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The fun way to liven up an outfit this winter

18th June, 2018

Winter can sometimes feel like a never ending stream of jeans and knits and big coats. And whilst layering is great and can ultimately result in some great looks, it’s understandable to want your outfit to have a bit of oomph. And this season it’s about embracing gorgeous textures.

I’m really starting to appreciate mixing and matching textured pieces to give a look a little more depth. Case in point: I wore the above denim jacket to Fashion Week and whilst the colour and cut were great what really turned it from a garden variety jacket is the feathered trim. It was so much fun! It was definitely something that made a statement and took my ensemble into a different direction. I wore it paired back with a PVC skirt and enjoyed pushing my fashion boundaries and dialling up the glamour.

A quick scroll through Instagram shows that I’m definitely not the only one incorporating texture into their everyday looks. From furry Teddy Bear-style jackets to faux fur coats Insta’s style set show there’s something quite glam about adding a statement-making textured piece to a pared back outfit. A pair of jeans and a white tee can suddenly look next-level with the addition of a bold garment with lots of texture. So if you want to elevate your look this winter it’s time to quite literally think about its look and feel.

See below for ideas on how to rock the look in your own wardrobe…