The shoes I’ve currently got on repeat

13th November, 2023

Shoes are obviously the kind of thing that you can’t leave the house without but for me there are certain kinds of shoes that cement themselves in my wardrobe as a staple. They range from flats to heels, casual to dressy, but there’s a core group that I’ll be guaranteed to be wearing most days. I’ve found this to be simply because of the ease in which the work back with any outfit. I like shoes that are effortless, that I can pair them with a number of different outfits and I know they’re pretty much guaranteed to work every single time. So, which have made the cut? These are the five that I’ve currently got on high rotation.

Chanel slingbacks

I’ve written about these Chanel slingbacks in the past and I still attest to how great they are. Not only are they ultra comfortable to walk in (this can sometimes be a problem with slingbacks when the strap keeps falling down) but they add a stylish touch to any outfit. The classic Chanel beige/black combination is always guaranteed to elevate any look, but is also a versatile colour pairing that works back with so many different ensembles.

Gucci leather thong sandal

These Gucci thongs have been in my wardrobe for a few summers now so have truly proven themselves in terms of cost per wear. A good white sandal is a summer staple as it’s able to anchor a number of different outfits, given how versatile the colour is. I’ve worn these with shorts, dresses, skirts, jeans, wide leg pants… I could go on, such is the frequency with which I wear them. These shoes seem to have become a core style for the brand, rather than a seasonal style, so they do go up in price every few months. If you’re interested in them, I’d snap them up now!

Camilla and Marc shearling slides

If ever there was a shoe that’s become an unexpected transeasonal dressing hero in my wardrobe it’s these shearling slides by Camilla and Marc. I know they’re a slightly quirkier shoe choice and not everyone loves a sandal that’s got such a standout textural feature, but I have worn these shoes so much. They help bridge that seasonal gap between when the weather goes from cool to hot and vice versa given the shearling lining. Plus they’re just downright really comfortable.

Bottega Veneta heels

Party shoes are a necessity in my wardrobe as I’m often at numerous events throughout the year and these were definitely worth the splurge. They’re not cheap so I was determined to get maximum use out of them and I’m pleased to say I have. They’ve been with me to lunches, launches, the races, weddings, work events, you name it.  That’s always the sign of a worthwhile spend, when something sees you through so many different occasions and they become your go-to shoe.

Chanel dad sandals

You either love dad sandals or you don’t and I fall into the former camp. Can’t get enough of them. I bought these almost a year ago and they’re such a good wardrobe addition. Not only are they unbelievably comfortable to walk in but they’re great for casual and even slightly dressier looks. Everyone’s been talking about the wrong shoe theory of dressing, where you pair an unexpected shoe with an outfit to create some interest and personality and I’d have to say these fall into that category.

Tell me—what shoes are you currently loving in your wardrobe?

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