How to take a good Instagram pic

11th November, 2018


These days taking a really beautiful photo can be as simple as snapping a pic on an iPhone. I feel Instagram is about beautiful images. The kind that you’d want to put in a photo album or frame. I’m not so big on treating Instagram as a diary but more as a way to collect images that inspire me. I love fashion, I love travel and I love my family, so most of the time my subject matter will be made up of those types of images. You’ll find me capturing¬†images on my phone all the time and this has allowed me to pick up a few tips along the way. I am definitely not an expert photographer but these are some things I’ve learned about snapping an Insta pic that gets likes.

Lighting is everything

Whether it’s a professional photo shoot or a selfie, lighting is key to getting a good shot. If you’re taking a selfie always face a window to get the most flattering light. This is why car selfies always turn out so great.

Take more than one shot

Don’t be shy about taking multiple shots. The odds are you’re going to get a shot that you’ll love. And it’s so easy to do it via your phone now that there’s no excuse not to capture jut the perfect image.

Use the grid function on your phone

Using the grid lines on your phone can help you line up a shot. Often you’ll get a more interesting image by not having everything perfectly in the middle but slightly off centre.

Try different angles 

The flatlay shot has become really popular (a pic taken straight from above) and it just goes to show that different angles can really change the way a shot turns out. Don’t be afraid to take multiple shots from different angles as it’s the best way to ensure that you capture an image from just the right vantage point.

Don’t go too crazy with filters

I love a good filter as much as the next person but sometimes it can take away from the image and make it look too artificial. If you get your lighting and composition right, your photo should be ready to upload to Instagram without any extra help.

What are your best Instagram tips?

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