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Met Gala beauty inspiration

4th May, 2017

The Met Gala is often referred to as the fashion Oscars with its incredible red carpet line up and next level outfits. And it’s not surprising. Under Vogue Editor Anna Wintour’s no doubt watchful eye you’d definitely want to be bringing your fashion A-game. This year’s Costume Institute Exhbition and Met Gala theme was Rei Kawakubo and Commes des Garçons: The Art Inbetween which called for avante garde outfits in a nod to the influential designer. Whilst there were some daring and experimental looks (hello, Rihanna!) that definitely made their mark, the beauty was also on point. Just take these ladies for example…

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Kate Bosworth does a severe scraped back bun and bold lip to perfection. It’s just further proof of the power of a really striking pout.

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Selena Gomez did simple and sleek for her ‘do but it shows that the lob may well be making a comeback. Poker straight and parted down the middle, this sophisticated hairstyle definitely commands attention.

If you’re in the market for an up-do why not try Reese Witherspoon’s pinned back pony. The clips and looped through features just elevates it from an ol’ ordinary red carpet hairstyle.

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You can always count on Jennifer Lopez to bring ample levels of glamour wherever she goes. This look has a decidedly vintage vibe with the bold Bambi lashes and the 60s style tresses and looks classic with just the right dosage of drama.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum Alexa Chung opted for her signature tousled hairstyle and minimal barely there makeup. Perfect for the woman who wants to look polished without looking like she spent an inordinate amount of time getting dolled up.

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Never underestimate the appeal of a high pony with loose, relaxed waves. It looks red carpet ready but easily transitions to after party mode seamlessly. A bold smoky eye and nude lip come together for a look that’s pretty and understated.


A day in the life of my beauty routine

25th April, 2017

I am the first to admit that my days of having an extensive beauty routine are over as I simply have way too much to do in my day to spend it dealing with a huge arsenal of products. I’m all about a regimen that is quick, simple but most of all, effective. This is what I do in a day…

My morning starts with cleansing my face, applying Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum and then finishing with a hydrating moisturiser. I’m all about great skin and the most important step in my skincare regimen, is serum. The Advanced Ceramide Capsules conveniently comes in single-dose capsules which makes it easy to use. It’s highly potent and I’ve found my skin just drinks it up and my complexion has improved as a result. I’m all about great skin so this step is important. Now that Sophia is a little older she loves to watch as I go about my routine so we always spend the morning together as I get ready.

My day is varied so I could be spending it at work one minute, shooting a What I Wore post for the blog or hanging out with the girls the next so my makeup has to be appropriate for several different scenarios. My makeup routine mostly consists of applying a good base then applying eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, then curling my lashes. I also apply a highlighter to my cheekbones to accentuate them. I’ve managed to get this down to as short a time as possible as I need to get out the door fast!

Given I’m all about a quick beauty regimen I’ve managed to whittle down my top shelf beauty products to a few key beauty items – essentially what I can’t live without. What are they? Check out the video below to find out what gets my tick of approval and gets prime position in my beauty collection.

At the end of the day I like to unwind and prep for bed by taking my makeup off then cleansing my skin. I’ll then apply the same Advanced Ceramide Capsules to help my skin restore and replenish overnight. After that it’s lights out in preparation to do it all again the next day!

This post was created in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.


Get a designer beauty fix that won’t break the bank

2nd March, 2017


Who says a designer fix has to involve dropping four figures on a handbag? If you’re in the mood to treat yourself then why not get a hit of luxury in the form of designer beauty. I know one of my all time fave additions to my makeup bag is Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation and Chanel’s Vitalumiere – it’s a designer hit minus the big dent on the credit card, and hey, it’s great cost per wear as they’re both definitely something I use on an almost daily basis.

Designers such as Givenchy, Burberry and Tom Ford have distilled their chic aesthetic into quality beauty ranges that look pretty fabulous, too (in this instance you can totally judge a book by it’s cover). With each brand expanding into everything from lipsticks to eye shadows, I’ve picked out a few of my faves for a beauty hit that will definitely dial up the glamour…



The beauty products I always have on hand

23rd February, 2017

I know some women tend to have a lot in their beauty kit but I’ve managed to keep it down to only the essentials to ensure that I can get through my makeup routine fast! I don’t have a lot of time to spend getting ready these days so the less steps I have to go through the better and these are the products I always have on hand…

Foundation: I buy a quality foundation to ensure a great finish. My favourites are Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Chanel Vitalumière.

Mascara: This is a constant in my kit as it really helps to give my eyes some definition once I’ve applied my eye makeup. I use ModelCo LashXtend.

Eyebrow gel: I use the a clear brow gel by M.A.C to keep brows in place after I’ve filled them in with a pencil.

Eyeshadow: M.A.C eyeshadows are my favourite. I always tend to go for neutral colours as I find I can wear it naturally or build up the colour for a slightly smokier eye.

Cream blush: I love the consistency of M.A.C Cremeblend blush as it gives a really great hit of colour but is really easy to apply. I use the shade Something Special.

Moisturiser: I am constantly going through moisturiser so I don’t spend too much on them. At the moment I’m using QV cream and Nivea Moisturising Fluid.

Lip balm: My lips can get a little dry so I always make sure I have a lip gloss on hand but also Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment to keep my lips hydrated.

What beauty products do you always have on hand?

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The beauty products I always finish

10th February, 2017

My beauty kit is always changing as I love trying new products but there are certain essentials that are always a constant, so much so that I actually finish them quite often. I’m the kind of person who will often have a variety of different products in my bathroom cabinet but they’re not always so special that I’ll actually end up finishing every last drop. These products however, are my favourite go-tos and are the ones I end up having to replace time and time again.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Chanel Vitalumière

I alternate between these two foundations. They both achieve a really beautiful finish and I’ve been using them for years.

ModelCo LashXtend Mascara

I don’t keep mascara for more than a couple of months as I’ve heard it’s not very hygienic to hang onto it for a long time but if there’s one type I always use it’s ModelCo’s LashXtend mascara. I’m a big fan of ModelCo’s mascara as it’s not too expensive but achieves a really great finish.

M.A.C Brow Set in Clear

I use this to set my eyebrows in place and have used it religiously for awhile. It’s a great product because it goes on clear so doesn’t compete with my eyebrow pencil when I fill my brows in.

M.A.C Cremeblend blush in Something Special

I love the creamy texture of this blush by M.A.C as it makes it so easy to apply. It also has a great finish and really gives me a nice glow.

Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment

My lips tend to get quite dry so I always have a tube of paw paw ointment in my bag. I tend to apply it multiple times a day so I always end up finishing it as I’ve always found it to be a really effective moisturiser.

Shop my picks below:

What beauty products do you always finish?




5 ways to stand out this New Year’s Eve

29th December, 2016

Instagram: @garypeppergirl

When it comes to New Year’s Eve, it’s the perfect time to go all out and really turn it up a notch when it comes to your make up. Turn up the colour, embrace shine and be sure to add a touch of drama for this one night of the year. It’s definitely the night to be bold and daring. These five makeup techniques are guaranteed to dial up your look and help you welcome 2017 with a healthy dose of glamour.

Red lip

Turn your pout into a statement-making feature by opting for a bright bold lip. A classic red is always sexy and when it comes to finding just the right shade try a scarlet with blue undertones for fair skin, orange-based brick reds for an olive complexion and on darker skin orange-reds work perfectly. If working with a bright lipstick makes you nervous you can try my easy step-by-step guide to help make it easier.

Lush lashes

It’s time to upsize your lashes and make them a stand out feature of your New Year’s Eve look. Invest in a pair of great false lashes to really amp up your eyes. Your options are endless with everything from the store bought variety that you can apply at home (I show you how here) to lash extensions that can be done by a beauty salon at your disposal.

Smoky eye

This sultry makeup look is just dying to be used on a night out. Achieving a smoky eye make look tricky but it’s actually quite simple once you know how. Why not try my smoky eye tutorial here to help you achieve the look at home? The only key is to keep shades in a similar colour scheme to achieve a seamless finish.

Pretty in pink

If red isn’t your colour try a sweet candy pink lipstick to add some colour to your pout. It still helps to liven up your look and is the kind of shade that most women will find easier to pull off.

Feline eyes

A classic cat eye is perfect for a night out. All you need is a wing-tipped liner and the help of this tutorial and you’re all set to achieve the look yourself. You’re guaranteed to get plenty of compliments when wearing this glamorous 60s inspired look.

Which beauty look will you try this new year’s eve?

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Are you using this beauty gadget?

11th August, 2016

Myer Acler 5

Eyelash curlers have been around for eons but they’re still seriously one of the best ways to get an amazing curl every single day. I’ve got one in my beauty kit and I can’t live without it and most makeup artists I’ve worked with always have one on hand.

If you’ve not yet used one I highly suggest you do! I know some people tend to avoid using them because a) they look like they’d be complicated to use and b) they look like they’d inflict some serious damage on your lashes if not in the right hands! However I can definitely confirm they’re neither. In fact, they’re super simple to operate. Promise.

For those who are going to venture into eyelash curler territory for the first time the first step is to open the curler and press down gently at the base of your eyelid where your lashes start and slowly “walk” it out along the length of your lashes just pressing down lightly as you go. This will give you a great curl and the effect really opens up your eyes. Whatever you do avoid just clamping down at the base as this can leave you with a harsh curl as opposed to a natural finish. Once done apply mascara liberally and you’re ready to go!

I’ve rounded up a few great eyelash curlers below (I use one by Shu Uemura, but there are plenty of great options out there) so you can get your curl on at home.


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How to rescue your lips this winter

23rd June, 2016


Chilly weather can often mean that my lips get really dry and are often in dire need of some TLC. These are the tricks I have learnt over the years to bring chapped lips to life in winter!

Add some moisture 

The wind and cool air can take its toll on your lips so make sure you add moisture back throughout the day. Quench your thirsty lips with a lanolin-based lip balm. Lano Lanolin’s balm is blended with pure lanolin and a bit of banana extract which mimics the skin’s natural oils to protect your lips. As a bonus it also has a subtle sheen.

A trick I learnt awhile ago was to apply balm to the lips prior to washing off makeup. Facial cleansers can dry out your lips which can in turn cause  and cause chapping.

Exfoliate regularly

Just like you would exfoliate your face to get rid of dead skin the same applies for your lips. First, create your own lip scrub using brown sugar mixed with olive oil or honey to bind the mixture together.

Apply to your lips and using a soft toothbrush (make sure it’s a new one and not the one you use to brush your teeth!) rub it into your lips using a circular motion. As the skin on your lips is quite thin be gentle and don’t rub too vigorously. Leave the scrub on for a minute then wipe it off using a damp washcloth. Aim to do this at least once a week.

Pucker up pink

When the weather is dreary a little colour is the perfect solution for a lift to your complexion. I like to choose a pink which is a shade or two lighter than my natural lip colour.

If pink is not your thing, you can try something more minimalist with Napolean’s lightweight gloss and lipstick hybrid which offers a sheer, natural looking finish.

Magic gloss

If your lips are quite dry avoid matte lipsticks as it can sink into your lip lines and make them more pronounced. It is better to opt for a lip-plumping gloss if you suffer from dry lips.

If you prefer something less sticky, go for this gloss from Red Earth which contains vitamins to smooth and soothe lips.


Napoleon Perdis’ ultimate beauty tips

13th June, 2016


With an eponymous make up brand, countless stores and numerous awards to his name it’s safe to say that Napoleon Perdis would have a beauty tip (or 10!) to share. During his recent visit to Australia I asked Napoleon to reveal some of his top make up and skin secrets. Here he reveals the key to achieving a flawless finish, the trick to doing your make up when you’re in a rush and the one thing he wishes more Aussie women would when it comes to their make up…

What’s the number one make up mistake you wish women would stop making?

Chocolate bar contouring. I see it all over social media and I’m not a big fan. Instead I love the look of hydrated, luminous skin. A focus on subtly highlighted skin is a much more modern way to get your skin looking flawless.

For you, what are the three non-negotiables of great make up?

Cleansing – It can make or break your look; priming  – not to prime is a crime; and brows are back – think big, beautiful and bold!

Napoleon Perdis Wander-brow

Napoleon Perdis Wander-brow

What’s the key to achieving a flawless finish with make up?

To keep you skin looking and feeling its best during the cooler autumn/winter months it’s all about protection, prevention and a little pampering. To achieve a healthier complexion that is even in tone, your skin care and makeup should contain beneficial ingredients like chamomile for redness and antioxidants for anti-ageing. Primers are a non-negotiable! It acts as a bridge between your skin care and makeup.  Your foundation should also contain SPF for sun protection and make your skin look smooth and hydrated.

What’s your favourite product in your range?

Definitely my Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer. Whether you are a makeup minimalist or prefer a more dramatic look, it’s important to nourish and nurture the skin with primers. This will ensure your makeup glides on easily and looks fresh all day. Primers hydrate the skin, absorb excess oil and keep makeup on for longer and is suitable for all skin types. With calming ingredients such as chamomile, yarrow extract and vitamin E it’s a great way to keep your skin looking and feeling smooth.


As Perdis says, “not to prime is a crime!”

What’s the key to achieving a great make up look when you’re in a rush?

Always start your make up look by applying mascara and brows first. Not only does it frame your eyes, but when you are pressed for time, you can ensure you have your essentials on. Add a hint of concealer around the eyes and any area of discolouration. Next swipe a creamy lipstick on the lips and cheeks. Double duty beauty!

What are some of your favourite make up trends of the season?

Natural is cool. Keep your base minimal not mask-like.

Coloured lashes. Makeup is a form of self-expression so I love to see women have fun with their look. Blue lashes are so hot right now and really brighten up the eyes.

Strobing not contouring! I not a big fan of chocolate bar contouring and prefer when the skin looks lit from within. Think golden luminosity on the top of the cheekbones and cupid’s bow.

How do you think the way Australian women approach make up differs from other women around the world?

In Australia there is a certain freshness I adore with the textures kept quite real and understated. I really appreciate how Australians have an understanding of what’s modern. They can have a flawless and easy going day look and switch it up for night by adding on a bright lipstick or bold lashes.

What’s the key to long lasting make up?

To keep your make up on for longer, its starts with correct cleansing and priming. Next choosing the correct foundation for your skin type and setting your base with a small amount of powder.

To keep your lipstick looking flawless all day prep the skin with a lip balm, apply a generous coat of lipstick and line lips last. This will ensure your lip line stays crisp and helps to prevent bleeding.

Which celebs do you think are doing really great things with their make up looks at the moment?

I do love Margot Robbie’s look. She has let her beauty shine through and has let her skin do all the talking. She really nailed her make up at both the Oscars and the Met Ball.

I’m a big fan of Rooney Mara also as she takes her look to the dark side with bold brows and a signature deep plum lip.

Rooney Mara_Margot Robbie

Perdis loves Rooney Mara’s signature plum lip; Margot Robbie’s fresh look at this year’s Met Ball

What’s your philosophy when it comes to make up?

Cleansing and priming your skin can help keep your look on longer, no matter your skin type. Choosing the correct primer means you can get away with wearing less make up, plus it keeps your base on for longer.  There is a primer for almost every skin type from oily to dehydrated and the best part, they are undetectable.

What’s one make up technique you wish women would master?

I would love to see more women experiment with a bit more colour. Make up really is art and a great way to express your style and mood! A sweep of blue mascara can really brighten up the eyes. A bright pink or deep brown lipstick can add drama and interest to your look in a matter of seconds.

Photography: Napoleon Perdis, Forbes, Brit.Co


Beauty inspiration: Cara, Gigi and Kendall

1st September, 2015


My favourite beauty icon will always be Sophia Loren (those eyes!) for her classic and timeless beauty looks but lately I think it girls Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner have been really hitting the mark as far as beauty looks go. (Is this what happens when you’re in Taylor Swift’s girl squad?) Gigi Hadid’s above look at the VMAs was just bronzed perfection; Cara’s brows are always on another level; and Kendall knows how to go from fresh-faced California girl to dramatic makeup without missing a beat. While I love my classic beauty inspiration, these ladies are great to turn to when I’m looking for something slightly more modern. In honour of the first day of spring, here are some beauty looks from these ladies that may inspire a fresh new look for the season.

What do you think of Gigi, Cara and Kendall? Who’s inspiring you beauty-wise at the moment?







Photography: @caradelevingne @gighadid @kendalljenner