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On a budget…wedding guest outfits

1st May, 2021

If you’ve found yourself invited to a wedding (or weddings which isn’t uncommon) it can become quite an expensive exercise, particularly if you have to attend additional events such as a hens or kitchen tea, not to mention the cost of a wedding gift. Sometimes the expense of then having to buy an outfit for the actual wedding can leave you with a pretty hefty bill. So, what to do? Well it pays to be clever with how you approach your look…

Go for a simple design

If you have more than one wedding to attend then it pays to go for an outfit that’s quite simple and classic, this way you can easily wear it all over again. It’s much easier to rework an existing dress when it’s quite pared back in design as it’s pretty much a blank canvas.

Dial up the accessories

An existing look can be transformed by the right accessories. A great headpiece such as a statement headband for example can inject new energy into a dress you already own. While jewellery such as striking earrings or a beautiful pair of shoes in a vibrant shade can instantly change up the look and feel of a new outfit that you want to wear to more than one occasion. This is a great trick if you’ve got a few weddings to attend.

Recycle something you own

Do you have a dress in your wardrobe that you love but are sick of wearing? Consider having it altered or reworked into a different style. For example a midi dress could be taken up to be worn as a knee length dress, or a voluminous dress could be taken in to change the silhouette. Paying for alterations will often be much more cost effective than buying something new.

Think outside the box

You don’t always have to wear a dress to a wedding. The great thing with fashion right now is that there are so many event looks that can work for a wedding. You could opt to wear a beautiful midi skirt with a cami or crisp white shirt or you could rock a suit and make it more “evening” by teaming it with a cami or alternatively just wearing the jacket buttoned up. You may already have these pieces in your wardrobe which could save you a pretty penny.

Change your beauty look

If you’ve splurged on a wedding outfit that you really love then you can extend its wear beyond a single event by simply changing your beauty look. If you decide to wear it with your hair down and smoky eye, consider doing the opposite the next time you wear it and opt for an up-do with a bold lip. It’s a simple trick but oh-so effective.

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