currently trending. I highly recommend it.

What are some of your favourite WFH outfit combinations?


How to perfect the comfortable and chic work from home outfit

19th February, 2022

Perfecting the work from home outfit takes a lot of experimentation and a little trial and error. When I first began working from home after working in an office for so long I had to try and strike the right balance between sitting in my pyjamas the whole day and putting on my usual work outfits and feeling very overdressed. I knew I wanted to get dressed as if I was going somewhere as I found it helped boost my productivity and helped get me in the right frame of mind but I also wanted to take advantage of one of the perks of working from home, which is being able to dress in comfortable clothes. So, how to get it right? Here are a few of my tips.

Have an outfit formula

This is a good place to start if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the fact your entire wardrobe has suddenly opened up to you as office options. If you’re generally used to wearing a suit to work, the fact sweats are suddenly not a no-no can make it tricky to decide what to wear. So it’s a good idea to have an outfit formula that you can revert to when you’re stuck. For example one comfortable piece + one polished piece + one accessory = work outfit sorted. You can tweak this to work with your own style and what you feel great in.

Opt for comfortable staples

One of the best parts of working from home is being able to wear comfy pieces. Think a cosy knit, jeans or a classic white shirt or a jumpsuit to add a fun fashion element. Also choose fabrics carefully. You want breathable fabrics like cotton, linen and wool which will feel great to wear all day. These pieces will form the building blocks of most of your looks so be sure to be well stocked so getting dressed in the morning for work is a no-brainer.

Jeans and a white shirt is a great WFH uniform

Pair basics with polished pieces

Just because you’re aiming for comfort it doesn’t mean you can’t add something to maintain an element of polish. For example a great blazer over the top of a white tee and jeans feels put together but will still be perfect for a day of working from home. While a cosy cardi looks great with a simple, but sleek slip dress. It’s about the high-low mix.

Have a dress code

Implement a home office dress code for yourself. You want to give yourself some parameters to work in, which will in turn make choosing your outfits in the morning easier. For example perhaps track pants are out but a comfy leather legging or mum jean is in. It’s all about what helps you feel productive and signals that it’s time for work not play.

Accessories are your friend

Add accessories

As with most outfits, accessories are a fun way to inject a little personality into them. The addition of a silk scarf with jeans and a denim for example will instantly elevate it, making it look chic and polished. While understated jewellery can help your outfit feel a little more finished.

Embrace flats or a block heel

Shoes tend to be optional when working from home but if you do want to go for a full outfit then definitely embrace a beautiful flat or a comfy block heels. Shoes such as a leather loafer or a ballet flat are perfect for staying in. But if you’re a heels girl through and through, perhaps park the stiletto for another time and become friends with the comfy block heel—there’s no better time than now to truly embrace comfortable dressing.



Simple shortcuts for elevating your Zoom look

8th September, 2021

Image: Christin Hume via Unsplash

Along with trying to figure out if my AirPods are properly connected or if my background is suitably tidy and presentable, what I’m wearing on Zoom (or Teams or Google Meet) is really important. I know it may seem like an after thought considering you’re not actually in the same room as everybody and being seen from the waist up in a tiny box, but being polished and presentable is always important. Of course I take a slightly different approach if I’m on a call with friends or family versus something for work but overall I don’t think there’s any harm in making an effort. The great thing is that “making an effort” doesn’t actually require that much effort at all. I’ve got a few shortcuts I employ whenever I need to look video call ready and they utilise things that are probably already sitting in most closets, and can be done in just a few minutes. Here’s how to look good on Zoom.

Jewellery and a vibrant hue never goes astray

Just add jewellery

I’ve always been a firm believer that jewellery can solve almost all fashion problems. Given that with most video call platforms involve being seen from the waist up, accessorising is definitely an effective way of elevating your look. I’m a fan of popping on a pair of statement earrings (although be careful in going too outlandish as you don’t want people to be distracted) or a necklace (I tend to go for a gold pendant on a long chain or a style in a chunky gold).

Experiment with accessories

You can do a lot with key accessories. Popping on a headband can often work wonders at disguising “I haven’t touched my hair in days” locks and a simple silk scarf can elevate even a run of the mill white tee. I like having these things on hand in case I need to jump on a call quickly and need to look presentable and don’t have time to fuss around.

A chic black blazer is always a must

Pop on a jacket

Keep a blazer on hand or other jacket at the ready. Popping on a smart blazer is one of the easiest ways to turn casual gear in to meeting appropriate attire. Stick to classic black for a look that’s guaranteed to work with myriad pieces or opt for something a little punchier such as a check or a crisp white to make more of a statement. If the meeting is a little more casual (ie not a job interview or huge client presentation), a denim jacket can work wonders for a t-shirt or a simple dress.

Have fun with colours or prints

Liven up your next video call by embracing colour or prints. Embracing a vibrant hue or a playful print can be impactful— even if you’re wearing trackies down the bottom! I’ve found wearing something with a bit more personality also gets me in the right frame of mind for a video meeting, instantly lifting my mood and helping me feel energised.

What are some of your fave video call tips?

What your work wardrobe needs this year

19th January, 2021

While going back to work might look a little different this year, it still pays to ensure you’ve got the right office basics on hand whether you’re working from home or actually doing it face-to-face. I’ve always believed that great outfits in a work environment have the power to make us feel in the zone and ready to power through a to-do list.

And a brand new year is the right time to tackle your work wardrobe to ensure it’s the perfect tool to accompany you on your way to kicking major career goals in 2021.

Tailored pants

In white or black, having a pair of tailored pants in your closet means you’ve got a whole range of outfits at your disposal. It forms the basis for many a look, and you can take it in any direction you choose. Pair it with a white tee and slides and you’ve got a polished casual look, while a cami or button down shirt says you mean business. It so versatile, consider investing in both hues.

A white shirt

A crisp white shirt is a forever staple that you can never go wrong with. For a very on trend silhouette look for one that’s slightly oversized and with a drop shoulder. You can pair it with a skirt, shorts, or pants and it can go between your work and off duty wardrobe seamlessly.

Tailored pants are a versatile addition to any work wardrobe
A ribbed top

Ribbed tops are very much a thing right now. Go for a t-shirt style, a collared polo version with a 70s vibe or a sleek sleeveless or singlet style option. Opt for hues such as caramel, cream, white or mocha and it makes for an instant way to update existing pieces in your wardrobe and make them very much on trend.

A blazer

If you’ve yet to find a blazer that you absolutely adore in your closet, this is the year to plug this gap in your fashion repertoire. Start with a longline black jacket that you can pop on over a dress or pair back with jeans or pants. Once you’ve got this most important of basics nailed, look at expanding into patterned options such as a classic houndstooth or check.

A shirt dress

Whether you’re working from home or back in the office a classic shirt dress is your best friend. Wear it throughout summer with a pair of slides or a low sandal, and transition it to winter with flats or boots. Opt for a neutral hue to ensure maximum versatility and wear from it.

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What I wore to work this week

12th November, 2020

I’ve been doing these WFH posts since the beginning of the year and it’s been great to share snippets from my work wardrobe on a weekly basis. But given my WFH situation has definitely expanded beyond my home office given the loosening of restrictions, I’ve decided to tweak these posts to share what I wear to work in general. Whether it’s at home, out and about or hosting events, it’s a look at my working week, one outfit at a time, like right now…

Monochrome looks are always a winner because they’re easily put together and look chic without much effort at all. These jeans are elevated by belt detail, and this Bec and Bridge top has been such a great buy as I’ve been able to wear it with so many different outfits. I love adding sneakers to most looks, but this pair makes it just that little more special.

Credits: Top (similar here), Bec and Bridge; Jeans, Aje; Sneakers, Chanel

Pops of colour are always one way to pep up a work week. I tend to gravitate towards dresses when I’m working from home, but will be out and about for periods of time throughout the day as they’re comfortable but always look dressed up and polished.

Credits: Dress, Steele

Activewear at my desk… is there anything better? I’ve been a big fan of The Upside’s on trend take on exercise gear from the beginning, and love the colour combination of this pairing. The comfort levels of leggings and a tee are sky high so if I can get away with wearing it for the entire day I absolutely will. I also find if I’m wearing my workout gear first thing in the morning, there’s more chances for me to get a training session in, which is a definite upside (sorry, had to do it).

Credits: Leggings and Top, The Upside

Activewear one minute, Gucci change room the next! I was shooting something at the new Gucci store in Sydney so took the opportunity to play dress ups. This shirt dress is the kind of thing that I wouldn’t mind Santa popping under my tree on Christmas Day…

Credits: Dress and Shoes, Gucci

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What I wore working from home

5th November, 2020

With a busy schedule, the Melbourne Cup and sunny days one minute and rainy days the next in Sydney, my looks this week certainly covered the full spectrum of my wardrobe. The highlight was definitely my dress on Cup Day because, hello, dreamy statement sleeves! But I was also able to work a few of my go-to summer dresses in the mix and one of my fave, comfortable WFH outfits.

This biscuit coloured dress by Oroton is such an elegant take on linen. I’m a fan of floaty linen pieces but this sleek silhouette is such a great design that can be dressed up with heels, or dressed down with sandals to work from home. I kept things tonal with a white and brown Burberry bag for when I needed to head out, and finished it off with comfy Gucci sandals.

Credits: Dress, Oroton; Bag, Burberry; Necklace, Manning Cartell; Sandals, Gucci

I can assure everyone this is not a typical work from home look! Melbourne Cup day called for frocking up and this dress by Constantina Danis was a pink and statement sleeve dream. I went with neutral heels and an ombre oversized bow to finish off this ensemble.

Credits: Dress, Constantina Danis; Shoes, Pierre Hardy; Headpiece, Nerida Winter

I’d have to say this is one of my staple formulas for a comfy look. A top, worked back with denim and comfortable shoes such as sandals or sneakers and a backpack is my ultimate WFH outfit.

Credits: Jumper, Venroy; Jeans, Veronika Woods; Sandals, Ducie; Backpack, Chanel

Who else really loves Aje dresses? I’m a huge fan because the silhouettes and finishes are always so interesting and different. A dress worn back with flats is one of my favourite combinations, and is a great way to do a feminine and polished look.

Credits: Dress, Aje; Flats, Chanel

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What I wore working from home

29th October, 2020

It’s been a busy few days with racing events on the cards so my work from home wardrobe this week has been a little dressier. It’s been all about fittings and getting event prepped with desk time interspersed in between so I went for easy, polished pieces that still tick the comfort box. Here’s what I wore this week.

Steele is always a go-to brand for dresses because they always feature really beautiful silhouettes and fun prints and colours. I fell in love with this sage colour immediately, along with the flattering cinched in waist.

Credits: Dress, Steele; Sandals, Aquazzura; Bag, Dior

These Venroy linen pants come in a variety of different shades and they’re quickly becoming an integral part of my spring wardrobe. As it’s still in-between weather, I rugged up in this baby blue jumper, and finished it off with the comfiest summer sandals I’ve ever had.

Credits: Jumper, Bec and Bridge; Pants, Venroy; Sandals, Ducie London; Sophia and Grace‘s dresses, Marlo Kids

I’m a fan of gingham prints so it’s always great to find the print done in a less common colour way like light blue. I love how this print pops. Also, I can attest to this being such a comfortable WFH look. Dresses are quickly becoming one of my favourite pieces to wear while working from home.

Credits: Dress, Steele;

The weather has been a little bit gloomy in Sydney so I wanted to embrace a vibrant pop of colour to brighten up my mood. What better way to do it than with a bold yellow? It was a day of being at home and out and about so I utilised my fave roomy Goyard tote, and ultra comfortable Ducie sandals.

Credits: Dress, S/W/F; Sandals, Ducie London; Bag, Goyard, Sunglasses, Ray Ban

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What I wore working from home

17th September, 2020

We had some gloriously warm days in Sydney this week so it was the perfect opportunity to break out some new summery pieces. It’s got me even more excited for the warm weather to set in because I can’t wait to start embracing easy, breezy dressing every day. So, here’s a look at what I wore working from home this week.

Some new arrivals this week! This white dress by Merlette is destined for many an outing over the coming months. Plus I’m all about a long sleeved dress for this transseasonal period. I ordered these sandals from Ducie in London and they’re ultra comfortable. Very on trend, but I can’t go past the fact that I could walk around in them all day quite happily.

Credits: Dress, Merlette; Shoes, Ducie; Bag, Chanel

My sandals make another appearance because, did I tell you how comfortable they are? Also these Venroy linen pants are super soft and lightweight, and they come in other colours so I’ll be bookmarking a few more pairs this season. I love the basics from Cotton On as they’re very affordable but also hold up really well — all in all, loving this monochrome look for a day spent catching up on a few work tasks.

Credits: Tank (similar here), Cotton On; Pants, Venroy; Shoes, Ducie

I wore this to a launch and wanted to embrace a classic look on this day. So it was all about a crisp white shirt and denim combination. I wore this outfit paired back with Chanel flats and a Louis Vuitton bag to add a few luxe touches.

Credits: Shirt (similar here), Anna Quan; Jeans, Levis; Shoes, Chanel; Bag, Louis Vuitton; Necklace; Aje

A tank and jeans is such a winning combination, and an easy shortcut for when I just want a no-fuss look. I am slowly realising these shoes really do go with just about anything… I wanted to keep my accessories simple so I opted for this Loewe basket bag, which also added a textural element to this look.

Credits: Tank, Henne; Jeans, Levis; Shoes, Ducie; Bag, Loewe


What I wore working from home

10th September, 2020

I was filming a few things interspersed with desk time this week so I had an interesting week on the outfit front. I was in dresses and heels one minute and jeans and a jumper the next. I always love a bit of variety on the fashion front though so I’m not complaining! Here’s what I wore working from home this week.

I was filming something for VRC and Channel 7 so it was dress ups at home. This Barbie pink dress is such a beautiful feminine style and perfect for the races. I teamed this look with simple white heels and a pearl headband to add a touch of polish.

Credits: Dress. Elliatt; Heels (similar here); Headband, Roxy Jacenko Accessories

I always like experimenting with new looks while working from home and I’m loving this black strapless top for spring/summer. I went with distressed jeans and simple white heels to dress it up a little. An Aje necklace finished off my look.

Credits: Top, Esse; Jeans, Ksubi; Heels (similar here), Billini; Necklace (similar here), Aje

Ultimate comfort was the order of the day so there’s no better combination than jeans and a jumper. I teamed this look with sneakers for a polished casual vibe.

Credits: Jumper, Bec and Bridge; Jeans (similar here), Ksubi; Sneakers, D.O.F

I like reworking dressy pieces in a more casual way, like this look. Case in point: I wore my Rebecca Vallance suit pants and worked it back with a singlet and sneakers and voila a new WFH outfit is born.

Credits: Top, Henne; Pants, Rebeccca Vallance; Sneakers, D.O.F

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What I wore working from home

27th August, 2020

It’s the last few days of winter so I’m making the most of it by keeping my fave winter pieces on high rotation until we hit that transseasonal weather time where I’m not quite sure what to do with my wardrobe! That said, this week’s working from home looks have been mostly about comfort, apart from one day this week where I got to play with an amazing Rebecca Vallance suit for work. I’m relishing any excuse to get dressed up! Here’s what I wore working from home this week.

Let’s once again give a round of applause to whoever kickstarted the tracksuit trend. Because it’s one of the greatest things ever to be able to walk out the door with my fave set on, pop on a coat and I’ve ticked a trend box. This Camilla and Marc jumper and pants is unbelievably comfortable but also the grey makes it really versatile. Ticks all round!

Credits: Sweatshirt and tracksuit pants, Camilla and Marc; Coat, Viktoria and Woods; Sneakers, D.O.F

I love wearing suits and since there hasn’t been really an occasion to wear them the last few months, I welcomed the opportunity to wear this Rebecca Vallance set this week. It’s such a sleek silhouette and love the pearl buttons and fine fringing on the jacket. I wore this with a pair of white Bottega Veneta heels to finish the look off and lift it with a little extra colour.

Credits: Suit jacket and pants, Rebecca Vallance; Top, Heene; Shoes (similar here), Bottega Veneta;

Puffer jackets are easily one of my fave things to have on hand on crisp winter mornings and this new one from Unreal has been such a toasty addition to my wardrobe. This is a great go-to look as it’s so wearable, and comfortable with the leggings and sneakers.

Credits: Jacket, Unreal; Leggings, Camilla and Marc; Sneakers, D.O.F

I’ve bookmarked this outfit for my transseasonal wardrobe. These jeans are a great shade to work back with myriad tops. But I am all about the shape and style of this top. The structured shoulders give it a sense of boldness while the linen keeps it comfy. I’m going to be wearing this look A LOT.

Credits: Top and jeans, Viktoria and Woods