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My quick beauty routine to get out the door fast

13th November, 2022

Most days I have to be out the door fast so unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend on getting ready, especially on the beauty front. This is why I’ve managed to hone down my makeup routine to one that’s just a few minutes long to earn myself some precious extra time to round up the kids/gather my things for the day/have a coffee. This is a stripped back version of my regular regimen but it helps me feel pulled together and ready to tackle the day ahead.

A quick base

I always moisturise my face first before applying a 50+ sunscreen. I never skip the sunscreen as I know my skin will thank me for it in the years to come. Afterwards I always apply a foundation to even out my skin. Usually I go between Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk or Chanel Vitalumiere as they both provide a dewy skin finish.

Fill my brows

The next step is to fill my eyebrows with a brow powder from Amy Jean Eye Couture. I usually brush my brows in place first before I set it with a powder. I use a blonde colour palette when it comes to brow powder as I don’t want my brows to be too dark and I find it’s usually a bit more subtle when I use a blonde shade.

Apply my eye makeup

I’ll apply a bit of Tom Ford eyeshadow in terracotta tones in the crease of my eyes and around my lashes just to give my eyes a little lift and then put on a coat of mascara using ModelCo Fat Lash mascara as a finishing touch. And that’s it! It takes minutes but helps me feel pulled together and presentable and ready to face the day.


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What’s your quick beauty routine?


How I do my sleek bun hairstyle

17th February, 2022

I’ll let you in on a little beauty saviour of mine: the sleek bun. It’s my go-to hair style when I am having a bad hair day or I’m short for time and need to get out the door looking presentable. It always looks polished and so easy to do that I rely on it a lot from doing the morning school run to an event or a shoot. It takes minutes and requires minimal products, so I thought I’d share in case it quickly becomes a fave for you too! Here it is, my step-by-step guide…

  1. I tie my hair back in a low ponytail using a detangling brush (I borrow my daughters’ brush!).
  2. I twist the ponytail up into a bun and secure it with a hair elastic. If I’m wanting something a bit more polished I will use bobby pins to keep the bun in place.
  3. I then add gel to achieve the slicked back look. I am currently using Moroccan Oil Gel but any type of gel will do. You could also get a “wet” look gel if you want more of that kind of look.
  4. I wipe the gel over the top of my head to get rid of any flyaways then smooth it over with a brush. And voila, hair that looks done, but it only took minutes to achieve!

Watch the video below if you want a more visual guide, and also, do tell—what is your favourite beauty shortcut?

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How to get perfect beach waves

30th May, 2021

Hairstylist Remington Schulz says his client Elle Ferguson “is the ultimate Bondi babe, and has the beach waves to match. She isn’t afraid of adding volume and a bit of texture either!” Pic via @elleferguson

A hairstylist at Sydney’s Edwards and Co,  Remington Schulz is a favourite of celebs and bloggers. He has been entrusted with the manes of the likes of Ruby Rose, Megan Gale and Gritty Pretty founder and editor-in-chief Eleanor Pendleton. If we’re talking beach waves however, it’s important to note that Remington’s responsible for styling influencer and blogger Elle Ferguson. Frankly Elle’s arguably got the best relaxed beachy waves around, and if you want to nail the look, it’s her hair you should probably be aiming for! Lucky for us, Remington’s decided to share his step-by-step guide to nailing this look at home, along with some of his secrets for ensuring a perfect end result.

Getting started

“It can be tempting to load up hair with sea salt sprays and dry shampoo for extra texture, but the key to this look is starting with a healthy hair base. A deeply moisturising shampoo and conditioner (and treatment if necessary!) will help relax the hair cuticles and ensure that hair doesn’t end up looking dry or straggly.” 

What you need in your tool kit
  • “Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is the perfect in-shower preparation for this look. The nourishing combination gives hair the moisture it needs, preventing it from becoming dry and damaged during the styling process.” 
  • The Beachwaver Pro curling iron has a long-barrel length which makes waving hair a breeze. It also self-rotates, which is great if you struggle with the back sections!”
  • “Clips to help section the hair, this seems simple but it will simplify the process and ensure you don’t miss any pieces of hair.” 
What to do

1.    Wash and blow dry your hair naturally to give it some volume and texture.

2.    Section the hair from ear to ear, pinning up the front left and right sections.

3.    Starting with the back section of your hair, use a medium-barrelled tong to start curling the hair through the mid-section, ensuring you don’t tong the roots or ends!

4.    Move onto the front and side sections, making sure you are directing the curls away from your face.    

5.    Let your hair cool for at least 10 minutes.

6.    After the hair has cooled, shake the out the curls with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. Don’t be scared to mess it up a bit—it’s meant to be tousled and imperfect!

Remington Schulz

Remington’s tricks of the trade
  • “After curling sections away from the face, change up the direction of your curls in the mid and back sections for a more natural look.” 
  • “Make sure you don’t tong the ends! This is the key difference between glam, bouncy curls and soft, beachy waves.” 
  • “Don’t brush out your curls too quickly. It can be easy to rush to the finish line and mess up those curls before they’ve had a chance to cool and set. Be patient and only add in texture once the hair has had a chance to cool completely.” 
  • “Often, women try and make this look too “perfect”. The beauty of beachy waves is that they can work really well with any natural texture or waves that your hair might have.”


Styling short hair: my day-to-day hair routine

2nd May, 2021

I’ve gone from long hair to a long bob back and forth over the years but recently I decided to take the plunge and go shorter. Rocking a chin length bob has allowed me to refresh my look but it also means that I’ve had to figure out a new way to style my hair on a day-to-day basis. After watching everyone from my hairdresser to my fave hair and makeup artists work on my hair since I went for the big chop, I’ve managed to hone my daily style down into one particular look.

What I do step-by-step

Relaxed and wavy for Fashion Week this year

1. Straighten

I usually make sure that my hair is dry to start with. This is so I can straighten it. To do this, I’ll simply use a straightener and run it through my hair to the ends as I like the tips to be straight before I do the next step…

2. Curl

I like to wear my hair quite relaxed and a bit wavy. To get that beachy wave that’s quite popular right now I tong my hair using my Cloud Nine curling tong. I put a slight curl in the mid lengths, which gives it a little volume. To make it easier I will usually separate my hair into sections and then curl it section by section.

3. Muss it up

It’s usually a good idea to seperate the curls a bit so they’re not perfect and have a bit more of a lived in, mussed up effect. A quick run of my fingers through my hair usually achieves that effect.

4. Finish with product

To give it some grit and texture I’ll spritz my hair with dry shampoo and use hair powder to add a little extra volume. And after that, I’m done!

Would you like to see more hair tutorials?


Every product I use in my hair routine

17th February, 2021

Given most people would devote a big chunk of their overall grooming routine to styling and maintaining their hair, I’ve always felt the right products and tools are so important. I love getting beauty recommendations and am always on the look out for tried and tested products that people swear by. Having tried a few in my time, both when I had long and now short hair, I’ve slowly found my hair tribe—the products and tools that I use everyday to help me achieve my go-to hairstyles.

Ever since I cut my hair shorter, I’ve styled my hair a little differently, and nowadays I tend to go between a slight wave and a slicked back bun. THe great thing is both are relatively easy to achieve and always look on point and polished. And these are the products that help me achieve them daily.

Kevin Murphy Doo-Over Dry Powder Spray

I use this spray whenever I’m curling my hair. Once I’ve styled my hair, I use this spray to hold the curls/waves in place, but what I like about it is it doesn’t have that crunchy texture of traditional hairspray. This product allows for plenty of movement but it also holds the style in place which is the best of both worlds.

Image: Adore Beauty
Klorane Dry Shampoo

I find it really hard to style clean hair as there’s just no grip. So often, before I curl my hair I’ll give it a spray of dry shampoo to help add some texture and give any curls a little extra grittiness to hold their shape better.

Image: Adore Beauty
Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Heat styling and colouring can damage hair so I love this particular duo from Wella as it’s great at repairing damaged locks. I’ve found it’s given me healthier, stronger hair.

Image: Oz Hair and Beauty
Image: Oz Hair and Beauty
Wellaflex No.3 Hair Stabilizer

One of the things I always do whenever I am at the hairdresser is get a treatment put in, and this product is one way to do it at home. I do it once a week and it only takes a few minutes so it’s quick and easy, and the end result I feel helps extend the effect of a salon treatment.

Image: Salon Warehouse
Moroccan Oil Hair Gel

I used this product a lot during the school holidays as I found I didn’t have much time to style my hair with the kids at home. I’d go for a swim in the morning, then once I’d washed my hair, I’d tie it back wet into a low bun and use a small amount of this gel to smooth it over. The end result was a slicked back, polished look that took me minutes to achieve. It’s seriously one of my fave hair shortcuts.

GHD hair straightener

A good hair straightener is a must. I usually use my straightener to run over the my hair to smooth it out and straighten before I curl. I like the ends to be quite straight and blunt whenever I curl it so this is a great way to achieve that effect. Also, hair straighteners are great for curling so it’s a 2-for-1 deal.

Image: Mecca
Cloud 9 The Waving Wand

A curling tong is also a must in my current hair arsenal. I’ve used this one in a tutorial I did a few months ago and it’s still going strong. Such an easy way to achieve curls.

Image: Adore Beauty
Mermade Hair Curler

I love this curler because it can achieve beachy waves in minutes. I can use this to curl my hair in no time at all and the end result is the kind of undone wavy look that’s perfect for summer.

Image: Adore Beauty
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I don’t know what I’d do without this hair dryer. It’s seriously the best investment as it achieves a great smooth finish, it’s light and it’s quiet too. Plus I’ve found it’s really cut my drying time down which is super important in the mornings, particularly when the girls and I need to get out the door fast.

Image: Sephora
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8 things you need to do in order to nail the perfect blow dry at home

18th October, 2020

Hairstylist Keiren Street shares his tips for achieving perfectly coiffed hair at home

In an ideal world we’d all wake up with perfectly coiffed hair, ready to tackle the day ahead. The reality is that it does take a little wrangling to get locks looking presentable (unless you’re really, really lucky to wake up with a great hair day). I know when it comes to blow drying my hair at home I can never quite get the same results that I do when I’m at the hairdresser. So I went in search of answers. What are the secrets to a great blow dry? I enlisted the help of professional hairstylist and head & shoulders Supreme hair ambassador Keiren Street whose work frequently features in magazine editorials and on the runway to give me the lowdown on getting salon quality hair at home. Read on to banish bad hair days for good.

Start with clean hair

“A beautiful blow dry all starts with clean, freshly washed hair. Prep hair with new head & shoulders Supreme Moisture shampoo and conditioner. Not only is this duo going to leave your locks beautifully luscious but it will also ensure you are flake-free.”

Don’t dry your hair in the bathroom

“After washing your hair, move into a different room to avoid the humidity of the bathroom which can cause frizz. Also try to avoid removing excess water by wrapping hair up in a towel on to the top of your head as it can flatten your roots, resulting in an overall lack-lustre blow dry.”

Invest in good tools

“The tools you use really will assist in achieving a salon-worthy blow dry in the comfort of your own home. The first tool I would recommend investing in is a quality hairdryer as it will make your life so much easier and the whole process much quicker. The Cloud Nine Airshot is a personal fave of mine. My other must-have tool at the moment is the Super Brush, this wet-to-dry brush is the only brush you will need throughout the entire blowdry.”

Give your hair a pre-blow dry

“People often start the blow dry process from soaking wet hair, however the trick is to loosely dry the hair to around 90 per cent dry on a lower heat setting first. Amp up the heat and use your brush for the last 10 per cent of drying as this will ensure your hair stays smooth and holds its volume and shape.”

Divide and conquer

“Dividing hair into sections will cut time off your blow-dry. Part hair from the middle of the forehead all the way back and then ear-to-ear, securing with clips. Start at the bottom and work your way up, this trick is much more efficient than tackling all your hair at once.”

Blow dry your hair upside down

“Remove the excess moisture by shake-drying your hair upside down, as this will help reduce the amount of heat you are applying to the hair while blow drying. Make sure you prep your hair with a heat protectant spray and begin blow drying with the super brush.”

Work from side to side

“Work from side to side and back to front as this will give you maximum volume and create an effortless look. Always be sure to finish your blow dry with a cold blast, as this will help lock in all the hard work you have done.”

Keep product to a minimum

“Keep it simple and don’t over style your hair. The beauty of a good blow dry is the effortless look it gives off. Too many setting products will turn your look from perfectly polished to an 80s flashback!”

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How I do my hair in a few easy steps

1st July, 2020

When I decided to cut my hair into a short bob it required a few adjustments in terms of how I was going to style my hair. I often go between a low ponytail or this undone waves hairstyle.

This has been my go-to style for shoots and events so armed with a few tips from the experts, and also a little trial and error at home, I’ve honed this routine down to a short amount of time. In fact, I can usually do this in around 10-15 minutes. The best bit is, it always helps me look and feel polished but I’ve not had to spend ages getting ready — as a mum, I just don’t have the same amount of time as I used to!

Try this yourself with the help of my my tutorial above. I’ve also included what you’ll need and a few of my tips below. Happy styling!

What you’ll need

Curling tong

Straightening iron

Dry shampoo

Dry powder finishing hairspray

My styling tips:

I part my hair to the side when I do this as it helps to achieve that tousled hair effect (also great for hiding roots in case you’re in between colour appointments).

You need a little grit to your hair for this style as clean hair is quite slippery and won’t hold a curl as well. For this reason I always prep my hair with dry shampoo before I start curling it. I also make sure to spray all around the roots to add texture and body.

Don’t curl hair all the way to the end. I like to keep the ends straight as it has a more undone feel.

Make sure to curl away from the face as it sits better, and spend a bit more time curling the hair around your fave. Curl it in the direction that you want the hair to fall. And don’t forget the back! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked out of the house to discover I have straight hair in parts.

Run your hands through your hair once you’ve finished curling and mess it up a little. You don’t want curls that are too perfect. This is all about effortless, undone waves.

Use a dry powder finishing spray at the one to add a little extra grittiness and texture.

I like the ends quite blunt so I’ll often go over them again with a straightening iron to achieve that effect and finish off the style.

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A breakdown of all my Fashion Week beauty looks

5th June, 2019

One of the best parts of going to Fashion Week every year is handing my hair and makeup over to a professional to look after. Not only is it nice to just sit back and have someone make me up, it’s also a great opportunity to pick up some ideas for new beauty looks. Since my haircut, I’ve been looking for fresh ways to style my hair and working with makeup artist extraordinaire Michael Brown not only provided me plenty of new hairstyles, but he also gave me lots of tips and tricks for doing daytime and event makeup too. If you liked one of my looks, here’s a breakdown of what Michael used and how he did it.

Day 1

“Using colour on the eye can be scary, but when applied as concentrated pops of colour, it is modern and not overpowering. This look was made fresh with pops of pink, mainly inspired by this outfit by Aje.

When using colour on the eye, it’s best to use your go-to base eyeshadow shades as a starter, then add colour on the mobile eyelid as a pop and brightener to your usual daily shadow shades.

I used the Fenty Beauty metallic eye & lip crayon in shade Parka Princess at the inner and centre upper lash line and buffed up into the eyelid to add a rose gold base, then I added a Marc Jacobs Beauty blush in shade Lush & Libido over the top for extra pink hue to pop the eye. Teamed with a Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored gloss in shade Rio, the look came together perfectly. 

With a 25mm VS Sassoon ceramic curler through the hair, it made the look fun and playful. We normally always curl away from the front of the face, but for short hair, I curled into the face on the short length part side, so the overall look of hair wasn’t too wide.”

Day 2

“This beauty look was a bit of daytime elegance, inspired by Kate’s black dress. Always think about where and what you are attending, before going overkill on the beauty.

With hair simply pulled back into a low messy bun and lots of Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to create a lived in feel, the beauty needed to be simple yet chic.

To do this, it’s about a polished brow and a little shadow wing on the eye to lift and elevate the outer eye. My two go-to base eyeshadow shades are from Marc Jacobs Beauty, O!Mega Shadow in shades The Big O! and Perfect-O! One a shade tone and one a highlight. I use them as a base on pretty much on every makeup I do.

I then added a touch of metallic light in the inner corner and then using a darker shadow, O!Mega Daddi-O!, with a pin point brush, I applied this on the lower outer lash line and slightly wing it with the brush to create a day time winged liner. It’s lifting the outer eye, but not as dramatic as an actual liquid liner.

Using Kat Von D Signature brow pencil in medium brown to create a fuller brow and then put in place all day with Benefit Cosmetics 24hr Brow Set, the look is done.”

Day 3

“I loved this look! We were working with very neutral tones outfit-wise and starting with khaki, so I wanted the beauty to have a touch of modern colour to lift the look. We had a bit of fun!

For this look I used a copper shade of the Fenty Beauty metallic eye and lip crayon in Pretty Penny, all over the inner and mobile eye lid—these are very long lasting for long days, such as Fashion Week.

For more impact, I used a Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega shadow in shade O!MG over the top to brighten and to set.

Velvet Noir Mascara from Marc Jacobs Beauty is my go-to Mascara for all my makeup looks, I love how thick it makes lashes, but no clumps! I used this in a few layers, to really contrast from black lashes to copper lids and finished the look with a Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored gloss in shade Rah Rah.

A new look for hair is a modern take on the beach wave. We used a straightener to curl the hair, using the tool in a vertical manner, so it creates almost a barrel curl.

But, with the VS Sassoon Straight to Curl brilliance, you can still do this, but also create a new look ‘flat wave’ effect, by using the tool in a horizontal manner, creating up and downward bend movements through the hair, so hair is more mermaid-like and flatter to the head, rather than round curls.”

Day 4

“This look has some edge to it, mainly inspired by the outfit itself.

I wanted hair away from the face, but not totally slicked back flat, it needs some height to appear more effortless. With the VS Sassoon Digital Hot Air Styler and 3D ceramic paddle brush attachment, I brushed and smoothed hair, all back, into position.

I then sectioned a small part of the top front to mid of hair and clipped, while I then styled the sides back into a slick style using the Moroccanoil Thickening Lotion first. Then I added some styling gel to hold and have a ‘wet’ look appearance, tucked behind the ears.

The top clipped section was then very slightly back combed on the underside, then I added Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to the roots and lightly through the hair. With this piece I wanted more of a dry appearance—it was placed back over the head, and finger combed through the rest of the hair to form a blend.

Because the hair was edgy, I wanted a stronger cheekbone, so I used the Kora Organics Clear Quartz Luminizer, dabbed into the upper cheekbone and then the Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Bronzer in Tan Tastic! Under the cheekbone to create this effect.”

Day 5

“As it was the last day of #MBFWA, we wanted a slightly more casual vibe, but still something fun and different to finish off the week on a high note. So why not crimp!! 

After convincing Kate that I wouldn’t crimp the whole hair—we hate overkill—it was a subtle effect that turned out to be a talking point. And later that day, Kate pulled her hair back for the closing show with the crimp still seen, but creating a different vibe again.

I used for this the VS Sassoon Total Crimp tool and adding a light crimp to sections of the hair, in line, or at random, is a modern way to crimp for fun and texture.

I then added another Fenty Beauty metallic eye & lip crayon, (they seriously last so long) in the shade Sunfrost across the eyelids and paired lips to the eye look by using the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored gloss in Sugar Sugar over a nude lip liner. I am loving a slightly lighter gloss just in the centre of the mouth at the moment, it creates a fuller mouth! 

Then I brushed up the brows and we were done!” 


What you need to know about hair colour contouring (and why you need to try it)

27th April, 2017

I have my hair coloured regularly and I have to say that my recent salon experience produced by far one of the best results I’ve ever seen. What did I do differently? Enter Wella Professionals Colour Contouring. This new technique is similar in concept to makeup contouring in that it works to enhance and highlight certain aspects of my face by the colour of my hair. The process involved working with my hair colour to complement my eyes and skin tone, to produce a result that was quite flattering to me specifically. According to Stuart Bane, the stylist who coloured my hair at Valonz in Sydney, colour contouring also takes into account face shape and how hair colour can balance it. He says, it’s about “creating the illusion of an oval [as it is] believed to be the ‘perfect’ face shape.”

What I loved about the Wella Professionals colour contouring service is that it’s bespoke – the colour is specifically tailored to me. Stuart really analysed my locks and not only took into account things like my skin tone and eye colour, he also worked with my style and what I wear on a regular basis to ensure my hair colour was complementary to my wardrobe (I particularly loved that aspect of it). In fact, it was so personalised that when I mentioned that I part my hair both down the middle and to the side Stuart made sure that the colour would look great from all angles no matter how I wore my hair. I knew that from the attention to detail given throughout my consultation, that this was going to be a different experience to all the other times I’ve had my hair coloured.

Needless to say, I was right! I’m a big believer that when anything is customised it’s guaranteed to produce amazing results so it’s no surprise that this was by far one of the best colour jobs I have ever experienced. The colour just worked perfectly with all aspects of my look even right down to my outfit and I was so pleased with the outcome that I’d happily go back and do it all again. How often can you honestly say that after a visit to the hairdresser?


This post was produced in collaboration with Wella Professionals. To find your nearest Wella Professionals Colour Contouring Salon, logon to – / and book an appointment, today.


The hair treatment that’s worth the splurge

13th April, 2017

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I tried a new personalised hair care treatment and at-home regime by System Professional and how impressed I was with the results.

Going through the extensive EnergyCodeTM mapping session and pinpointing my hair concerns really allowed for the treatment to specifically tackle these issues which meant the results were all the more effective. The in-salon treatment was great but I think that the extension of having a tailored routine to follow at home really allowed for amazing results.

One of my favourite things about these products is the great price (starting at $42) and the convenience of being able to do post-treatment maintenance at home. Being so busy with Grace and Sophia these days, a personalised hair care routine does wonders for me inbetween visits to the salon. My specific EnergyCode™ is one of over 174 million possible combinations.  I’ve been using the System Professional Hydrate Shampoo, Silver Shampoo and Colorsave Conditioner. I’m hooked on the ‘Intense’ system treatment in the range which treats split ends and has really made a noticeable difference to my locks. I’m also a fan of the shampoo, which compared to other products I’ve tried, does an amazing job of cleansing and soothing my scalp.

In the past I’ve found that if a treatment is put through my hair, it usually results in my locks feeling just that little bit too silky afterwards, in turn causing my hair to look somewhat flat, however I didn’t experience that this time around. My hair still had texture and body but it was smooth and sleek in appearance. I don’t always put a treatment through my hair at every visit to the hairdresser, but I think I will actually do this one again as the results last a few weeks and I definitely saw an improvement in the condition of my hair. I think being able to personalise the treatment and addressing my specific hair concerns really made all the difference. It’s definitely worth the splurge if you’re after something that delivers real results.

Want to experience this treatment for yourself? Head to for more info and use the salon finder to locate your nearest salon.

Having my hair analysed before the treatment

The System Professional EnergyCode complex really targeted all my hair concerns

The extensive System Professional range meant I was able to take home product that worked perfectly with my unique hair issues

This post was created in collaboration with System Professional