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MBFWA Q&A: Laura Brown, Executive Editor of Harper’s Bazaar USA

20th April, 2015


Laura Brown is as far from the Devil Wears Prada stereotype of a magazine editor as you can get. She’s refreshingly witty, admits she loves cake and loves doing a great political interview as much as she loves watching the shows. It’s time for you to meet Ms Brown…

Harper’s Bazaar is undoubtedly an institution in fashion. Do you feel the role of fashion magazines in the fashion industry has changed over the years?

Yes, in a weirdly old-school way. We have to make the magic like they used to in the glory days. There are so many blogs and social media news sources these days, you have to be the home of dreams. But the joy of all the other “stuff” is that you have a true 360 degree way to communicate an idea.

What’s one myth about working on a fashion magazine you’d like to dispel?

That we don’t eat. Especially at Bazaar – we’ve never met a cake we didn’t like. And any Devil Wears Prada cliches. Although I did throw my coat on my assistant’s head the other day. She LOVED it.

Who’s one person you’d love to interview and why?

Hillary Clinton. Again. Profiled her a couple of years ago and now she’s running [for president], I fancy a sequel.

What’s the most memorable runway show you’ve ever been to?

Alexander McQueen. Shalom Harlow and the robot. We’ll never see anyone like McQueen again.

Who are your favourite Australian designers?

Bassike, Jac and Jack, Dinosaur Designs, Ellery, Dion Lee, Josh Goot, Camilla and Marc. My mates, basically.

What do you think is Australian fashion’s unique selling point compared to its international counterparts?

Its freshness, color and spirit. You can feel the air in it.

What are you current go-to pieces in your wardrobe?

Acne Shore jeans, Ralph Lauren oxford shirts, Valentino denim dress, Coach leopard print faux fur coat, Tabitha Simmons denim sandals. Um, I’m into denim.

What’s your number one fashion weakness?

See above!

What’s currently on your shopping list?

Isabel Marant summer dresses. Finally, summer in the northern hemisphere.

Where do you love to shop?

MyTheresa, Net-a-Porter, Collection vintage in LA.

What’s the key to looking stylish?

Not obsessing about it. Overstyled people give themselves and everyone else a headache.

What’s the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

Currently, a black and white halter neck Roland Mouret jumpsuit. Next week, it will be something else. #fickle

What’s your motto when it comes to fashion?

Underthink it. Also my motto in life.

Who are your favourite designers?

Acne, Valentino, Isabel Marant, Celine, T by Alex Wang (for jumpsuits).

What’s left on your fashion bucket list?

Not much, thankfully! A Chanel bucket? ;)

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