How to wear oversized clothing

5th June, 2023

There’s a trend doing the rounds right now and it’s all about volume. The thing with a change in silhouette is that it takes a little getting used to, but over time it starts to become the very thing you want to wear.  Oversized clothing is a tricky trend to master given the silhouettes often involves a lot of extra fabric, but with a few easy styling tricks you can make the look your own.

Balance it out

Voluminous pieces can swamp your frame if you don’t balance them out. When it comes to a style equation to follow, go for volume + formfitting. So if you’re wearing an oversized top then go for a slim fitting pant, if you’re wearing a wide leg pant then wear a fitted top. It’s about creating a focal point so you don’t look like you’re being swamped by fabric.

Do a half tuck

Oversized shirts are everywhere right now. So, how do you wear them? The silhouette requires a little styling to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm your frame. Try doing a half tuck, where you tuck the front part of your shirt in and leave the rest hanging out. This cinches the shirt in and gives your outfit some shape.

Consider proportions

The oversized look can be worn in a number of different ways — whether it’s a big bag, a chunky shoe, or a baggy jean there are several pieces that will allow you to dip your toe into the trend. Wearing a single voluminous piece helps your outfit look contemporary without it being all about the volume.

Define your waist

Another alternative to the half tuck is simply tucking tops in to help define the waist. Try tucking an oversized cardigan or t-shirt into your jeans or pants, or alternatively you could wear a crop top to with a wide leg or boyfriend jean to show off your waist.

Layer oversized pieces

Oversized silhouettes are perfect during winter given they make great layering pieces. A voluminous blazer or coat looks great worn with a t-shirt and straight leg jean. A button down shirt worn over a tee and with a wide leg pant looks ultra modern and on trend.


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