How I do my sleek bun hairstyle

25th February, 2023

I’ll let you in on a little beauty saviour of mine: the sleek bun hairstyle. It’s my go-to style when I am having a bad hair day or I’m short for time and need to get out the door looking presentable. It always looks polished and so easy to do that I rely on it a lot from doing the morning school run to an event or a shoot. It takes minutes and requires minimal products, so I thought I’d share in case it quickly becomes a fave for you too! Here it is, my step-by-step guide…

  1. I tie my hair back in a low ponytail using a detangling brush (I borrow my daughters’ brush!).
  2. I twist the ponytail up into a bun and secure it with a hair elastic. If I’m wanting something a bit more polished I will use bobby pins to keep the bun in place.
  3. I then add gel to achieve the slicked back look. I am currently using Moroccan Oil Gel but any type of gel will do. You could also get a “wet” look gel if you want more of that kind of look.
  4. I wipe the gel over the top of my head to get rid of any flyaways then smooth it over with a brush. And voila, hair that looks done, but it only took minutes to achieve!

Watch the video below if you want a more visual guide on how to do the sleek bun hairstyle, and also, do tell—what is your favourite beauty shortcut?

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