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The new makeup kits that I’m loving (and they’re so easy to use)

18th August, 2015


I love the results I get from having my makeup done by a professional, however it’s sometimes a little tricky to achieve the look at home on my own. Enter Liz Jones. Liz has done my makeup numerous times and I’ve always been pleased with the results. And now she’s made it easier to achieve some of my fave beauty looks at home with her new range of makeup kits. There’s three to choose from – Daytime Face, Smokey Eye and Bronze Face and each contains all the products you will need to achieve that particular look. They’re really easy to use and they’re great for travelling as you’ve got all the products you need in the one kit. I spoke to Liz about launching her new line, her fave beauty trends and asked her to reveal her best makeup tips…

What was the inspiration behind your new line?

I wanted to use all the knowledge I had gained over the years and share it. I knew that harmonising colours to achieve certain looks was really quite difficult. I wanted to make creating a certain look really easy.

What was the process like to get the kits from idea to the finished product? 

It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s so difficult to get the tones and textures that you know will work and the best quality. I went through a number of manufacturers and it took over two years to develop the makeup products. Then to create the kits themselves became a nightmare because it was a new shape instead of standard circles or squares, it took many years to get it right.

What’s the number one rule for great makeup? 

Respect your own face, learn what suits you and highlight your best features. At the same time, have fun with makeup it should always be something that makes you feel good.

What’s your fave makeup trend at the moment? 

Coming into summer is The Bronze Face made famous by J.Lo. It’s a fresh but polished look and you can always amp it up by adding a red lip.


Liz Jones, makeup artist and the brains behind the Liz Jones makeup kits

What’s one beauty product you can’t live without? 

Probably my Daytime Face kit. When I’m in a hurry it’s a lifesaver

What’s always in your kit? 

Good foundations, loose powder and a great moisturiser. It all starts with achieving great looking skin. Even if you have problem skin, with the right products and application you create a pretty flawless appearance.

What’s the key to a great smokey eye? 

The right colour tones and blending. A smokey eye needs to be finished well and have intensity, that’s why the eye shadows you use matter so much. I have only put two eye shadows in my Smokey Eye kit because they are strongly pigmented and you don’t have to layer and layer to get the result.

What’s the key to a great day time look? 

Balance and subtlety. A day time look should contour and highlight the face without looking overly made up. The tones should invigorate the face and give an overall polished look.

What’s the key to a bronzed glow? 

Getting the right bronzer that’s not too ‘grubby’ and that you can layer up for more intensity without it making the face look dirty or leaving stripey lines. The main criteria when I created my bronzer was to make it a fine texture that could be layered easily and of course a bronze colour tone that wasn’t too dark and heavy. When applying, consider the main areas for bronzing such as the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, around the temples and blending across the forehead and chin.

What’s the secret to long-lasting makeup?

Looking after your skin. If your skin is really dehydrated they it will just absorb all the makeup and leave a dry cracked residue. Equally if your skin is really oily the makeup won’t adhere properly to the skin so find a good toner that shuts down the pores and reduces oil flow. I also find that a great loose powder under the eyes, around the nose, chin and forehead seals the base in places where you don’t really want shine just smoothness. Eden by Nars is my tip for a great loose powder that matches most skin tones…one day I’ll make my own!

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