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How to do a luxe facial at home according to top facialist Jocelyn Petroni

12th September, 2021
Jocelyn Petroni is one of the country’s top facialists

As one of the most sought after facialists in Australia, Jocelyn Petroni is an expert at how to achieve a beautiful, glowing complexion, particularly through a luxurious, relaxing facial. I’ve been lucky enough to experience one of her facials and all I can say is, it is heavenly and my skin looks absolutely incredible afterwards. So, what’s the key to a great DIY facial at home? Here, Jocelyn shares her expert tips.

What’s the key to a great at home facial?

Facial massage is the key component to a successful at home facial. Often we already have all the products and tools we need however the method we use them and the way in which we apply these to the skin could be improved. 

When performing an at home facial treatment each step of the facial should include a facial massage to get more out of the products you are currently using; your cleanse becomes a deep clean, your mask feeds the deepest cell layers and your moisturiser will have optimal product penetration.

Facial massage stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which can slow down with our lifestyle. As we are staying at home more and moving around less frequently, our skin becomes asphyxiated. This means less oxygen and micronutrients are fed to the skin from the inside, cellular communication and turnover slows down so our skin can become dull and lack-lustre. 

Massaging the skin increases internal lymphatic drainage to treat congestion, feeds the skin from the inside and increases desquamation of skin cell from the surface of the skin.

What are the essentials everyone should have on hand before giving themselves a facial?

The essentials are cleanser, face cloth/washer, exfoliator, mask and moisturiser.

The right mood is crucial to a great facial

What are your tips for creating the right mood?

Personal space in your bathroom is all you need to create the right mood. I personally like to give myself a facial when my baby Georgia is asleep and I know I have time to myself. My bathroom is always super clean and there is usually a candle burning so the mood is always set for my daily skin routine. I have music playing in my bathroom and my facial routine is reflected in my playlist choice- if I’m deep cleaning and extracting I’ll listen to Dua Lipa, if I’m hydrating and healing I’ll play Vivaldi.

Can you share step-by-step how readers can give themselves an at home facial?

At home facials must include the essential three

  1. A thorough cleanse. You must double cleanse—the first to remove make up, dirt and debris the second to deep clean the pores and tissue. The first cleanse can be a micellar water, oil or cream cleanser. The second cleanser needs to be more deep cleaning, so use a foam, fruit acid or deep cleansing gel.
  2. Exfoliation. To slough away surface dry dead skin cells and decongest the skin. This will clear the pathway for optimal product absorption. Exfoliate for a good 30 seconds and don’t be afraid to use firm massage movements that will increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well as toning and relaxing facial muscles.
  3. Treatment masking. Can be to deep clean the skin with a clay mask, hydrate the skin with a nourishing mask, firm with a vitamin C mask or treat breakouts with a fruit acid mask. Personalise your mask by applying two masks to the skin and treating different areas with what they specifically require for example apply a clay mask to your nose to treat blackheads and a hydrating mask elsewhere to hydrate and nourish.

How much time should be set aside to complete the facial from start to finish? 

20 minutes

How often do you think we should be having facials?

At home facials can be most frequently every week, and at least once a month.

All it takes for a great at home facial is a few key products

Jocelyn’s tips on facial massage:

Schedule a facial while cleansing

The most convenient time to incorporate facial massage into your routine is whilst cleansing. This daily or twice daily cleanse can be transformed into an internal deep clean for the skin by simply following the direction of lymphatic flow. Stimulating lymphatic drainage clears congestion, treats puffiness around the eye area and improves the overall appearance of dull lacklustre skin. 

Don’t forget the eye massage!

Whilst applying eye cream take a moment to feel the ‘grooves’ under the bone that sits below the eyebrows. These acupressure points relieve stress from the area, to relax and rejuvenate the appearance of the eye area. 

Massage product into the skin before bed

If you like to wear a sleep mask to bed, massaging this product into the skin before bed will aid product penetration and enhance the benefits of the nourishing active ingredients. Be inquisitive when it comes to massaging your face and really start to feel the facial muscles and what feels good, explore firm pressure, use your palms and don’t be afraid to get into all the grooves.

A bath is a great time for a facial

I love taking a bath and this is the perfect time to apply my favourite mask and massage it into my skin, using the steam and massage movements to push the product into my skin.


My beauty routine for big events

25th November, 2020
There’s nothing like that clean skin feeling post-facial

In the lead up to big events I like to ramp up my beauty routine to ensure my skin and hair are in top shape. I did this for my wedding, for spring carnival when I’m on reporting duties for 7 Racing, and whenever I’m booked for hosting duties. I think skin and hair is paramount for looking great at any event, and it ranks highly in any event prep I do.

When I was filming with Channel 7 a few weeks ago, it was one weekend after another of having to be in front of the cameras so I made sure to dial up the skin treatments I did. Along with my at home AM and PM routine, I complemented my routine with the a few professional treatments to really ensure I had a healthy glow. Here’s what I did…

Invested in facials

I booked myself in to have facials with expert facialist Jocelyn Petroni in Sydney. We did a facial every six weeks. While there are several treatments on offer, I went for The Heart Chakra Signature Facial which left my skin feeling so refreshed, hydrated and glowing afterwards. The treatment involves a thorough cleanse and exfoliation followed by a steam which helped with any decongestion such as blackheads. Perfectly glowing skin afterwards!

Enjoying a facial at Jocelyn Petroni’s Sydney salon
IPL treatments

I had three IPL treatments at The Clinic in Sydney, in conjunction with my facial routine. IPL is a form of light therapy which rejuvenates the skin. It helped smooth out my skin tone and can also assist with pigmentation, discolouration, redness and broken capillaries. In other words, it helps to achieve that flawless skin effect.

One of the definite upsides is that I found my makeup would go on so much easier after the course of three treatments and it also sat better too. A must for any big event.

Hair treatments

I’ve been getting my hair cut and coloured at Valonz in Sydney’s Paddington for years. They’ve seen me through short and long hair so I trust them completely with my locks, particularly when there’s a major event in my schedule.

I usually aim to have a colour and cut every few weeks, which helps with hair maintenance and keeps my locks in top shape. The additional thing I’ve been doing is Wellaplex (number 1 and 2) which is an in-salon treatment. It’s great for strengthening hair, repairing broken hair bonds and also for avoiding breakage after having a colour. I’ve found this routine has really helped with the condition of my hair and helps it to stand up to frequent styling, particularly when it comes to using hot tools and product.

This routine has been the general blueprint for my routine in the lead up to any big event and the results are always great. I find that if my skin and hair are in good shape, then everything else like making and styling are just that much easier.

What are your go-to treatments?