How to snooze in style this year

11th January, 2020

I think great sleep wear is always a nice little introduction to your sleep routine. Beautiful pyjamas are such a great way to ease yourself into relaxation mode plus they make just sitting around the house that little more luxe! Also there’s nothing quite like sleeping while wearing gorgeous fabrics like silk or linen to ensure that you truly get a good night’s sleep.

Everyone has their preference when it comes to what type of sleep wear they like to wear to bed. So whether you’re all about a comfy pyjama two-piece set or like to sleep in a nightie, there’s definitely a way to elevate those options. And even if you don’t wear luxe pjs all the time, there’s something nice about having that one pair on hand, particularly if you’re going away on holiday or spoiling yourself with a weekend away, that will up the glam factor at bed time.

One thing that I absolutely love about sleep wear these days is that there’s such a variety to choose from. You can opt for a lounge wear vibe of tapered track pants and a jumper, a playsuit for a modern take on pjs or a truly elegant slip. Whatever your style, there’s definitely bed wear to suit.

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