The super affordable jeans that I always get DMs about

1st April, 2021

Without fail, every time I wear my Levis 501s skinny jeans I will get an influx of DMs on Instagram asking me what brand they are. They’re honestly my favourite pair of jeans and have worn them so much that I’ve actually grabbed myself another pair, that’s how often I wear them.

I’m usually quite picky with jeans, as the wash needs to be juuuust the right shade of blue, the cut flattering and the fabric has to be sturdy so it holds its shape. The thing with skinny jeans is if the fabric is too thin, they lose their shape quite quickly and that’s when you’re left to contend with sagging at the knees, or the fit isn’t right anymore. But I’ve found Levi’s hold up really well. The denim is quite thick and a little more rigid which makes for a better silhouette.

I recently decided to introduce another member of the Levi’s family to my denim collection. My original pair are in the Tango Light wash and I’ve found them to be a great colour to mix and match with various hues, but while they’re able to be dressed up or down, they do tend to err more on the casual side. I wanted to have another option that was slightly dressier so I went with another pair of 501 skinny jeans , but this time in the Jive Night wash. I think having both the light and dark option opens up a lot of outfit opportunities, particularly this winter when there’s no doubt I’ll be working them back with blazers, coats, jackets… the list is pretty much endless. I’m already anticipating the DMs about this new addition!

Which wash do you prefer? Which denim brand is your go-to?

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