Every product I use in my hair routine

17th February, 2021

Given most people would devote a big chunk of their overall grooming routine to styling and maintaining their hair, I’ve always felt the right products and tools are so important. I love getting beauty recommendations and am always on the look out for tried and tested products that people swear by. Having tried a few in my time, both when I had long and now short hair, I’ve slowly found my hair tribe—the products and tools that I use everyday to help me achieve my go-to hairstyles.

Ever since I cut my hair shorter, I’ve styled my hair a little differently, and nowadays I tend to go between a slight wave and a slicked back bun. THe great thing is both are relatively easy to achieve and always look on point and polished. And these are the products that help me achieve them daily.

Kevin Murphy Doo-Over Dry Powder Spray

I use this spray whenever I’m curling my hair. Once I’ve styled my hair, I use this spray to hold the curls/waves in place, but what I like about it is it doesn’t have that crunchy texture of traditional hairspray. This product allows for plenty of movement but it also holds the style in place which is the best of both worlds.

Image: Adore Beauty
Klorane Dry Shampoo

I find it really hard to style clean hair as there’s just no grip. So often, before I curl my hair I’ll give it a spray of dry shampoo to help add some texture and give any curls a little extra grittiness to hold their shape better.

Image: Adore Beauty
Wella Professionals Fusion Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner

Heat styling and colouring can damage hair so I love this particular duo from Wella as it’s great at repairing damaged locks. I’ve found it’s given me healthier, stronger hair.

Image: Oz Hair and Beauty
Image: Oz Hair and Beauty
Wellaflex No.3 Hair Stabilizer

One of the things I always do whenever I am at the hairdresser is get a treatment put in, and this product is one way to do it at home. I do it once a week and it only takes a few minutes so it’s quick and easy, and the end result I feel helps extend the effect of a salon treatment.

Image: Salon Warehouse
Moroccan Oil Hair Gel

I used this product a lot during the school holidays as I found I didn’t have much time to style my hair with the kids at home. I’d go for a swim in the morning, then once I’d washed my hair, I’d tie it back wet into a low bun and use a small amount of this gel to smooth it over. The end result was a slicked back, polished look that took me minutes to achieve. It’s seriously one of my fave hair shortcuts.

GHD hair straightener

A good hair straightener is a must. I usually use my straightener to run over the my hair to smooth it out and straighten before I curl. I like the ends to be quite straight and blunt whenever I curl it so this is a great way to achieve that effect. Also, hair straighteners are great for curling so it’s a 2-for-1 deal.

Image: Mecca
Cloud 9 The Waving Wand

A curling tong is also a must in my current hair arsenal. I’ve used this one in a tutorial I did a few months ago and it’s still going strong. Such an easy way to achieve curls.

Image: Adore Beauty
Mermade Hair Curler

I love this curler because it can achieve beachy waves in minutes. I can use this to curl my hair in no time at all and the end result is the kind of undone wavy look that’s perfect for summer.

Image: Adore Beauty
Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I don’t know what I’d do without this hair dryer. It’s seriously the best investment as it achieves a great smooth finish, it’s light and it’s quiet too. Plus I’ve found it’s really cut my drying time down which is super important in the mornings, particularly when the girls and I need to get out the door fast.

Image: Sephora

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