Sophia’s favourite accessory

3rd December, 2015


As far as accessories go one of the questions I frequently get asked is what type of bows Sophia wears. The answer? Pixies Bows! She’s now got quite the collection in various colours as I use them everyday. Sophia’s had lots of hair from the moment she was born so she’s worn clips for quite awhile and now her hair is getting quite long it gets in her eyes, so I love Pixies Bows because they help keep her hair off her face while also being really cute.

I’ve used a lot of bows and clips and these have been the only kind that don’t fall out as they have a non slip clip enclosure so it works on really fine hair. It also comes in different sizes which is great. I like the medium-sized bows at the moment but when Sophia was a baby I used the smaller ones in her hair so I’ll probably graduate her to the bigger ones when she’s older.

If anyone has a little girl or are looking for a great present for Christmas I can attest to the fact these bows come in really handy. They’re definitely Sophia’s hair accessory of choice as she doesn’t leave home without one.

Want to buy a Pixies Bow? You can find them here.

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  • Reply stephanie 4th December, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Your daughter is so cute <3

  • Reply Bella 4th December, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Oh my God! She’s such a beautiful girl.

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