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Party shoes that will take you through the festive season

25th November, 2017

It’s that time of year again when you’re faced with multiple events from office Christmas parties to family get togethers and New Year’s Eve festivities. And a packed social calendar can only mean one thing…having to pull together outfit after outfit. This is often the time when you can find yourself spending a fortune on a new look for each event which may leave your bank balance looking less than happy. One way I get around this is to invest in new heels each season—one black and one neutral which will take me through the next few months. I find even if I do spend a little bit more on them, the cost per wear more than makes up for it as I will wear them to death. For example the above Alaïa heels were one such purchase; they were an investment piece but they have taken me through numerous occasions and they’re still going strong and will serve me well over the next few weeks with the number of social gatherings I have to attend.

The key is to pick a shoe that’s got interesting finishes or textures to make a statement yet subdued enough to allow you to match it with multiple looks. And whilst my wardrobe works best with simple colours such as black and neutrals, if your wardrobe works with bold hues such as red or pink then go for it—the key is to ensure that whatever shoes you buy will blend seamlessly into your wardrobe. I think when armed with the right party shoes you can turn virtually anything you own into an amazing ensemble that’s fit for whatever your the festive season throws your way.

Find your perfect party shoe below…


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