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How to shop straight from Instagram

18th April, 2016


Am I the only one who can spend hours endlessly scrolling Instagram and walk away with an even longer shopping list than when I started? It’s great when I spot someone wearing something that I really love and I can see where they got it from but sometimes it’s frustrating when I fall in love with a bag or a pair of shoes only to have no outfit details to help me track it down.

To solve these issues, I have been using an app called ‘’ which allows you to shop directly from Instagram.

All you need to do is register for a free account, double tap or like the photos which have the unique URL and almost like magic the links appear in your inbox and you can click to buy. I’ve found that it saves me so much time and means I can buy the exact pieces I want. I don’t need to spend time trawling the internet to find something similar. You can also set the emails to come ‘ASAP’, ‘daily’ or ‘weekly’ which means you’ll never miss out on a shopping purchase again. So, who’s ready for a little add to cart action?

I’m taking over’s Instagram all day tomorrow and showcasing some of my favourite looks. Don’t miss it!

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