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18th November, 2020

I’ve always said that great skin is the basis of a flawless beauty look, and given I tend to need to have my makeup done several times a year for work commitments, I’ve always made a point of investing in my skin over most beauty things. My routine consists of regular facials and IPL treatments, but it’s really all about having a solid skincare regimen at home.

I love trying new products, particularly those that friends recommend so my routine does change up every so often but at the moment I’ve fallen into a nice rhythm with the products I have in my kit. I’ve loved the results I’ve been getting and I think my skin has never been in better shape. So, here’s what I use from morning to night.

My morning routine

I’ll do my skin routine first thing in the morning as I’m getting ready and it starts from serums and goes to the final product of SPF sunscreen. After which, I’ll apply my makeup. I find this process to be a nice way to start my day so where possible, I like to take my time with it. Here’s what I use:

1. Cosmedix Pepoxide

This is an antioxidant peptide concentrate that can be used morning and night. It helps to smooth skin and fight wrinkles, retain moisture and fight free radicals and even out skin tone. It’s a mult-tasker in a bottle which I love.

2. Ultraceuticals Ultimate Brightening Serum

A great serum is a must and this award-winning serum helps target pigmentation and also helps with the skin’s luminosity ie a lovely glow.

3. Clarins Double Serum

Yes, I like to use two serums. Along with seriously hydrating the skin this also fights the signs of ageing by minimising wrinkles and fine lines and also smoothing and brightening the skin. I like the fact it’s is light like a gel but is super nourishing like an oil.

4. Clarins Nutri-lumière Nourishing Day Cream

Once I’ve hydrated my skin with serums, I like to help lock it all in with a great nourishing moisturiser. This one is really wearable as its light and not oily or heavy.

5. Actinica Liposomal Lotion

Sun damage is the one thing that will really compromise the state of the skin so I always, always put on sunscreen before I walk out the door. I consider this the final step in my skincare routine and do it daily. This sunscreen is suitable for sensitive skin and isn’t too heavy so it makes it really wearable.

6. Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Face primer

Before I put on foundation I always use a primer. I find this helps foundation glide on and also helps it to last the whole day. This also has a nice coconut scent which smells a bit like a holiday in a bottle.

7. Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid

I love this foundation because it offers great coverage but is lightweight so it sits nicely. I hate wearing heavy foundations because it just makes my skin feel like I’ve caked a lot of makeup on. That second skin feeling is perfect.

My daily routine gifting me an all-day glow
My night routine

After a long day I like nothing more than getting ready for bed and doing my nightly routine. I use different products in the evening because I want to optimise the skin’s natural renewal process overnight. I go for products with actives that will help enhance this, and in turn help me to wake up with great skin.

1. Sodashi Samadara Eye Crème

Sodashi is a great Aussie beauty brand that does really beautiful luxe natural skincare. I dot this under my eyes to kick off my pre-bedtime skincare routine.

2. Cosmedix Serum 16 Rapid Renewal

This little gem contains retinol which helps boosts collagen production and helping to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve found it to be great at improving the texture of my skin.

3.  Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

When a product has cult status you know it has to be for a very good reason and Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair is just that. It helps with the skin’s nightly repair process and contains hyaluronic acid which locks in the skin’s moisture.

4. Clarins Nutri-lumière Rejuvenating Night Cream

The very last step in my routine is a slathering of night cream. My skin feels so moisturised and plump after this routine. Afterwards, it’s lights out.

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