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My tips for buying a flattering swimsuit

9th December, 2023

Shopping for swimsuits can be quite a challenge sometimes. I know for some it’s something that needs to be done but it can become quite overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. I’ve found that with swimsuits the best thing to do is to treat it with the same approach you would a regular shopping trip—that is, have a plan and have a general idea which stores you’d like to visit and a few different styles you’d like to try. So here, I’ve compiled my tips on finding a flattering swimsuit. Here’s what you need to remember…

Have a moodboard

Are there particular swimsuit styles that always catch your eye? Whether it’s a certain colour palette, a print or silhouette compile a little inspiration board for yourself to help guide your search. Even it’s just a series of Instagram images you’ve saved, having a visual guide is extremely handy during any shopping trip.

Be prepared to try on a few different styles

In an ideal world the perfect swimsuit would fall into your lap the first try and you can call it a day. The reality is however you have to be prepared to try on a few different types. Have a general idea of what you like but be prepared to venture outside your comfort zone as you never know, you could find yourself a pair of swimmers that look amazing on you but is not a silhouette you’d normally consider.

Look for the right support

There are so many great high-tech fabrications when it comes to swimwear these days that are guaranteed to pull you in in all the right places so use it to your advantage. I think the most important thing to feeling confident in a swimsuit is knowing that you’re not going to be fussing around and ensuring everything’s in place every five seconds! Invest in the best quality swimsuit you can to ensure that you’ve got the most flattering, perfect fit possible.

Don’t judge based on what you see on the rack

Try on every single swimsuit you like. Sometimes something looks far different on the rack as opposed to when you’ve got it on and you never know when you may stumble upon the perfect style. Also this will enable you to slowly pinpoint the styles that are going to accentuate all your best features. I truly believe there’s a style to suit everyone and it’s important to devote some time to the process.

Bring someone along for a second opinion

Whether it’s your partner, your bestie or your mum, bring a trusted shopping buddy with you to give you an honest opinion when you’re trying things on. Fluorescent change room lighting can be less than flattering at times so it’s good to have someone there to give you a second opinion.

Remember your style

Treat a piece of swimwear as you would your regular wardrobe and remember the things that are flattering for you. Do v-necks work for you? Then see how it translates to a swimsuit. You could try a halter neck top which has a similar silhouette. If you’re all about off the shoulder styles, you can find a similar top when it comes to swimwear.


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What are some of your favourite brands for swimwear?


The one piece swimsuit styles to have on your radar

23rd December, 2022

There’s no doubting that one piece swimsuits have become a summer staple, whether you’re at the beach or hanging poolside. I think they’re the kind of style that is flattering, and there’s often different silhouettes available so you can find one that’s the most suitable to your shape. As with most things in the swimwear department though, it’s important to try on a few different shapes so you can pinpoint the one that works for you the best.

This summer, we’re definitely spoilt for choice as far as one piece swimsuits go! There’s a variety of styles out there, whether it’s a one shoulder look, a textured finish or a simple, yet classic minimalist feel. I’m quite a fan of keeping my swimsuits in solid, neutral colours because I find them easier to work back with outfits, plus it allows me to wear them away from the pool or the beach as bodysuits. However if you’re more of a prints and bold hues kind of girl, never fear because there’s definitely plenty out there that tick both boxes.

So, here are a few of the styles that should definitely be on your radar this summer…


The one shoulder

The one shoulder style is definitely trending this summer, but it’s also the kind of shape that’s going to last you for seasons to come. This kind of silhouette looks great worn as swimmers, but also as a bodysuit so you’ll definitely get plenty of use out of it.


The textured effect

Hunza G have really pioneered the crinkle cut/ribbed texture we’ve been seeing in swimsuits. This particular style is great as it suits virtually every body shape, and the crinkled effect is quite flattering.


The cut-out

We’ve been seeing cut-outs in clothing for awhile so it was only a matter of time until we would see them making an appearance in swimwear. This detail on a one piece adds a little edgy touch and helps add a statement feature.


The minimalist

I think a super, simple style such as this has a place in most people’s swimsuit repertoire. I tend to gravitate towards silhouettes like this as I like its elegance and simplicity. This is also a great one piece to have on hand as it easily transitions from beach to bar.


The halterneck

Halternecks have been around for ages and it’s one of the mainstay styles when it comes to one piece swimsuits. It also highlights the decolletage which is one of the most flattering aspects on a woman’s body.


The tie-up

Details are also important when it comes to swimwear. I like this simple tie-up style with the scalloped edges — it’s quite playful yet still has a classic feel.


The bandeau

For those wanting to avoid a tan line caused by pesky straps, the bandeau is for you! Love this style as it suits most shapes and it’s easily wearable away from the water. I like wearing them with a pair of loose trousers for an easy, breezy resortwear vibe.



Planning a European summer holiday? Here’s your bikini buying guide

6th July, 2019


Oleema and Kalana Miller are the sister duo behind swimwear label Mikoh. Their swimwear is fashion forward with an emphasis on striking colours, cut out detail and plenty of separates that can be mixed and matched (which as most women will know, is key to getting a perfect fitting bikini). Here Oleema and Kalani share their best tips for buying a perfect bikini, the trends to watch out for and how to find the perfect fitting pair of swimmers online (yes, it’s totally possible)…

What are some of the trends people should look out for?

It’s slowly starting to trickle into the Australian market but it’s been very popular especially among all the emerging swimwear brands to have a skimpier cut when it comes to bottoms. Beyond that there’s two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to colour and print. Nude colours are really popular and in our range we try to have a really good range of colours so we have something for everybody so there’s lots of muted earth tone colours as well as big bright statement colours like a fluorescent pink or a bright yellow.

One of the biggest things is that swimwear itself has become a trend. A few years ago it was just something that you bought once or twice a year to go to the beach but we are finding more and more so that it has become somewhat of a trend to buy swimwear and wear them as undergarments to replace your bra. It’s good to have one piece that serves two different purposes.

What are some of your tips for buying flattering swimwear?

When you’re trying on swimwear in the store certain lighting can be very unflattering and sometimes it’s not realistic of what it would be outside if you were actually wearing the bikini. So the more you try on the better. Whenever we’re doing trunk shoes or events we always encourage people to try on a bunch of different sizes and different shapes because girls will be drawn to the one staple like a little black bikini but it’s important to broaden your horizons and try things on. Especially if you’re in a store where you can try more than one thing.

What about shopping online?

A lot of sites do it nowadays but they say the model is wearing a suit with certain measurements and what size she’s wearing so it’s important to do a lot of cross reference when you’re buying something and it’s even important to check out different websites as well. If you’re after a certain style or piece, it’s good to look on alternative sites that carry it to help you understand how that top or bottom fits. It’s just doing your research because a lot of the time swimwear is final sale so you don’t want to get stuck with it if it’s not quite right.


What are the essentials of a great swimwear wardrobe?

The little black bikini. Just something that’s super minimalist and black obviously translates from season to season. Even if the style is more trendy, anything in black is able to be timeless.

The complete opposite of that is a statement piece. So a swimsuit with a really beautiful print or bright pop of colour or interesting body shape.

A good one piece is really classic as well. We have a ton of girlfriends that wear them as bodysuits as well and it translates into ready to wear and is not just swimsuit specific.

And lastly a suit in a sporty or athletic shape. In one trip we’ll go surfing or go swim at the beach, we’ll lay out and snorkel so it’s good to have something that can be more sporty related but you can also wear it later to yoga or to work out in.

What are your tips for looking after swimwear?

Treat your swimwear the way you would treat your really good lingerie. A lot of girls are like ‘oh I wore this it’s kind of dirty I’m just going to throw it in the washing machine’, we highly advise against doing that just because it is such a delicate material. A lot of suits like ours are handmade, if you’re not gentle with them it will get ruined if you’re too harsh with it. We always say to wash it with a little bit of soap in cold water, especially after wearing it at the beach or in chlorine. Anytime you get chlorine on something it will disintegrate the material so it’s important to give it a good wash after wearing it then lay it out flat to dry outside in the shade. You want to avoid using any harsh chemicals or detergents and washing machines. And definitely avoid the dryer!

What’s your current fave bikini in your collection?

One of the pieces we find most beautiful and unique in our collection is the Waimea top and the Cayman bottom. They’re hand macramed and it almost captures all those different kinds of essential suits we were describing before. It comes in a range of colours but if you were to get them in black it definitely ticks the little black bikini box, you can also wear it doing sporty things and it makes a statement.


The Waimea top and Cayman bottom

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What’s on my shopping wish list

15th February, 2019

I’m making the most of the last month of summer with most of my shopping list this month focused on easy breezy accessories and staples with a sophisticated touch. However I’ve also been embracing a few trendy buys including a fun fluoro bag, a shell headband that’s perfect for this time of year and beige tones which are set to be huge in the coming months. So if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself with a new buy, here are a few things that may inspire you…

Loewe medium leather-trimmed raffia tote

I’ve seen this tote pop up on a few Instagram posts and love its classic yet laidback vibe.

Gucci embellished silk wool blend skirt

This dreamy skirt is perfect no matter the time of year but crisp white and gold really does lend itself to a warm summer day.

Chloe Poppy octagon wire frame sunglasses

I love sunnies that are a little bit quirky and different and the octagon shape of this Chloe pair give them a point of difference to others in my collection.

Self Portrait asymmetric ruffled skirt

If you’ve yet to embrace beige tones prepare yourself because you’ll be seeing the colour everywhere. I love the playful meets classic vibe of this skirt.

Cult Gaia Alia perspex and leather mules

The interesting heel and shape of these mules caught my eye. I definitely like to intersperse my shoe collection with pieces that are a little unique.

Hunza G seersucker swimsuit

I’ve mentioned how much I rate this brand previously so you won’t be surprised that I immediately knew I had to have this particular one piece. It’s the kind of style that I know I’ll have for plenty of summers to come.

Prada macrame and leather bucket bag

A touch of metallic never goes astray. This bag is all kinds of fun and a definite talking piece.

Cult Gaia Sylvie linen and rattan belt

I’ve been trying to expand my belt collection of late and this style is ideal for glamming up a look.

Jacquemus Olbia leather slingback sandals

These heels tick the versatility box with their neutral colour but the shape and finishing details make them stand out in a crowd.

Maison Michel grosgrain hair tie

If you’ve yet to embrace the humble hair bow then you’d better jump on board cause they’re going to be huge. This particular style would work with so many different outfits.

Amber Sceats Sahara earrings

You can never go wrong with statement earrings, especially when they’re such a great style and shape.

Rejina Pyo crinkled satin shoulder bag

This is a bit of a departure from the bags I usually go for but I couldn’t resist the interesting shape and texture and the standout colour.

Lelet NY shell headband

Headbands are always such an easy way to lift an outfit. I especially love the shell detail on this particular piece.

South Beach round straw beach bag

I’ve been loving natural textures when it comes to bags, and this particular piece would get quite the work out over the coming weeks.

Amber Sceats Cordelia earrings

I’m making the most of the shell trend whilst it’s still here and love this cute pair for adding a little nautical element to an ensemble.


My favourite swimwear brands

6th February, 2019
I’m all about classic, simple swimwear and this one piece by Bondi Born has become a firm favourite.

If there’s one must when you’re living in Australia it’s to be the owner of at least one amazing swimsuit. And the thing is, this country is where so many great swimwear brands have been born so we’re really spoilt for choice.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit then you’ve chosen a great time to do it because there are so many amazing styles available. From a sleek one piece to a retro high waisted style bikini to a daring two piece, I’m sure there’s a style out there that you’re bound to fall in love with.

To help you get started, I’ve rounded up a few of my fave brands…
Bondi Born

A great swimwear brand with sleek silhouettes and a fun, stylish aesthetic. Perfect for those who like their swimwear unfussy and classic.
Hunza G

The seersucker fabric on their swimsuits is Hunza G’s signature style. Love the slightly 80s vibe and the flattering effect of the crinkle finish.


This Brazilian swimwear brand is mostly all about plain, block colours interspersed with some understated prints. I love the sleek, simple vibe of their range.

Heidi Klein

I’ve got a few Heidi Klein pieces in my collection and can attest to their impressive range. You’re bound to find a style to suit whatever your taste.
Karla Coletto

I really rate this range for its extra finishes. From the straps to the embellishments everything feels just that little more elevated than your average swimsuit.

They’re most noted for their scalloped edged pieces, especially the Antibes bikini above. Love the feminine vibe of this range.


If you’re looking for something a little edgier in the swimwear department from geometric lines, to metallic fabrics this is the brand for you.


On top of their must-have ready-to-wear collections Zimmermann also do swimwear really, really well. Expect traditional silhouettes but with elevated finishes such as laser cut-outs and embellishments.

Dion Lee

If you love Dion Lee’s minimalist aesthetic you’ll love that he’s translated this into simple, sleek swimsuits.

For something fun and playful think Kiini. Their style with its bold colour palettes and exposed stitching is one of their signature looks.

Lisa Marie Fernandez

Incorporating retro styles and a sleek colour palette, this is stylish swimwear at its very best.


A blogger fave, Matteau does clean lines and simple styles brilliantly. Definitely one for the minimalist fans out there.
Hatrik Swim

Sweet, fun and ever so playful, this Aussie swimwear brand (full disclosure it’s owned and designed by a friend) is a fave of mine. It’s slightly retro inspired with great prints and finishes and can be custom hand embroidered.

What are some of your favourite swimwear brands?

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The swim label you should know about

23rd December, 2017

Loving the versatility of this range. Here I am wearing a Hatrik Swim bikini top as crop top

It’s peak swimwear buying season so it’s great when a fresh, new brand hits the market. Enter Hatrik Swim. Sophia Athas is the woman behind the brand and she also happens to be the ultra talented photographer behind the majority of my street style shots. We’ve worked together for a long time and with such a strong aesthetic and creative eye, she’s the ideal person to start up her own label. Here I chat to Sophia about the inspiration behind her designs, starting her own swimwear line and the idea behind the customisation element of her brand.

What inspired you to create a line of swimwear?

My sisters and I grew up in our bikinis, at the beach, surfing with Dad, and the bikini draw more often than not overflowing with options! But while we were in Greece last August, my younger sister had a bralette on at the beach, and I had worn the same black bikini the whole trip, it sparked the idea to create our own. While I don’t have any formal fashion training, I think starting with a niche fashion category like swimwear seemed like an easy option (at the time!!).

Where do you draw your most creative inspiration from? Who inspires you the most?

My family inspires me, with following their own styles and creating trends that aren’t necessarily part of mainstream cycles. I also love looking through vintage fashion magazines, I have a huge stack of Vogue Italia from the 90s, and seeing the supermodels during that era in crazy outlandish swimwear, its epic. I almost wish that the swim we know today would move back into that over the top more haute couture vibe.

How do you best follow trends and the style cycle? Is it a myth is Aussies are always seasons behind? 

I think we get the best of both worlds being on the other side of the world down here. There is a sad reality that we receive a lot of the styles and trends last, but I think this buffer can also mean we create our own aesthetic really well. Brands like Zimmerman are undoubtedly the pioneers of resort wear, and ‘capsule’ collections are now on everyone’s design calendar. Following trends is different for everyone, and I’m a creature of habit, so if I love the look of something I’ll wear it until it falls apart. I think like the collection, there are only a few key styles which come in multiple colour-ways, and hopefully there’s room for more down the track! 

What is the most fulfilling thing about creating a product for your customers?

I know swimwear is a hugely personal thing for women and girls, and allowing them to feel confident and sexy in only a small amount of lycra is the hardest thing! But when it does happen and you see girls proud to wear their bikinis, whether its at the beach or under a shirt poolside, it is without a doubt the most rewarding feeling.

Some of the pieces in your range allow for an element of customisation. How did this idea come about? And do you think this trend is here to stay? 

Everything in the fashion world is becoming more accessible and mass produced on scale. So to have a product that is personalised and unique is by its very nature, special. I think customers like to feel this when investing in a piece, it creates a sense of ‘boutique’ shopping which is often hard to come by when comparing yourself to big brands like Zara and H&M. So yes, I think for now, customisation is only going to keep growing and I’m keen to see what this trend will transform into next!

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The boutique Australian swimwear brand worth checking out this summer

30th September, 2017

As anyone who has ever had to go through the ordeal of shopping for the perfect bikini can attest, it’s damn hard work. Finding just the right style, just the right colour or print and just the right fit can be fraught with frustration as you search high and low for the elusive two piece that works on all fronts.

This summer why not keep your swimsuit search on home soil and check out boutique brand Peony swimwear. Their bikinis are designed to be mixed and matched so you can pair up identical prints or clash colours and choose a top and bottom design that not only suits your shape but in different sizes too, so you’re guaranteed the ideal fit.

Mix and match your ideal bikini on Peony’s website

Also if you’re the kind of girl who’d rather stay in her pyjamas and enjoy a glass of wine whilst she shops than have to deal with less than flattering change room fluorescent lighting then you’ll be glad to know you can shop Peony’s site from the comfort of your own home. The dual scrolling function on their website is super helpful for online shoppers as you’re able to mix and match swimsuits with an accompanying visual reference of what it will look like paired up. A definite handy feature when you’re not in a bricks and mortar store.

This summer your perfect swimsuit could be just a mouse click away.

Tell me-what are some of your go-to swimsuit brands in summer?

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Shop the look: Beach Essentials

2nd December, 2015


Now that the warmer weather is officially here I’m all about ticking off all the essentials on my summer checklist. This is what I’ve got on my mind at the moment:

A sporty black bikini

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a black bikini. I love neutral colours such as black, navy, white or khaki because they work with everything

A sarong 

I love bringing a sarong on holiday because it’s so versatile. It can be used as a sarong or a scarf or a beach cover up. A sarong in a monochrome is even better because it’s really easy to wear it with multiple outfits.

A sun hat

Sun protection is always really important to me which is why I always have a wide brimmed hat whenever I’m heading out to the beach.


This summer 70s style round frames are going to be huge. It’s an easy way to update your look.

Black slides 

I love the simplicity of black slides. This particular pair will work equally as well with a sun dress as they will with a skirt and top or a pair of denim shorts and a tee.

A cutout bikini

A girl can never have too many bikinis, right? This particular pair is ever so slightly more glamorous than your average bikini which I love.






10th April, 2013

Rihanna, Diane Kruger, Florence Welch and Miranda Kerr are just some of the celebrities who are fans of the Australian made swimwear label We Are Handsome. Today, Their signature prints hit the catwalk as part of their highly anticipated Spring Summer 2013/14 collection. Their show took place at The Theatre, Carriageworks.

We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14 We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14 We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14 We Are Handsome - Runway - MBFWA S/S 2013/14

Photography: Getty images.