The one beauty thing I don’t splurge on

15th February, 2017

When it comes to my beauty kit I don’t mind splurging on things like perfume and foundation which at times can admittedly be a luxurious treat but I also consider them to be the building block and finishing touch of my look and I use them all the time. However there are certain things I don’t spend a fortune on and that one thing has to be moisturiser. The array of moisturisers available out there is extensive and let’s face it they can also be quite expensive too depending on the brand you go for. Lately however I have found that a moisturiser from the supermarket and chemist does the job just as well. It’s hard to beat a beauty buy that’s effective but also inexpensive too.

So what am I using? At the moment I’m juggling QV Cream and Nivea Moisturising Fluid (pictured above). I use QV on the girls so I’ve found myself using it too and have found it to be quite nourishing and hydrating and works well with my complexion. I also sometimes use a simple moisturiser by Nivea which is lightweight and is quite refreshing for my skin, and it contains an inbuilt SPF which is a plus. They’re both bargain buys but they earn my tick of approval.

What are some of your favourite cheap and cheerful beauty buys?




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