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8 things you need to do in order to nail the perfect blow dry at home

28th May, 2018

Hairstylist Keiren Street shares his tips for achieving perfectly coiffed hair at home

In an ideal world we’d all wake up with perfectly coiffed hair, ready to tackle the day ahead. The reality is that it does take a little wrangling to get our locks looking presentable (unless you’re really, really lucky to wake up with a great hair day). I know when it comes to blow drying my hair at home I can never quite get the same results that I do when I’m at the hairdresser. So I went in search of answers. What are the secrets to a great blow dry? I enlisted the help of professional hairstylist and head & shoulders Supreme hair ambassador Keiren Street whose work frequently features in magazine editorials and on the runway to give me the lowdown on getting salon quality hair at home. Read on to banish bad hair days for good.

Start with clean hair

“A beautiful blow dry all starts with clean, freshly washed hair. Prep hair with new head & shoulders Supreme Moisture shampoo and conditioner. Not only is this duo going to leave your locks beautifully luscious but it will also ensure you are flake-free.”

Don’t dry your hair in the bathroom

“After washing your hair, move into a different room to avoid the humidity of the bathroom which can cause frizz. Also try to avoid removing excess water by wrapping hair up in a towel on to the top of your head as it can flatten your roots, resulting in an overall lack-lustre blow dry.”

Invest in good tools

“The tools you use really will assist in achieving a salon-worthy blow dry in the comfort of your own home. The first tool I would recommend investing in is a quality hairdryer as it will make your life so much easier and the whole process much quicker. The Cloud Nine Airshot is a personal fave of mine. My other must-have tool at the moment is the Super Brush, this wet-to-dry brush is the only brush you will need throughout the entire blowdry.”

Give your hair a pre-blow dry

“People often start the blow dry process from soaking wet hair, however the trick is to loosely dry the hair to around 90 per cent dry on a lower heat setting first. Amp up the heat and use your brush for the last 10 per cent of drying as this will ensure your hair stays smooth and holds its volume and shape.”

Divide and conquer

“Dividing hair into sections will cut time off your blow-dry. Part hair from the middle of the forehead all the way back and then ear-to-ear, securing with clips. Start at the bottom and work your way up, this trick is much more efficient than tackling all your hair at once.”

Blow dry your hair upside down

“Remove the excess moisture by shake-drying your hair upside down, as this will help reduce the amount of heat you are applying to the hair while blow drying. Make sure you prep your hair with a heat protectant spray and begin blow drying with the super brush.”

Work from side to side

“Work from side to side and back to front as this will give you maximum volume and create an effortless look. Always be sure to finish your blow dry with a cold blast, as this will help lock in all the hard work you have done.”

Keep product to a minimum

“Keep it simple and don’t over style your hair. The beauty of a good blow dry is the effortless look it gives off. Too many setting products will turn your look from perfectly polished to an 80s flashback!”


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How to get perfect beach waves

14th April, 2018

Hairstylist Remington Schulz says his client Elle Ferguson “is the ultimate Bondi babe, and has the beach waves to match. She isn’t afraid of adding volume and a bit of texture either!” Pic via @elleferguson

A hairstylist at Sydney’s Edwards and Co and Pantene ambassador, Remington Schulz is a favourite of celebs and bloggers. He been entrusted with the manes of  the likes of Ruby Rose, Megan Gale and Gritty Pretty founder and editor-in-chief Eleanor Pendleton. If we’re talking beach waves however, it’s important to note that Remington’s responsible for styling influencer and blogger Elle Ferguson. Frankly Elle’s arguably got the best relaxed beachy waves around, and if you want to nail the look, it’s her hair you should probably be aiming for! Lucky for us, Remington’s decided to share his step-by-step guide to nailing this look at home, along with some of his secrets for ensuring a perfect end result.

Getting started

“It can be tempting to load up hair with sea salt sprays and dry shampoo for extra texture, but the key to this look is starting with a healthy hair base. A deeply moisturising shampoo and conditioner (and treatment if necessary!) will help relax the hair cuticles and ensure that hair doesn’t end up looking dry or straggly.” 

What you need in your tool kit
  • “Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is the perfect in-shower preparation for this look. The nourishing combination gives hair the moisture it needs, preventing it from becoming dry and damaged during the styling process.” 
  • “The Beachwaver Pro curling iron has a long-barrel length which makes waving hair a breeze. It also self-rotates, which is great if you struggle with the back sections!”
  • “Clips to help section the hair, this seems simple but it will simplify the process and ensure you don’t miss any pieces of hair.” 
What to do

1.    Wash and blow dry your hair naturally to give it some volume and texture.

2.    Section the hair from ear to ear, pinning up the front left and right sections.

3.    Starting with the back section of your hair, use a medium-barrelled tong to start curling the hair through the mid-section, ensuring you don’t tong the roots or ends!

4.    Move onto the front and side sections, making sure you are directing the curls away from your face.    

5.    Let your hair cool for at least 10 minutes.

6.    After the hair has cooled, shake the out the curls with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Don’t be scared to mess it up a bit—it’s meant to be tousled and imperfect!

Remington Schulz

Remington’s tricks of the trade
  • “After curling sections away from the face, change up the direction of your curls in the mid and back sections for a more natural look.” 
  • “Make sure you don’t tong the ends! This is the key difference between glam, bouncy curls and soft, beachy waves.” 
  • “Don’t brush out your curls too quickly. It can be easy to rush to the finish line and mess up those curls before they’ve had a chance to cool and set. Be patient and only add in texture once the hair has had a chance to cool completely.” 
  • “Often, women try and make this look too “perfect”. The beauty of beachy waves is that they can work really well with any natural texture or waves that your hair might have.”



My quick beauty routine to get out the door fast

22nd January, 2018

Most days I have to be out the door fast so unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend on getting ready, especially on the beauty front. This is why I’ve managed to hone down my makeup routine to one that’s just a few minutes long to earn myself some precious extra time to round up the kids/gather my things for the day/have a coffee. This is a stripped back version of my regular regimen but it helps me feel pulled together and ready to tackle the day ahead:

I always moisturise my face first before applying a 50+ sunscreen. I never skip the sunscreen as I know my skin will thank me for it in the years to come! Afterwards I always apply a foundation to even out my skin. Usually I go between Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk or Chanel Vitalumiere as they both provide a dewy skin finish.

The next step is to fill my eyebrows with a brow powder from Amy Jean Eye Couture. I usually brush my brows in place first before I set it with a powder. I use a blonde colour palette when it comes to brow powder as I don’t want my brows to be too dark and I find it’s usually a bit more subtle when I use a blonde shade.

I’ll apply a bit of Tom Ford eyeshadow in terracotta tones in the crease of my eyes and around my lashes just to give my eyes a little lift and then put on a coat of mascara using ModelCo Fat Lash mascara as a finishing touch. And that’s it! It takes minutes but helps me feel pulled together and presentable and ready to face the day.

What’s your quick beauty routine?


What you need to know about hair colour contouring (and why you need to try it)

27th April, 2017

I have my hair coloured regularly and I have to say that my recent salon experience produced by far one of the best results I’ve ever seen. What did I do differently? Enter Wella Professionals Colour Contouring. This new technique is similar in concept to makeup contouring in that it works to enhance and highlight certain aspects of my face by the colour of my hair. The process involved working with my hair colour to complement my eyes and skin tone, to produce a result that was quite flattering to me specifically. According to Stuart Bane, the stylist who coloured my hair at Valonz in Sydney, colour contouring also takes into account face shape and how hair colour can balance it. He says, it’s about “creating the illusion of an oval [as it is] believed to be the ‘perfect’ face shape.”

What I loved about the Wella Professionals colour contouring service is that it’s bespoke – the colour is specifically tailored to me. Stuart really analysed my locks and not only took into account things like my skin tone and eye colour, he also worked with my style and what I wear on a regular basis to ensure my hair colour was complementary to my wardrobe (I particularly loved that aspect of it). In fact, it was so personalised that when I mentioned that I part my hair both down the middle and to the side Stuart made sure that the colour would look great from all angles no matter how I wore my hair. I knew that from the attention to detail given throughout my consultation, that this was going to be a different experience to all the other times I’ve had my hair coloured.

Needless to say, I was right! I’m a big believer that when anything is customised it’s guaranteed to produce amazing results so it’s no surprise that this was by far one of the best colour jobs I have ever experienced. The colour just worked perfectly with all aspects of my look even right down to my outfit and I was so pleased with the outcome that I’d happily go back and do it all again. How often can you honestly say that after a visit to the hairdresser?


This post was produced in collaboration with Wella Professionals. To find your nearest Wella Professionals Colour Contouring Salon, logon to – / and book an appointment, today.


The hair treatment that’s worth the splurge

13th April, 2017

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I tried a new personalised hair care treatment and at-home regime by System Professional and how impressed I was with the results.

Going through the extensive EnergyCodeTM mapping session and pinpointing my hair concerns really allowed for the treatment to specifically tackle these issues which meant the results were all the more effective. The in-salon treatment was great but I think that the extension of having a tailored routine to follow at home really allowed for amazing results.

One of my favourite things about these products is the great price (starting at $42) and the convenience of being able to do post-treatment maintenance at home. Being so busy with Grace and Sophia these days, a personalised hair care routine does wonders for me inbetween visits to the salon. My specific EnergyCode™ is one of over 174 million possible combinations.  I’ve been using the System Professional Hydrate Shampoo, Silver Shampoo and Colorsave Conditioner. I’m hooked on the ‘Intense’ system treatment in the range which treats split ends and has really made a noticeable difference to my locks. I’m also a fan of the shampoo, which compared to other products I’ve tried, does an amazing job of cleansing and soothing my scalp.

In the past I’ve found that if a treatment is put through my hair, it usually results in my locks feeling just that little bit too silky afterwards, in turn causing my hair to look somewhat flat, however I didn’t experience that this time around. My hair still had texture and body but it was smooth and sleek in appearance. I don’t always put a treatment through my hair at every visit to the hairdresser, but I think I will actually do this one again as the results last a few weeks and I definitely saw an improvement in the condition of my hair. I think being able to personalise the treatment and addressing my specific hair concerns really made all the difference. It’s definitely worth the splurge if you’re after something that delivers real results.

Want to experience this treatment for yourself? Head to for more info and use the salon finder to locate your nearest salon.

Having my hair analysed before the treatment

The System Professional EnergyCode complex really targeted all my hair concerns

The extensive System Professional range meant I was able to take home product that worked perfectly with my unique hair issues

This post was created in collaboration with System Professional



How a new personalised hair treatment has changed my locks

9th March, 2017

Personalisation is everywhere these days. You can personalise everything from bags to shoes to fragrances so why not your hair treatment too?

Everyone has their own unique concerns about their hair, whether it’s battling split ends or brittle strands, so it stands to reason that there shouldn’t be a one size fits all policy when it comes to hair treatments. Enter new System Professional. I recently road-tested this new range via a treatment at Sydney’s Valonz and there’s definitely something to be said for extending a little personalisation into hair maintenance.

When it comes to my hair, my key issues are mostly split ends and dryness. I have found that some treatments can leave my hair a little bit too silky and can in turn leave it limp so I wanted to ensure that my hair still had a bit of texture. All of this was taken into account during my EnergyCodeTM Mapping session which involved filling in a detailed questionnaire with the help from a System Professional trained hair stylist, via an in-salon app. This digital app has been designed to assess my hair and scalp concerns and in turn offer up a bespoke haircare prescription, which comprised of a perfectly tailored in-salon treatment and the ideal products to use at home.

The questionnaire asked me how I felt about my hair, what results I wanted from the treatment and the current state of my hair; from whether my hair dried straight or curly to if I had a dry or oily scalp… (when I say detailed, I mean detailed). System Professional discovered that everyone’s hair has its own unique “hair energy” which is as unique as a fingerprint, and by filling in the questionnaire it can identify a bespoke hair care regime for me containing EnergyCodeTM Complex, a combination of five naturally occurring lipids and ingredients that can boost hair quality and restore hair’s energy.

After filling out the app along with discussions about my hair woes, my stylist Stuart and the proprietary tool determined the correct hair perfecting treatment regimen to use on my hair, and it was perfectly suited to address my individual concerns. I had the treatment performed during the course of a haircut so there was no need to book in a separate appointment. The treatment was simple, it involved painting on the solution to my hair using a small brush and leaving it in for a while, after which the solution was washed out. Already my hair felt noticeably different – soft, smooth and just the right level of silky.

To keep the effect of virgin-like hair going I was prescribed my EnergyCode™ to use at home, which I’m currently using. I usually find that the effects of a treatment disappear a day or two after I have it done, so I’m currently trialling this new haircare system to see if it will prolong salon-fresh hair after being exposed to my usual day-to-day styling. Stay tuned to hear the results…

Find your nearest System Professional salon here:

Discussing my hair concerns during my initial consultation

Each energy code is as unique as a fingerprint

Discussing my hair concerns

The treatment in action

My personal prescription for great hair

The finished result

This post was created in collaboration with System Professional 


My current hair routine

20th February, 2017

I’ll let you in on a little secret: when it comes to my hair I’m really low maintenance. I’m lucky enough to have the kind of hair that has a bit of texture to it so I can wash and wear it without having to do too much to it. However there are certain things I have built into my hair routine:

I don’t go too long between a cut and colour

I get my hair cut by Renya Xydis at her salon, Valonz in Sydney’s Paddington along with getting my hair coloured (Dan at the salon does my colour) and I try and do this every 6-8 weeks so my hair looks fresh which I find means I don’t need to do too much to it.

I put a treatment in through my hair

If I can I’ll sometimes do a treatment in my hair when I’m at the hairdresser. If I don’t have the time I’ll just buy a leave-in treatment from the supermarket and I’ll just pop it in my hair when I’m washing it.

I don’t use too much product

To get a little body and texture in my hair I’ll use a volume powder when I’m styling it. Also I recently discovered Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray at a photo shoot I was on so I have started using it to help protect may hair from heat damage.

I wear it up or curly 

My hair doesn’t require too much fuss so I tend to just roughly blow dry it to get the moisture out of it. Truth be told I don’t have much time to do my hair so most of the time I will just put it up in a ponytail when I’m on the go. Otherwise I find it easier to curl it than blow dry it straight so I just do loose curls or tie it back in a low bun or a top knot.

What are some of your hair essentials?


Sophia’s favourite accessory

3rd December, 2015


As far as accessories go one of the questions I frequently get asked is what type of bows Sophia wears. The answer? Pixies Bows! She’s now got quite the collection in various colours as I use them everyday. Sophia’s had lots of hair from the moment she was born so she’s worn clips for quite awhile and now her hair is getting quite long it gets in her eyes, so I love Pixies Bows because they help keep her hair off her face while also being really cute.

I’ve used a lot of bows and clips and these have been the only kind that don’t fall out as they have a non slip clip enclosure so it works on really fine hair. It also comes in different sizes which is great. I like the medium-sized bows at the moment but when Sophia was a baby I used the smaller ones in her hair so I’ll probably graduate her to the bigger ones when she’s older.

If anyone has a little girl or are looking for a great present for Christmas I can attest to the fact these bows come in really handy. They’re definitely Sophia’s hair accessory of choice as she doesn’t leave home without one.

Want to buy a Pixies Bow? You can find them here.

image3 image5


New hair, new colour, new cut

19th May, 2015


When I had Sophia I thought I wanted a bit of a change as far as my hairstyle went. So I went to Valonz in Paddington and I was going to cut it all off. That was until hair stylist Renya Xydis stepped in and said “no you can’t cut it all off, everyone cuts it off after a baby, if you want a change go buy a new dress.” If a hair expert like Renya says so, I’m not going to argue!

So I decided to go a little bit lighter instead. My colourist is Amber Pompeii at Valonz and she is fantastic. I started off with blonder foils but I found it was just a bit too blonde so now it’s gone to a bit of balayage but it’s a bit higher up so it’s not a two tone colour, it just naturally goes from my natural colour to the blonde which makes it look a bit more natural.

As for the new length? Well the last few years I’ve had my hair quite a bit shorter, and after having Sophia (I think a lot of mums will agree with me here!) I found it really hard to find the time to get my hair cut. So I was a bit bad in keeping my appointments so it just naturally got quite a bit longer. I was after a change so I actually got what I was after!

You know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday.

Photography:  Sophia Athas



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Moroccanoil Styling Suite at Fashion Weekend Sydney

15th May, 2015

With Moroccanoil Global Creative Design Team Educator Kevin Hughes

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Moroccanoil is one of my hair essentials so when I was invited by Moroccanoil to be their exclusive hair blogger at the launch of Fashion Weekend Sydney I jumped at the chance. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Moroccanoil Styling Suite and had a chance to hang out backstage to see Moroccanoil’s Global Creative Design Team Educator Kevin Hughes in action. Kevin’s styled the hair of celebs like Emily Blunt and Natasha Henstridge and worked with designers such as Badgley Mischka and Carolina Herrera and is doing the hair styling for the runway shows for the weekend so I couldn’t wait to ask him for his big hair trend predictions for this year (see hair trends below!).

The Moroccanoil Styling Suite is open all weekend at Fashion Weekend Sydney so make sure you head down there to get your hair done and check out the latest Moroccanoil range. I know I picked up a new favourite or two!


Getting my hair styled by Kevin


Chatting about the season’s biggest hair trends


Kevin Hughes’ fave hair trends to watch out for this season…

Kevin did a low messy bun for the models on the runway and he said this is very much in keeping with the big hair trends of the season. It’s all about not looking too done (hair that’s too curly or too straight is definitely out) so the hairstyle he created was all about loose pieces and creating movement as the models walked. Along with messy buns look out for…

  • Braids and plaits: Kevin’s tip is to try and keep it loose and not too tight and just have fun with it.
  • Waves: It’s more the subtle or barely there wave so the hair doesn’t look done and that’s really important when trying to create the look this season.
  • The white look: Think glossy and shiny especially at the top and then more natural at the back.
  • Ponytails with a twist: This isn’t your average pony! It might be a ponytail with a kink in it or a bit of loose wave but the aim is to have something a bit different to your every day straight ponytail.

When attempting any of these trends at home Kevin says don’t be afraid to go on YouTube and copy a hair tutorial. Plus practise makes perfect so definitely experiment. He says he learned to do braids by following YouTube videos so if a hair expert says video tutorials are the way to go then definitely try it for yourself at home.


The runway show


Think unstructured and relaxed


This low bun style would be a great hairstyle for your next event


Hair should have texture and movement


The extensive Moroccanoil range


Some of the lovely ladies at Fashion Weekend Sydney getting their hair done at the Moroccanoil Styling Suite


Having fun at the styling suite


If you do get to visit the Morocannoil styling suite be sure to ask your hair stylist for some tips on achieving the look at home