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Work bags that will make heading into the office a little more chic

10th January, 2020

Most people have a work bag of some description. Whether it’s a small shoulder bag that carries just the essentials or a sturdy tote that holds your entire life, there’s something to be said for having a trusty carryall at your disposal.

If your current bag is looking a little battered from constant use, now may be the time to consider investing in a replacement. Given how much wear and tear they experience, I’m all for choosing a bag that’s well made and built to last for years, not to mention withstand everything from the daily commute to carting all your things around.

So, what makes a great work bag? Look for a design that’s simple and practical—make sure that it’s big enough to hold everything you need and versatile enough that it can be worn with myriad outfits quite easily. A classic shape in a neutral colour with minimal embellishment will ensure that it can be worn for years and looks professional too.

Scroll down for some great work bag options to consider this year.


Essentials of a chic work wardrobe

8th January, 2020

I’ve always found the start of a new year to be the perfect time to re-visit a work wardrobe. Given most of us are trying to get ourselves ready for a brand new working year, it’s a great opportunity to ensure that our office looks are sleek and professional and that we’re armed with the necessary pieces to avoid morning wardrobe meltdowns. So, what are the key pieces we should have at our disposal? There are five, and I guarantee that with their help, you’ll always feel ready to kick major career goals.

A blazer

I couldn’t live without a blazer in my wardrobe. It’s a shortcut to looking put together without having to do much at all. I can usually pop on a blazer over everything from a dress to a skirt and even jeans and my look is instantly elevated.

If you’re going to invest in a blazer, black is always a failsafe. However navy is also a good wearable option, and a great patterned jacket is something that you can wear with more pared back pieces to lift them and give them some extra personality.

A white shirt

A crisp white shirt is a forever staple because you can pair it with pretty much anything and look chic. You’ll find that you can rock a white shirt with myriad pieces in your wardrobe and you’ll look sophisticated without having to do much at all.

There are several iterations of a white shirt, everything from the classic button down to slightly more on trend variations with statement sleeves, so there’s bound to be one to suit your wardrobe and personality.

A smart work bag

Given that you use it on almost a daily basis a quality work bag is a must. Opt for one of that’s well made and built to withstand the constant wear and tear it will receive. Also to ensure that you get maximum wearability from it, choose a design and colour that’s quite pared back as you can pair it with multiple looks.

A versatile heel or flat

It’s fun to incorporate a fun coloured heel or embellished flat into your look once in awhile but for most days, you’ll want a heel in a classic, neutral colour such as black so you can wear it with most of your work wardrobe. Also given how often you’ll be wearing these shoes, definitely make a point of looking after them so this means having them re-soled and also spray them with leather or fabric protector. These simple precautions will ensure that they go the distance.

A polished dress

I can vouch for the incredible versatility of a simple dress in a classic design. This means a sleek silhouette and minimal embellishments. Doing so will ensure that your dress can be reworked in numerous ways and can be dressed up or down according to the accessories you’re wearing each day.


The pieces you can wear to work and on the weekend

28th November, 2018

Versatility is one of the key criteria that I have for my wardrobe and that means I need to be able to wear pretty much everything to work and on the weekend. Obviously there are going to be some omissions because hey, a black tie dress might be a bit hard to deal with when at the photocopier or grabbing coffee, but most things should be able to be transformed from nine-to-five to relaxation mode by simple switching up what you pair it with. I’ve identified a few key pieces that I know are made for both office wear and off duty style.

Dressy flats

A pair of simple, classic flats a la the pair I have on below are a cinch to go from the office to the weekend. A slingback, a ballet flat or pointed style are all great options.

On Duty: Wear it with cropped trousers, a skirt or a midi dress.

Off Duty: Pair it with jeans or a skirt worked back with a tee.

A white tee

It’s a rare few places or occasions that can’t be worked back with a white tee. A handy staple for any wardrobe, it can be appropriate from nine-to-five to a relaxing Saturday by switching up what you pair it with.

On Duty: Wear it with a blazer on top, underneath a dress, or with a midi skirt.

Off Duty: Pop it on under a slip dress, with your favourite jeans or a wrap skirt or shorts.

A blazer

I’ve often spoken of my love of a great blazer and consider it one of my can’t-live-without items. And it’s primarily because I can wear a blazer to a work function one minute to a casual lunch on the weekend the next and it still works. Keep it classic with black or venture further afield with other colours such as grey, navy or white.

On Duty: What can’t it work with? Everything from tailored pants, to a wrap dress and a skirt and cami can be paired with a blazer.

Off Duty: Wear it with jeans and a white tee for a classic, always on-trend look.

A roomy bag

If you’re prone to carrying half your office/life around with you then a great, roomy bag is a must. I often like to get a bag that’s got a bit of structure, in a classic colour such as tan or black for work as I know that I can always extend its wear to the weekend.

On Duty: Get a size that can fit your laptop and essentials.

Off Duty: A great carryall can be used to get you through a busy day of running errands where you might need to carry a million things with you.

A wrap dress

This eternal classic is always a good idea especially for a day at the office or a relaxing morning coffee with friends. Your only issue will be trying to stop at just one.

On Duty: Wear a wrap dress with heels and a blazer for an effortless take on corporate dressing.

Off Duty: Paired with sneakers or sandals and a simple crossbody bag make an ideal look for relaxing.


Wide leg pants aren’t as scary to wear as they sometimes might seem (check out my tips for how to style them here) and are so easy to change up according to what day of the week it is.

On Duty: A blouse with heels and you’re set.

Off Duty: Wear it with a tee or a cami and pair with great sandals.

A black skirt

Consider a black skirt a close cousin of the little black dress — it can be styled in myriad ways with so many different pieces. It’s wearable and versatile which makes it the ideal transition piece to take you from the office to the weekend.

On Duty: Wear it with a button down shirt and a cami for a professional look that’s ultra chic.

Off Duty: When paired with sneakers and a tee this look is polished yet made for an easy breezy day.