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The rules of timeless style

22nd October, 2022

Timeless style is so aspirational because of its effortless nature—it’s an aesthetic that has the power to move through the seasons every year, and often gifts the wearer the ability to dress with minimal fuss. Why? Because every piece is considered and every piece is guaranteed to work. At the core of every timeless look, are pieces that have stood the test of time, and have proven themselves to be worthy of being labelled a classic. And when you’re able to work with a wardrobe that ticks all those boxes, then you know that your look is one that has longevity on its side. Here are some important timeless style rules to remember.

Avoid trends

Trends are fun, but they’re trends because they do come and go. If your ultimate goal is to achieve timeless style, then it’s important to focus on pieces that have longevity as opposed to jumping aboard every new ‘it’ style every season.

Go for classic silhouettes

There are just some silhouettes that have proven themselves to stand the test of time. A tailored pant. A structured blazer. A cinched in shirt dress. A voluminous midi skirt or a great wrap style. These are all staples that are designed to last for years to come. Look at the styles that are a constant and embrace them loyally.

Take a measured approach to accessorising

Accessories are a fundamental part of any look but a timeless ensemble is all about taking a considered approach to your accoutrements. This means looking at your outfit and thinking about each accessory telling a cohesive story. While statement pieces are great, it’s also about making sure that you let each piece sing, without competing for centre stage.

Embrace simplicity

Timeless style is effortless and elegant, and at it’s core it’s about embracing a simple approach to dressing. It’s about opting for pieces that are understated, yet when pieced together, make a strong look. Consider clean lines, a streamlined design, and less is more detail.

Choose quality

Timeless goes hand in hand with quality. If you want your look to have the ability to transcend seasons, it’s worth investing in quality pieces that are built to last. Whether it’s a soft, buttery leather bag or a crisp, stylish trench coat, be mindful of fabrication and construction as the tell-tale signs of a look that has longevity.

Know your style

Classic style is about knowing your look. What works, what doesn’t and what is quintessentially you. Someone who is assured about their approach to fashion will often achieve a timeless vibe with everything they wear, simply because they know their look and wear it with confidence.


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The key to timeless style

20th July, 2022

Crisp white suiting always looks chic

Classic, timeless style is one thing I always aspire to. I like to keep my looks on trend but with an overarching sense of polish and generally don’t venture too far from what I know and love. One of the main reasons I do this is because it ensures the longevity of my wardrobe. If I stick to pieces that I believe will last the test of time I won’t have to update them as often and I can guarantee my favourites will have plenty of outings ahead. Having adopted this as my approach to shopping and how I dress for many years, and also observing the stylish women in my life whose ensembles just don’t seem to ever date, here’s what I consider to be the building blocks of having a look that will endure the years to come. These are the timeless style tips to commit to memory.

Scrimp on trend buys

I love purchasing trendy items as much as the next person but I keep them to a minimum. If I like the look of the signature silhouette or colour of the season I will buy a select few pieces and work them back with what’s already in my closet. I avoid wearing one trend from head to toe and like to give it my own spin.

Embrace timeless fabrics and prints

There are certain prints and fabrications that won’t date. Polka dots, stripes and plaid have remained in the mix most seasons and will add a fun touch to any outfit that won’t look dated. Long-lasting fabrics such as tweed, silk, wool and cashmere are worth adding to your wardrobe as they really stand up well to the wear and tear of constant use.

A classic black bag is definitely worth the splurge

Invest in classic pieces

Think of the pieces that have been around for ages and have remained a constant and they’re likely to be things like a black blazer, a white button down shirt, denim jeans and the little black dress and a simple black bag. These are the wardrobe buys that are worth investing in as they’re not going away any time soon.

Tailor your clothes

Ill-fitting clothes will make you look unkempt so it’s best to invest in tailoring pieces so they perfectly fit. Find a good tailor and have things taken in or up or out, depending on your needs, to ensure that whatever you’re wearing fits you like a glove. A perfectly tailored outfit just screams timeless style.

Know what suits your body shape

Learn to pinpoint the styles and silhouettes that work with your shape. Go on a shopping expedition and try on a few different silhouettes in key staples such as pants, tops, skirts and dresses and see what works. Be brutally honest. If what you see doesn’t put a smile on your face then keep searching until you find something that does. Once you’ve pinpointed what works for you then you’ll have a handful of go-to styles that you can always come back to time and time again.

Who do you think has classic style? What are your favourite timeless style tips?