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What to do when you feel you have nothing to wear

21st May, 2022

It’s something that happens to most of us at one time or another. Staring into your closet and feeling less than enthused at what’s in there can be annoying, but if it’s happening with great regularity then it’s high time to look into employing a few style strategies to avoid a wardrobe dilemma.

When you feel you have nothing to wear, it kickstarts your day into a more stressful state than it has to be. Given we would all generally have enough items in our closet to work a multitude of different outfits, it’s not the amount you have but how you work it that’s important.

Here are a few tips and tricks to try the next time you encounter “I have nothing to wear” syndrome.

Have a bank of go-to outfits

When you’re having a good style day consider banking that outfit on your phone somewhere so you have a record of a look that you love and you know that works. Aim for at least 10 different looks so that you have an emergency stash of outfits to rely on when you’re encountering a wardrobe dilemma.

Do a closet tidy

Being able to visually clock every single thing you own can free up a little mental space to help get those styling juices flowing. If you’re staring at a pile of clothes it can be really hard to think of how to put them all together. If you’re unable to fit everything in, it’s probably a sign that you need to look at what you own and what you actually need — doing so can help free up valuable closet real estate.

Theme it

Sometimes it helps to narrow down your options. Even something as simple as giving yourself a particular colour to wear or narrowing things down to a denim look can help you hone in on certain pieces and in turn make it easier on yourself to work them together.

Have a reliable staples

Having a few key pieces that can be worked in a few different ways is a great thing to have in case you’re unsure about what to wear. A great pair of pants, flattering jeans, a dress and a skirt are great failsafe pieces to have. You can always fall back on them on the days where you’re really struggling to pull a look together.

Start small then think big

Often just starting with a single piece can help everything fall into place. So start with a small decision such as for example deciding whether it’s a skirt or pants day. Once you’ve done that, then you can hone in on the pants in your closet, as opposed to having to look at absolutely everything. Limiting your choices once again can make it a little easier to tie a look together.

What are some strategies you use when you’re having an “I have nothing to wear” day?


Fashion habits to adopt for great style

19th May, 2022

Who’s your style icon? I have a number of women whose style I admire and whilst they may make it look effortless, I’ve found that often the thing with looking stylish is it doesn’t have to be difficult—as long as you have a few key things in place. If you get into the habit of doing a few things regularly then you can instantly make walking out the door looking polished and pulled together a whole lot easier.

Planning outfits

I’m betting if you’ve ever really loved someone’s look it’s because everything works and there’s cohesion. The shoes work with the outfit, the bag is in keeping with the colour palette… it all just works. And to do this isn’t hard, it just requires putting in the effort of doing a little outfit planning. If you stop and put together a few outfits ahead of time, whether it’s the night before or you do a weekly styling session, you take that hurried dash for clothing out of the equation, which is when outfits tend to go awry.

Doing a tight edit

I think an outfit always has to have an individual element but also a considered edit that allows everything to work together. So always think about striking a balance and ensure that no elements are competing with each other but are instead complementing one another.

A special accessory can elevate a look

Adding one special piece

Aim to incorporate one standout piece when styling an outfit. It could be a great pair of earrings, a beautiful bag or a striking top, but whatever it is, ensure that it’s the kind of thing that can elevate a look.

Ensuring everything is in good condition

One of the things that can let an outfit down is if anything looks a little worn or shabby. Get into the habit of checking your clothes for damage so that you can get onto repairs straight away or replace it if need be. Also little things like pilling, discolouration, fading and even tiny stains are all things that can compromise the stylish feel of an outfit so be sure to either attend to the issue or phase it out of your wardrobe.

Ensure clothes are the right fit

Wearing the right undergarments

The right underwear is so important to the overall finish of a look. A rogue bra strap under a cami, or underwear that’s the wrong colour under what you’re wearing are all things that can make you look less than pulled together. Invest in quality undergarments from bras to slips and underwear (including Spanx if you want a smooth finish under certain clothes) and you’re already ticking all the style boxes.

Aim for the right fit

Bid adieu to clothes that don’t fit perfectly. If it can be repaired then get them altered straight away. If not, then it’s time to donate them to charity so someone else can enjoy them. Also those “someday” clothes you’re saving? It’s time to farewell those too and instead focus on clothes that work for you now. You deserve to look nothing less than stylish after all.



The little details that make or break a look

17th April, 2022

It’s all in the detail, right? This is especially true when it comes to outfits, because it’s often the little things that can elevate an outfit from good to great. Firstly, there are of course some overarching things to remember if you want your ensemble to present well and that involves fit and quality. After working with so many stylists over the years the best thing I’ve ever learned from them is the importance of a perfectly fitting garment. When an outfit fits you beautifully, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it will look elevated and polished. So if you can, invest in a little tailoring and you’ll be amazed at where it can take an outfit.

The next thing would have to be quality. I’m a big advocate of buying the best quality you can. By doing so you will ensure that garments will last longer and be more durable. I’ve found that if I spend a little bit more, but on less pieces I end up with a much more wearable wardrobe and end up with pieces that I will use over and over again without having to spend money replacing them every season.

If you have both those bases covered you’re off to a great start but there are some other little things that can also make or break an outfit.

Quality fastenings

Yep, I’m talking things like buttons and zippers. I know it seems so small, but even just a great button can make a piece feel more luxe and special. The same goes for zippers, you want something with weight and not overly flimsy to get a great fit that won’t pucker.

Finishing details

Pay attention to things like lining, trims, ties… these are all important elements to any garment. Sometimes I’ve loved the design of a jacket but the clincher for me was the beautiful patterned lining, or even the trim on a blouse. These are all small things that help make up a look, but don’t underestimate their importance.


Think about the fabrics that you choose. Where you can, buy quality. Think a heavy wool, a lightweight cotton or a beautiful floaty linen. These are fabrics that present well and will look polished and expensive. Avoid fabrics that look too shiny, have a scratchy feel or looks like it will pill quite easily—these are all things that can really let an outfit down.

For me, this look is all in the little finishes such as the angled oversize cuff and buttons, and the stitching on the pants.


It may not be immediately the first thing you focus on when choosing to buy something but examine the construction of a piece. Are there fraying or loose threads? Is the stitching uneven? Often just the way a particular piece is put together can absolutely affect the way it presents so choose carefully!


I know you’ve probably heard this a lot already but accessories really can make a difference. The addition of a stunning pair of statement earrings, or the most delicate necklace to a look can change its whole vibe. But if you’re looking for the heavy hitters, it would definitely have to be your choice of shoes or bags. This is where you can really inject some extra personality into an outfit. A shoe with an interesting design or a bag made of buttery soft leather or with statement embellishments can really be the pièce de résistance to an ensemble.

What details do you think make or break an outfit?

8 wardrobe basics that can instantly make styling an outfit easier

6th April, 2022

Wardrobe basics are the lynchpin of your look. I find that owning a few key pieces can in turn make everything else you own just that little more wearable as you can start with the below items and then build an outfit around them. Each person obviously has their own unique style so some of the pieces below might require substituting here and there but overall I think they’re the kind of staples that can be worked in so many different ways. Versatility is key when it comes to a look and having the right wardrobe basics in your closet can really ensure that you are able to take your style repertoire in several different directions. I’ve narrowed down a few key things that I think every woman needs…

Kate Waterhouse wardrobe basics stacked jeans

Jeans are a key part of my off duty wardrobe

1. Jeans

It’s imperative to find yourself a pair of jeans that fit you ridiculously well and are ultra flattering. My go-to styles are skinny jeans or straight leg as they work with my body shape but be sure to find the right style for you.

2. Leather leggings

I’m already looking forward to transitioning to my autumn/winter looks and one of my can’t live without staples is a pair of leather leggings. I can wear them dressed up or down and as a bonus they’re so comfortable. When buying a pair be sure to try on a range of different styles from different brands as the fit can vary.

3. Comfortable t-shirt

A plain white t-shirt is the kind of piece that will be in constant rotation. I love a crew neck style and wore one here, however a v-neck tee is equally as good. Start with white, however shades such as black, grey and navy and a good stripe are also a great addition to any wardrobe.

4. Button down shirt

There’s a reason why a classic white shirt is at the top of most wardrobe basics lists — it’s just so wearable and can add a stylish touch to any look. One styling trick I like to employ is opting for a slightly looser fit when it comes to shirts as visually it can make your frame appear smaller.

5. High waisted skirt

A high waisted skirt is a go-to when it comes to office wear but it can also easily transition to your off duty wardrobe. Opt for a simple black or a fun print and pair with a tee or shirt for an easy, out-the-door-fast look.

6. Quality knit

Invest in at least one quality knit in a quality fabric (cashmere is luxe, but oh-so long lasting) and opt for colours such as grey or black as they’re easily paired with multiple items in your wardrobe.

7. Blazer

You can wear a blazer to work or out to dinner on a Saturday night and is such a must when it comes to wardrobe basics. Popping one on can easily dress up a look give it a stylish touch.

8. Scarf

A scarf is the ideal trans-seasonal piece to add to your wardrobe. I have one that I like to wear when I’m travelling as I can use it as a wrap when the temperatures are slightly chillier.

Tell me—what are some of the wardrobe basics you can’t live without? Have I missed any on my list?

My tips for dressing when you’re petite

20th February, 2022

A  lovely reader named Melissa messaged me on Facebook asking me for tips on how to dress when you’re petite. She found that often clothes would be too baggy and would look like they were overwhelming her frame. I can definitely relate! Finding things for your shape when you’re diminutive in size and stature can often involve a few extra steps to ensure the right and most flattering fit. If you’re in the same boat then rest assured because there are some easy ways to have a great wardrobe that works for you. Here are my tips on how to dress when you’re petite,

Get everything tailored

This is my number one tip to anyone, especially when you’re petite. Find yourself a great tailor that you like and start getting your clothes altered to fit perfectly. Often buying off the rack can mean that clothes can be a little too loose, too long or just not sitting perfectly and it pays to take the time to get everything tailored to fit. This is especially true of pants and jeans which can often be miles too long. The added benefit of getting clothing tailored is that you’ll always look polished. Win-Win.

Go for cropped lengths

I tend to favour anything cropped, especially when it comes to pants and jeans. I’ll usually make sure that my pants hit at the ankle or slightly above as I’ve found this can help elongate the frame. If you’ve got a pool of fabric gathering at your feet it can look messy and also end up making you look even shorter.

Always keep proportions in mind

Consider proportions

If something has too much volume it’s going to really swamp you so always pay attention to the proportions you’re working with. Try to go for pieces with structure as opposed to anything too floaty as this will help define your shape. Anything high waisted is great as it draws the eye upwards and ends up giving you a longer looking frame. Also if sleeves are too long try rolling them or pushing them up so you don’t look like you’re walking around in oversized clothing.

Avoid clunky shoes

I avoid anything with too much bulk and gravitate towards a streamlined aesthetic. Most of my heels tend to have a stiletto heel as I’ve found this helps elongate my figure and looks more in proportion. As for flats, I don’t really do flatforms or styles of that nature as I’ve found they just look too bulky. I go for sleek flats, sandals and slides that are quite minimalist in nature and don’t have too much extra ‘padding’ to them. Even my boots these days tend to be of the sock boot variety as I like the tighter fit compared to regular ankle boots.

Incorporate a fitted silhouette

I steer clear of anything too voluminous these days as I’ve found a fitted silhouette is far more flattering. I’m not saying you need to live in bodycon dresses 24/7 but you do need to be mindful that what you’re wearing is cut close to the body in some way. At a minimum, I like to keep one aspect of my look streamlined. Whether it be a pencil style skirt, a fitted top or a dress with either a tight top or bottom or a close fitting pant, there’s always got to be one element of my look that’s a little more figure hugging. This avoids the issue of looking like your clothes are wearing you and not the other way around.

Once you’ve found ways in which to ensure that your clothes fit perfectly, dressing when you’re petite doesn’t seem so much of a drama. In fact, you’ll probably learn to appreciate even more that good things really do come in small packages.

Do you have a fashion question you’re dying for advice on? Leave me a message below and I’ll answer it in a future blog post.


What to wear on Christmas Day—using what’s already in your wardrobe

12th December, 2021

What are you wearing on Christmas Day? Whether it’s a family BBQ or a formal sit down lunch if you’ve yet to sort out your outfit and are quickly running out of time then you’re in luck because your ensemble could be sitting in your wardrobe right now. That’s right, with some new outfit inspiration, key pieces in your closet can be reworked and turned into a fresh new look. And the best bit is it doesn’t cost a cent.

Inspiration: A midi or maxi dress + sneakers

This is an easy place to start. If you’ve got a favourite dress in your cupboard that’s feeling a bit tired simply change up the footwear. A pair of sneakers is an easy go-to and looks instantly on trend without much effort at all.

Inspiration: Layering neutrals + a pop of colour

I’m betting you have a handful of neutral pieces in your wardrobe so why not bring them back to life again by opting for a tonal colour palette. Working your outfit within the same colour family results in a chic, considered look and the addition of a bright statement shoe instantly adds an element of interest.

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Inspiration: A singlet + pants

If you have a trusty white singlet and a pair of dressy pants you have this look sorted. You could also swap the pants for a pair of shorts or culottes and it works equally as well. Add a pair of sandals or heels and you’re set.

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Inspiration: A slip dress + scarf

Given how huge slip dresses have been of late I’m sure there’s a lot of you who may have one sitting in your cupboard right now. The key to refreshing it is in the accessories you pair with it. A scarf tied around your hair is very of the moment and looks bang on trend.

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Inspiration: Basic tee + wrap skirt + slides

A trusty white tee is a given in most wardrobes so why not pair it with a dressy skirt for a high-low mix that looks instantly stylish. A wrap skirt is a current trend that looks fresh for summer and a pair of slides makes for instant cool.

Inspiration: Striped shirt + denim

A striped shirt paired with a denim skirt is the ideal ensemble for a family lunch that may end up turning into an evening event. You could also opt for jeans if a skirt isn’t your thing. The great thing about this look is that most of us already have a striped shirt sitting in our wardrobes so it’s an easy go-to when you feel you have nothing to wear.

What are you planning to wear on Christmas Day?

How to… elevate neutrals

25th October, 2021

If there’s one thing that I think every wardrobe needs it’s a great assortment of neutrals. They’re ideal for mixing and matching and are ultra versatile, but because of this, they might be considered a little flat or boring. But I think they’re anything but. In fact I think they’re the ultimate workhorses of any wardrobe because not only can they be treated as a blank canvas but they can also be quite impactful by employing accessories or various textures into the mix.

The benefit of working with neutrals is that it provides the perfect base to start with and allows you to elevate them easily with a few simple style tricks. Here’s how to elevate neutrals with ease.

Mixing textures

A great way to bring neutrals to life is to mix textures. By bringing a tactile element into your look whether it’s mixing a soft cashmere with a luxe linen in a neutral shade, you can instantly add a little depth to your look. Also incorporating fabrics like denim and leather into your outfit can easily amp up any neutral tones.


As always accessories are key. Given that neutrals tend to be quite pared back, they can easily be lifted by adding strong accoutrements like jewellery, shoes or bags. This will also allow you to incorporate a few contrasting colours and textures into the mix making for a more impactful outfit.

Colour is a great way to increase the impact of a neutral piece

Adding touches of colour

The beauty of neutral tones is that it acts like a blank canvas and you can easily incorporate touches of colour into it. Choosing strong shades like punchy pinks or deep blues act as the perfect complementary hues, instantly lifting a palette featuring beiges, creams, tans or whites.

Block and ombre styling

Playing with a neutral colour palette and its various shades makes for an eye catching look. You could try working similar neutral shades together for a colour blocking effect — something that was quite prominent at this year’s Fashion Week. Another alternative is working with one neutral colour and incorporating varying shades of it for an ombre effect.

Embrace neutrals in its various iterations

The beauty of neutrals is that it works in almost any form. A sleek neutral blazer adds an elevated seasonal touch to a spring/summer look and works beautifully when layered with other neutrals such as beige, white, tan and fawn. Alternatively a lightweight neutral summer trench works as a great topper with most outfits. Wide leg pants or a simple basic tank or tee are also perfect for this time of year. 

How do you elevate the neutral tones in your wardrobe?


How to elevate your date night outfits

16th May, 2021

Heading out for an evening to ourselves is something Luke and I try and do every so often. I think when you have been together for awhile, especially when kids enter the picture it’s nice to be able to reconnect and remember what it was like during the early days. It’s also the perfect time to enjoy the process of pulling a great outfit together and getting all dolled up! Here are a few of my tips on how to elevate your next date night outfit.

Push your boundaries

I always like to make a point of wearing something that’s just a little more special than what Luke would normally see me in. That could be something such as a great dress that I’ve been wanting to wear or just an outfit that I would never usually wear when I’m just in everyday mode. Also it’s a great time to experiment with a new look — if there’s a particular trend you’ve been wanting to try or something that you’ve been eyeing but haven’t found the occasion to wear it, why not do it during date night?

Pay attention to your accessories

When I’m looking after the girls, simplicity and comfort is key. I don’t have time to fuss around with earrings or bags because kids just don’t wait for things like that! So I always like to make an effort when it’s date night. Statement earrings are always a great option to consider but it’s also the perfect time to introduce a new bag into the mix or a beautiful necklace. I know it’s easy to stick to your tried and tested pieces but consider this the perfect time to do something a little different.

Throw practicality out the door

Date night is the perfect excuse to wear something that’s a little bit sexy and yes, completely impractical. That means letting your fave silk blouse out for the evening or wearing your favourite skyscraper heels—it’s the time to just focus on feeling and looking great and not if you’re going to be able to run after a toddler in your outfit.

Wear amazing shoes

I think wearing a killer pair of shoes is always a guaranteed way to feel great. If you’re always in flats or sneakers then the next time you head out, take it up a notch and let your beloved statement heels take centre stage. Think of it as a way of getting more out of your wardrobe too.

Spend time on your beauty look

Don’t let your look down by forgetting about your hair and makeup. Date night’s actually the perfect reason to stop and take your time with your beauty look. Try a new hairstyle or do a smoky eye or statement lip and enjoy the process of getting all dressed up.


How to spring clean your wardrobe

7th September, 2020

It’s officially spring so it’s the perfect excuse to do some spring cleaning! I like to do a closet swap around this time and pull out my winter things and swap them for my spring/summer pieces, but it’s also the time when I schedule a wardrobe overhaul.

I like to go through my wardrobe every few months just to go through everything and cull pieces that I may no longer need. It also allows me to re-organise and make sure that I’ve got a tight edit of clothing and looks for the new season ahead. So, are you ready to do some cleaning? Here’s my plan of how to do it.

Mood board your wardrobe

Before you dive into a closet culling session it’s important to hone in on your look. You can easily do this by saving images of outfits you like on Instagram or Pinterest, or you could go old school and flick through magazines and collage it up. The most important thing is having a clear vision of what you want your style to entail which then makes it easier to identify the pieces in your wardrobe that will and won’t work.

Do a closet Q&A

Ask yourself key lifestyle questions like “Where do I spend most of my time?” or “What do I during the week?” By doing this you can look at the kind of wardrobe you actually need. There’s no point hanging onto a closet of dressy pieces if you spend most of your time in playgrounds with the kids or you’re now working from home indefinitely. Your wardrobe is there to fit the kind of life you lead and the clothes in it should reflect that.

Block out a good amount of time

A thorough cleaning session won’t be a quick endeavour so make sure you set aside a few hours to do it. You could even diarise the event so you know you’ve committed to it. Being able to focus on the task properly also means you’re able to do it more efficiently, and hopefully, get through it in a steady manner as opposed to stopping and starting due to distractions.

Take everything out

Pull out every single article of clothing you own. From coats to t-shirts and shoes, take out everything in your closet and pop it on the bed or floor where you can go through everything one by one, trying on pieces if you need to to assess their fit. (Yes, you need to go through it all piece by piece!)

Categorise your items

Be honest

Look at everything with a critical eye and be brutal in your assessment of it. A word of warning: this will get a little tiresome at some point, but persevere. If you do this properly you won’t have to do it again for awhile and you will end up with a more functional, wearable wardrobe. Look at your mood board of your closet goals and ask yourself whether an item of clothing fits into that vision. If it doesn’t, relegate it to either a ‘to fix’, ‘to donate’ or ‘to bin’ pile.

Pile it up

Everything you have set aside needs to be dealt with individually. If there are items that are broken but are still in great shape then block out some time in your diary to take them to a tailor. The same goes for things that perhaps can be functional once again with the right kind of tweaks. If you’ve got a big pile of clothes to donate to charity, firstly make sure they’re still in good, wearable condition. Once you’ve done that, bag them up and pop the bag(s) in the car to take to a charity bin immediately. This removes the temptation to dig through the bags and pull things out again, essentially leaving you back where you started! The same goes for anything that needs to go in the bin. Assess the items and see if you can give them a second life such as turning them into rags that can be used for cleaning. If you really can’t repurpose them, then pop them in the bin straight away so you can clear your space and get onto organising what’s left of your closet.

Take stock

If you’ve done this process in an honest and systematic way then you should be left with clothes that you love, are flattering and work for your lifestyle. This will leave you with a tighter edit of clothes, making for an easier time to get dressed every day. The added benefit of this is that you’re also able to see the gaps in your closet and see what needs replacing.

Make sure everything has its place

Put everything away—but make it organised

I’ve found one of the key things that can minimise wardrobe dramas is having an organised wardrobe. What does this entail? You should be able to see what you have at a glance, and also everything should be categorised making it easier to find things. Invest in baskets, hangers and drawer dividers to make sure that everything has a place and that you can easily see what you own. I’ve found categorising similar items together means I know where to look when I’m after a pair of workout leggings or when I need a jumper. It’s not just one big jumbled mess. You can then take it one step further and organise according to colour within each category but that’s personal preference.

Enjoy your new wardrobe

Doing a wardrobe spring clean can be a cathartic experience as you can purge all the things that you’re no longer using. It also opens up new wardrobe possibilities once you rediscover things you had forgotten about, or reinvent pieces that were not getting used as often as they should. By doing this you can also save your hard earned shopping dollars by not buying multiples of something you already have or purchasing things that may not necessarily work with your lifestyle. The best bit? Less wardrobe dilemmas and more great outfits ahead.


5 things to make getting dressed this week easier

26th July, 2020

A little outfit planning goes a long way

Morning wardrobe dilemmas are a common occurrence for most women. And it can be downright stressful. Anyone who has ever found themselves running late, only to lose the very shirt they wanted to wear will know how it can get your day off to a bad start. So the best way to get around this is to do a bit of forward planning.

You can plan as little or as much as you want but if there’s one thing I know it’s that getting your outfit sorted ahead of time can shave minutes off your getting ready time (more time in bed!). It also avoids that situation where you walk out the door and immediately regret what you’re wearing but you’re cutting it too close to change. If you want to avoid last minute panic tomorrow then take note of the following five things…

Designate Sunday as your ‘get organised’ day

You can pick any day you want but Sunday is great because it’s the start of the week. Look at your diary, pinpoint what you have on and then start pulling your looks together. And once you know the outfits you want to wear it’s a good time to wash everything you’re going to need (don’t add additional stress by doing it the night before!) and iron everything in advance. This way all you have to do in the morning is get dressed and walk out the door.

Do a wardrobe clean up

Nothing will stand in the way of you and a drama-free week of outfit planning than a closet that’s overflowing. A little wardrobe organisation goes a long way as it takes away the stress of having to locate clothing in a pile of unidentifiable shirts. My foolproof way to organise my clothes is to take everything out and do a cull to start with. Once I’ve done an edit leaving me with only the clothes I’m loving and using, I will organise them into categories. So jeans go in one spot, activewear in another, blazers, coats and so forth. This means I can see everything and instantly know what I have to work with.

A designated rail is a great way to keep your outfits organised

Put everything in a designated area

If you’ve gone to all the effort of planning your outfits there’s no point putting them all back in your cupboard only to have to find them again throughout the week. If you’ve got room in your home, I really like the idea of having a designated rail to hang all your looks for the week. This can include everything from clothes to shoes and accessories. If you’re a bit tight on space, try hanging your outfits together on one side of your closet so you can easily find them.

Set yourself a challenge

It can become quite tedious to just wear the same things over and over again so why not set yourself a style challenge each week. I have one here that you could try or simply come up with your own. It can be anything from wear one animal print item or wear an all-white outfit. The key is to get your creative juices flowing and think beyond your usual fashion repertoire.

Rethink an old favourite

I’ve got a few old faves in my closet which I wear to death. I usually know off the top of my head what they will go with and end up in the same looks. And whilst this is great for those days when I just can’t be bothered thinking of what to wear, it can sometimes get boring. So, to get around this I’m trying to take the old faithfuls in my wardrobe and wear them in different ways. Whether it’s pairing it with a different colour or a skirt as opposed to jeans, I’m making the effort to rejig the classics I own to keep them fresh.

What are some things you do to make getting dressed throughout the week easier?