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Pregnancy fashion: how to stay true to your style

23rd May, 2021


I’ll be honest, dressing up for Fashion Week while pregnant was a bit of a struggle. As most of you ladies with a burgeoning bump can attest trying to maintain you regular style as your wardrobe slowly diminishes is an exercise in creative thinking. Throw in a week-long event with some of the best-dressed women in the country and it certainly makes the process even trickier. Having gone through this process twice now here are some things I have learned about dressing throughout pregnancy and still feeling and looking like yourself:


Try to remain faithful to your style

Your body changes so dramatically during pregnancy that it can be hard to maintain your regular style let alone remember what it was to begin with. However I’ve tried really hard to do this as that’s when I feel most comfortable. A shift dress or a billowy blouse are things that I’d normally wear so I’ve tried to incorporate more of them in my everyday wardrobe as they’re generally bump-friendly. If you’re usually all about colour or wear top to toe prints then maintain that as your fashion ethos and try to find pieces that will still allow you to dress as your usual self.

Photo 19-05-2016, 12 50 53 PM

Anything stretchy is your friend

I wore the above elasticised leather pants even before I was pregnant and because they’re stretchy they’ve been able to accommodate my belly yet still provide an anchor to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I’ve also adopted the same principle to my jeans by adding an expander which I wear as much as possible until it doesn’t work anymore!

Photo 18-05-2016, 3 00 01 AM

Go bigger

You don’t have to forgo your fave designers, just go up a size! If you’ve go something special on and you’d like to buy a nice dress or great skirt then simply hit up your regular go-to brands and buy a bigger size. If you find that you want to wear it after giving birth look into having it professionally altered.


Adopt an interesting jacket

Things like jackets and coats are ideal for use in pregnancy as they’re generally quite loose and will accommodate a growing frame. It’s a nice silhouette with a bump and will smarten up any look.


Use the same accessories

I’ve also been wearing the same shoes I usually wear and adding my favourite accessories to add some interest to the outfit. Accessorising is one of the best ways to mix up a look— even if you’ve been wearing it for weeks on end.

And generally…Don’t buy a lot

I tell all my friends to save their money and not buy too many pregnancy specific clothing as they will realistically only wear it for a short amount of time. I found stores like ASOS and Jeanswest had a great range for pregnancy essentials. Limit yourself to a few key pieces and just rotate them. I found things like a stretchy knee length cotton skirt, loose tops and knits and leggings were all fantastic in the latter stages of pregnancy.

And most importantly…Be comfortable

Rest assured my regular life does not involve me running around in stilettos and designer dresses! There are moments where I just want to be comfy and those are the days that I’ll definitely be in my Nike trainers and gym pants. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you feel comfortable in and that should be your paramount concern.

Photography: Sophia Athas

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