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Easy ways to rethink the humble tracksuit and turn it into a stylish loungewear staple

24th May, 2020

The tracksuit is no doubt a ubiquitous part of many people’s relaxation wardrobe and over the last few weeks I’m sure it has become even more of an integral staple. While classic trackies will always have a place in our off duty repertoire, in recent years, the humble tracksuit as we know it has had a bit of a glow up. In fact, dare I say, it’s now right up there as a critical part of many a loungewear look. So, if you want to to easily go from your couch to the local cafe to pick up a coffee, here are a few ways to do the tracksuit, with an injection of style.

Be selective with materials

Think luxe materials such as wool, cashmere or corduroy. While there are some cute iterations of cotton tracksuits, there’s something about elevated fabrics which can turn the tracksuit into more of a style piece.

Work it back with a knit

A gorgeous knit is always a constant in my winter wardrobe and it’s become a critical part of my loungewear wardrobe because it’s actually a great piece to pair with a pair of tracksuit pants. Worn back with a tracksuit, it makes it adds a chic element.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

You don’t have to go all out in the accessories department if you don’t want to but the addition of a simple necklace or a great pair of earrings is one way to turn a tracksuit from just something you wear on the couch to something that has a little more of a fashion element.

Consider your footwear

Pair your tracksuit with a great – but comfy – pair of shoes. Think a nice comfortable sandal or a pair of sneakers. It allows you to tick the form and function box quite nicely.

Go for a great bag

When leaving the house, you can turn your tracksuit into a going out look with the addition of a nice bag. A statement tote, a bucket bag, or even a pretty basket bag are the kind of dressy accessory that works well with a tracksuit.

Consider your outerwear

One trend that’s emerged featuring the tracksuit, is pairing it with classic outerwear. Think a beautiful trench or a coat in a classic shade such as camel, black or navy. It doesn’t seem like it should work but it definitely does—plus you can stay unbelievably toasty and warm all at the same time.

Credits: Tracksuit in video, Bec and Bridge

This post was produced in collaboration with Lexus

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The comfiest and nicest pyjamas to get you through isolation life

25th April, 2020

If there’s one wardrobe staple that’s guaranteed to be getting plenty of use right now it’s pyjamas. With plenty of time at home, there’s no doubt we’re probably spending a little more time in them, so why not make them fun to wear? I know pjs aren’t the most exciting thing to buy, not compared to a great bag or beautiful pair of shoes, but there is something about having a pretty and cosy pair of pyjamas that makes going to bed, or just relaxing around the house that much nicer. I know for me, I’m really appreciating the small things that can make a day in isolation that much better and a luxe pair of pyjamas is definitely a nice little treat amongst the craziness right now.

If your current sleep wear situation needs a little update then you’ll be happy to hear there are so many great sets available right now. I think it’s always nice to have a chic pair of pyjamas up your sleeve, it just makes lounging around that little bit more stylish—and if there’s one thing that’s important right now, it’s finding a way to make even the simplest of daily activities feel that little more special. So, prepare to cosy up in these…


Now that we’re all staying home it’s time to become best friends with loungewear…

25th March, 2020

If you’re currently looking to bump up your loungewear options you’re not alone. With more time spent at home right now it’s a great to have some comfortable pieces that are simple yet have an element of polish. I’ve always been a big fan of loungewear and lived in it when I had both the girls as we would spend a lot of time at home. In the process I’ve worked out the key pieces that are great to mix and match and have in your wardrobe. Here are a few to add to your collection…

Jogger pant

These are as comfy as tracksuit pants but are just that little more polished. With the tapered leg and cropped length they’re the ideal pants to live in when you’re working from home or simply up to your umpteenth Netflix session…

A white tee

It’s worth building up a collection of white tees as you can pretty much live in them 7 days a week. They’re the ideal companion to a jogger pant, jeans, shorts… the list is endless so the cost per wear is great. Also, you can easily work them into your work/going out wardrobe when things are back to normal.

A matching set

A two-piece set is always a shortcut to looking polished. And there are so many sets that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Look for fabrics such as super soft cotton or linen, they’re made for days spent staying in.

Drop crotch pants

I had a few Bassike drop crotch pants in my post-baby wardrobe and found them so great for wearing around the house but were fine to wear out in case I needed to get some fresh air. The Bassike pants can be a little pricey so definitely look out for options from chain stores like Country Road or Glassons or hit up ASOS which has some really affordable versions.

Wide leg pants

I’ve always been a fan of wide leg pants and they’re even better when you’re staying in. They’re great when made from a soft jersey or linen, and can often be found as a set with a matching jumper which makes for a no-brainer outfit.

A cosy sweater

Now that the weather is cooling down it’s definitely good to have a few cosy knits on hand. Pop them on with a cosy jogger pant or with jeans and prepare to snuggle up in style.


Fashion profile: Ingrid Bonner, founder and designer, homebodii

8th September, 2016

Ingrid Bonnor Head Shot

Ingrid Bonner is the founder and creator of Homebodii, a brand that built its reputation on its gorgeous range of bridal loungewear but has since expanded to sleepwear and occasional pieces. The range is now stocked at Revolve Clothing, The Iconic and Anthropologie and will make its New York Fashion Week debut this month. Here I chat to Bonner about what inspires her, the challenges of building a brand and her best piece of fashion advice…

How did you grow your business?

At the age of 30 I decided to make my Homebodii dream a reality. Being new to the industry and without a design background all I had was my own determination and having to juggle with a toddler on top, I needed every bit I could muster. I first launched at a local market with the help of a dressmaker. The direct feedback I received in these humble beginnings was the best market research I could have asked for and as a result Homebodii began to mature into something very special.

With determination and perseverance, Homebodii went from our spare room to a small factory and now bigger factory with our own showroom and leading national and international stockists.  I managed the business with my sister Marianne for the first two years. What we did in our early days was to listen to what our customers wanted and offer an excellent personalised service. Organic growth and word of mouth has been a big factor in the success of Homebodii, coupled with being picked up by international stockists including Revolve Clothing and Anthropologie put us on the map globally.

What is it like to own your own label?

I have always been creative and I was initially inspired to start my own label because I wanted to create sleepwear that was feminine yet functional. Having your own label gives you the flexibility to express your creativity through the designs and not be constrained. Working for yourself can be challenging but the rewards outweigh the demands. I am fortunate to be able to drop and pick up my children from school.

Where did the inspiration for Homebodii come from?

I would have to say my mother, like many young girls my childhood was full of tulle and tutus, but unlike many of these girls I came away from those dance lesson days with something infinitely more powerful than fond childhood memories. You see as those ballerinas danced across the stage I watched my mother pursue & revel in her life’s passion every single day. My mother had followed her own childhood dream to become a ballerina. By making a life out of her passion my mother, showed me the joy of following your heart and own path in life.

Why do you think lounge/sleepwear has become such a big trend?  

With multifunctional loungewear, you can take pieces from the bedroom to the Barre class. Loungewear has transitioned to pieces that include cami and pjs tops which can be worn as outerwear like what we have seen lately in the Pyjama luxe trend.

What tips do you have for wearing sleep/lounge wear?

Our collection is designed to make you feel sexy! We have functionality and femininity in mind with our sleepwear and robes. We suggest choosing a set of pyjamas, slip or robe that appeals to you. Ultimately we spend half our life in bed so why not be comfy but look great also?


Homebodii’s design ethos is all about feminine looks that are still high on functionality

What is your favourite product from your range?

Often when a new custom print or design is created it becomes the favourite. However, in saying that it is very hard to choose a favourite as our original designs have evolved over the years and have a close place in our hearts as they were the loved pieces that originated the brand.

What is your best piece of fashion advice?

Knowing what suits your body shape is a great tool, so try to choose pieces that not only suit your frame but also make you feel beautiful. When you put on something that makes you feel great, that feeling translates into confidence and a confident woman is sexy.

What are you most proud of with your brand? 

Our Instagram is filled with photos of women wearing our garments It is very pleasing and the compliment is never lost on us. We love seeing Homebodii being worn for memorable occasions including bridal parties, Sunday lounging, on holidays and or at the races. It’s a great feeling knowing that our customers feel beautiful in our garments because we truly believe what we wear is a reflection of how we feel. We are also very excited to take Homebodii to the catwalk at NYFW this month [and be able to] showcase Australian designs on the international stage.

What are some of the struggles with having your own label?

There comes a time when your business becomes a brand. This meant for us investing in more staff, bigger infrastructure, implementing procedures and surrounding yourself with people that can elevate you and your brand. Personally when you hand over the decision making process to those in your team you have to have faith in their abilities and implementation of your vision for the brand. The future is not certain and making smart sensible decisions is vital to the health of your business.