Sophia the Show Pony Book Launch

29th March, 2022

I’ve been lucky enough to attend many launches in my time but none were quite as special as being able to celebrate my new book being released! Seeing Sophia the Show Pony in store and watching kids flicking through it excitedly was a surreal moment, I just can’t believe something I worked so hard on is finally out there.

The magical launch took place in Sydney at Harry Hartog book store and I was so thrilled to be there with Sally Spratt who drew the gorgeous illustrations in the book. It was so much fun being able to do a meet and greet with so many mums and mini fashionistas in store. Honestly, it was such a fashionable crowd, especially where the kids were concerned which was very fitting considering we were there to celebrate one extremely well dressed pony!

It was my first official in-store book signing (there are more dates to come so stay tuned for more details) and my family and friends all came to show their support. Luke, Sophia and Grace, my mum, my Aunty Louise and many of my friends and their children all attended and helped me officially launch Sophia the Show Pony. I felt very lucky to have them all there as they’ll have all been there with me on this journey.

Sally and I signed books and had a great time chatting to everyone, but what kind of celebration would it be without a cake cutting? There was a beautiful Sophia the Show Pony cake, designed by the very talented Mor Creations at the launch, and it was almost too stunning to cut. I wish I could have taken it home as a souvenir!

It was such a great morning being able to meet readers and I was honestly so excited every time I was able to dedicate a book to someone because I know from reading to my own girls how much of a privilege it is to be included in a child’s book repertoire. The fact Sophia the Show Pony will become a part of story time for many kids is something I’m so honoured about, and the launch was the perfect way to mark the occasion.

Sophia the Show Pony is out today! Grab your copy here.

Photography: Grace Hampshire

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