What to wear for a (long) day of shopping

10th February, 2015


When I’m in need of a retail fix, I know my outfit has to be comfortable but optimised for maximum shopping success. This means bye bye complicated buttons and ridiculous zippers, hello clothes I can slip on and off easily! I’m all about making sure that I can hit those change rooms with ease plus it speeds up your shopping experience because you’re not spending ages tying your laces, doing up buckles on your belt or buttons on your shirt. Keeping that in mind, here’s what to wear the next time you’re hitting the shops…

I think you’ve got to have comfortable shoes on so I always go in flats (ballet flats, slides or some cute loafers are good options). I avoid wearing sneakers as having to tie my shoelaces repeatedly when I’m trying on outfits during the day is less than ideal. If I want to keep trying stuff on I like to be able to slip my shoes on and off easily.

You should be able to get dressed and undressed quite quickly so it’s probably best to leave that complicated shirt with too many buttons to count at home. I usually go for a little shift dress because it’s not super fitted and hard to get in and out of so it speeds up my time in the change rooms.

Also be sure to bring a bag that frees up your hands to skim through the racks. Aim for something with a strap that you can easily throw over your shoulder. The last thing you want to do is have to juggle a bag on top of everything else. After all the more you’re able to browse the better chance of shopping success!

What do you wear when you go shopping?

Photography: Tumblr

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