The little details that make or break a look

17th April, 2022

It’s all in the detail, right? This is especially true when it comes to outfits, because it’s often the little things that can elevate an outfit from good to great. Firstly, there are of course some overarching things to remember if you want your ensemble to present well and that involves fit and quality. After working with so many stylists over the years the best thing I’ve ever learned from them is the importance of a perfectly fitting garment. When an outfit fits you beautifully, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it will look elevated and polished. So if you can, invest in a little tailoring and you’ll be amazed at where it can take an outfit.

The next thing would have to be quality. I’m a big advocate of buying the best quality you can. By doing so you will ensure that garments will last longer and be more durable. I’ve found that if I spend a little bit more, but on less pieces I end up with a much more wearable wardrobe and end up with pieces that I will use over and over again without having to spend money replacing them every season.

If you have both those bases covered you’re off to a great start but there are some other little things that can also make or break an outfit.

Quality fastenings

Yep, I’m talking things like buttons and zippers. I know it seems so small, but even just a great button can make a piece feel more luxe and special. The same goes for zippers, you want something with weight and not overly flimsy to get a great fit that won’t pucker.

Finishing details

Pay attention to things like lining, trims, ties… these are all important elements to any garment. Sometimes I’ve loved the design of a jacket but the clincher for me was the beautiful patterned lining, or even the trim on a blouse. These are all small things that help make up a look, but don’t underestimate their importance.


Think about the fabrics that you choose. Where you can, buy quality. Think a heavy wool, a lightweight cotton or a beautiful floaty linen. These are fabrics that present well and will look polished and expensive. Avoid fabrics that look too shiny, have a scratchy feel or looks like it will pill quite easily—these are all things that can really let an outfit down.

For me, this look is all in the little finishes such as the angled oversize cuff and buttons, and the stitching on the pants.


It may not be immediately the first thing you focus on when choosing to buy something but examine the construction of a piece. Are there fraying or loose threads? Is the stitching uneven? Often just the way a particular piece is put together can absolutely affect the way it presents so choose carefully!


I know you’ve probably heard this a lot already but accessories really can make a difference. The addition of a stunning pair of statement earrings, or the most delicate necklace to a look can change its whole vibe. But if you’re looking for the heavy hitters, it would definitely have to be your choice of shoes or bags. This is where you can really inject some extra personality into an outfit. A shoe with an interesting design or a bag made of buttery soft leather or with statement embellishments can really be the pièce de résistance to an ensemble.

What details do you think make or break an outfit?

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